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5 best ways to stop people from defecating in public in Nigeria

In November 2016, UNICEF released a report that no fewer than 120 million people in Nigeria lack access to improved sanitation facilities, thereby exposing them to public health hazards.
Kannan Nadar, UNICEF’s Chief Officer in charge of Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Abuja.
He said Nigeria needed an investment of N850 billion for households to construct 25 million toilets by 2025. According to him, reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target on Sanitation requires Nigeria to multiply her current efforts by fifteen.
He said that Nigeria could achieve its target of meeting the National Roadmap of Ending Open defecation by 2030, “if it puts policies in place to encourage behavioural change in sanitation and hygiene.”
One of the major signs of the poor hygeiene and sanitation in Nigeria is the act of public defecation. How can this be stopped?
The above question was put on Quora and many Nigerians proffered solutions. Here are some of them:
Aniekan Thomas, a medical doctor at Garki Hospital Abuja said:
1. Build decent public toilets.
2. Aggressively fine/punish people who defecate in public. You know, like they do in civilized countries
3. Good public health education on why it is bad for general health to urinate/defecate in public
4. Good public water supply.

Maxwell Aguwa had this to say:
"This can be prevented or stopped by erecting toilets in strategic places. The toilets could be fixed or mobile depending on the area in question.
"These toilets should be well maintained by dedicated officials in order to make them be in good shape and state at all times.
"In addition, stringent laws should be passed stating the penalties for such act whenever there are violations.
"Summarily, achieving this feat should not be left for the government alone. The masses also have a great deal of contribution to make because our health is of paramount importance and should not be left unattended to."
Uzonna Anele said:
"The only way public defecation can stop in Nigeria is if our leaders starts doing what's right… and start working instead of just siphoning money. Currently there are fewer public conveniences in the whole of Nigeria than that which can found in only Texas."

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man identified as Christopher Ojika has passed away after he was shot by armed robbers and rejected by two hospitals in Port Harcourt after he was shot.
The news was gathered, the deceased who is expecting a child with his wife was shot by the robbers after he withdrew money from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) stand.

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