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World Ahmadiyya Engineers And Architects Light Up 25 Villages In Nigeria

The International Association of
Ahmadi Architects and Engineers
(IAAAE) has started the installation
of solar power devices to illuminate
villages or rural communities in
The illuminating projects is expected
to be install in twenty five (25)
villages in six geo-political zones
across the country.
IAAAE an international
organization catering to the
professional development needs of
Ahmadi Muslim Jama’at began the
projects from Idoleyin village in
Ogun state, South-west, Nigeria on
Saturday, November 4th.
The projects had covered Ado-Odo,
Ajeru Oke Islam, Oja Odan, Opete,
Ijeri Imeko Afon, Ayetoro, Ogun
State as well as Omi Adio town in
Oyo State.
According to the National Publicity
Secretary of the Jama’at, Dr. Qasim
Akinreti , “the projects are
intended to provide electricity and
water to villages or rural
communities who never had power
and clean water”
He explained that “our IAAAE team
will install the devices to twenty
five villages crosswise over six geo-
political zones of our nation.
The organization is purely a
professional and non-political
association with the objectives to
promote the cause of Islam and the
profession of architecture and
engineering and to
provide assistance to the
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at to meet
its architectural and engineering
IAAAE was founded in 1980 by
Hadrat Khalifatul Masih III, Mirza
Nasir Ahmad (rh), the third caliph,
to gather applied-scientists and
researchers with the purpose of
interpreting and correlating the
scientific research in the light of the
Holy Qur’an and to substantiate the
Qur’anic truth with the modern

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