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Fans Blame The Players For Real Madrid Crisis

Real Madrid’s crisis has led to
opinions being circulated from far
and wide, and it seems there is a
consensus among fans that the
players’ form is to blame.
Having been asked by MARCA, the
supporters have been clear where
they feel it has been going wrong
for the team.
More than 50,000 cast their vote in
a survey and over 40% felt that it
was the players that were at fault.
Zinedine Zidane was not cleared
from blame and he was in fact the
third most voted option for letting
leave Danilo, Pepe, James Rodriguez
and Alvaro Morata in the summer
transfer window.
Isco is not to blame
In a more detailed analysis, the
question was also asked where the
blame lies among the players in the
first team and which have not been
performing at their normal level.
Isco along with Keylor Navas, and
Dani Carvajal did best in the voting
and were seen to be least
responsible while others like Nacho,
Raphael Varane, and Marco
Asensio, did not receive the ire of
the fans and neither did Mateo
Kovacic, Dani Ceballos, and Marcos
Among those who play regularly,
the worst rated was Karim
Only one in ten voters feel that the
Frenchman has performed well in
the last month. Gareth Bale is
second on the list, despite being
sidelined due to an injury and
Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo
follow after that.
They must fight back
As things stand, the fans have a
pretty clear idea of who the club
should sign during the winter
transfer market, with almost 80%
voting to strengthen the squad, and
most want to see a striker come in.
In spite of everything, Real Madrid
should not lose hope. There is still a
lot of time still to go in the season
and it is a team that traditionally
battles back. Only 40% of the fans
believe that the Spanish giants will
not win any titles this season, so
more than half are still confident in
Zidane’s men.
Source: WTP.

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