Welcome to 9jasalary News & Business Blog: Men Only! Ejaculate 21 Times A Month To Avoid Prostate Cancer, Study Suggests

Men Only! Ejaculate 21 Times A Month To Avoid Prostate Cancer, Study Suggests

OK chaps, let’s talk about prostate
It’s a sensitive but important issue
for men around the world. The
gland which produces semen is
obviously very important but
disorders in the area are
increasingly common amongst men
over 50. An enlarged prostate can
cause urination to be frequent and
painful and in addition prostate
cancer is now the third most
common cancer in American males.
So, how can this be fixed?
Well, sensible things like diet,
exercise and regular checkups are
the most effective way to keep your
prostate healthy. However, a new,
much more enjoyable method has
been discovered by researchers at
Harvard University.
In a published journal
named European Urology , it is
indicated that high levels of sexual
activity can reduce the risk of
contracting prostate cancer.
The study observed the sexual habits
of 32,000 men and in conclusion
determined that those with a higher
rate of ejaculation were less likely
to have prostate tumors.
The author of the study states:
“We found that
men reporting
compared to
frequency in
were less
likely to be
with prostate
cancer. This
study provides
the strongest
evidence to
date of a
beneficial role
of ejaculation
in the
prevention of
So, how many times
should you be
ejaculating a month?
The panel of
believe that 21 will
protect you from
prostate cancer.
During a discussion
with Ultimate Health ,
the experts said:
ejaculations or
more per
month can
protect you
(males) from
The study found that men who
ejaculated at least 21 times a month
had a 33% lower risk of prostate
cancer than those that didn’t
Quite why this helps the prostate
hasn’t quite been determined yet
but scientists have speculated that it
may flush toxins out of the system.
Of course, ejaculation alone isn’t
going to entirely save your prostate.
Experts says that obesity, tobacco,
high-fat processed food and
heredity are also factors that will
lead to prostate cancer so cut those
out for your own sake.
Dr. James Balch believes that a good
diet is a positive thing to aspire
towards when protecting ones
“If a man
wants to stay
out of the
room and
avoid cancer
of the
prostate, he
needs to go
full blast to
avoid the high-
fat junk foods
toxins that
contribute to
problems and
to start a wise
program that
includes the
that affect the
If sex and a healthy diet wasn’t
enough tomatoes, organic coffee,
plant-based fats, exercise and no
smoking will also help prevent
prostate cancer.
Gents, now you know what you have
to do.


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