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I Support A Stronger PDP, Not Any Preferred Candidate – Atiku

Former Vice President Atiku
Abubakar insists that he does not
support any particular candidate
over others, but rather supports the
emergence of a more virile political
party post Peoples Democratic Party
national convention.
The former Vice President said in a
press statement signed by his media
office in Abuja on Friday that he, as
an advocate of internal democracy
in a political party system, believes
all the aspirants for respective
elective positions in the PDP
National Executive Council (NEC)
are eminently qualified.
He noted that the challenge before
the delegates of the party is to vote
according to their consciences.
The statement reads: “As our great
political party sets forth to elect new
set of national officers for the party
today (Saturday), we must put the
interest of the party first and I urge
our delegates to vote for people they
believe will better promote the
interest of the party.
“I am an advocate of democracy
and it is my belief that the best way
to strengthen a political party is to
promote the principle of internal
democracy in the workings of the
party. I believe that all of the
aspirants for respective positions
are eminently qualified and the task
is before our delegates to pick
people who will make PDP even a
stronger party after the Convention.
“I do not have any preferred
candidate, all I ask of our delegates
and members of the organizing
committee is that they should give
us a national convention that is
transparent, free and credible – one
that will establish a standard for
how intra-party elections are to be
held in the country.
“I wish all members and leaders of
our great party, the PDP a successful
national convention just as I wish
all the aspirants luck in their
endeavors,” Mr. Atiku said.

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