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The Unique 5 Step Formula For Using Facebook To Acquire Customers and Grow Your Business

(2nd Edition) – The Unique 5 Step Formula for Using Facebook to Acquire Customers and Grow Your Business

Do you have a business or you plan to start one and grow it fast?
Then you ought to know about a guy called Temi.
I met him on a forum last year where he was talking about his new E-commerce online business that brought in N75 million in just 10 months.
Yes, you read that right. N75,000,000
And guess what, he didn’t even have a website.
He was selling via Jumia and Konga at the time.
But there is one factor that was mostly responsible for that speedy-growth of his business and that is the fact that…

He took advantage of the power of Facebook to advertise his business

Why FaceBook?

There are 3 major reasons are:
(1) On Facebook, you can reach over 10 million Nigerians from all over the country
(2) You can effectively target your advertisement towards customers who are most likely to buy
(3) You do not need a huge budget to start running adverts online
Apart from this guy, there are several other young entrepreneurs I know of who have used the power of Facebook to start a new business and grow it fast.
Another one is a woman called Ngozi who has now made N6m in profits over 8 months (according to her)
After attending a seminar on how to import goods from China, she got started with buying high quality and fashionable women’s shoes from China.
But then, anyone can import from China.
It is as simple as going to Aliexpress or 1688.com to get started.
What set her on the road to fast profits was how she advertised the shoes using Facebook’s explosive power.
She took great care to target each of her adverts to interested customers who also have money to spend.
No wonder she was able to pull in N6m in 8 months.
I believe she would have made more than that if she had access to more capital in the beginning.
One major obstacle why most small business owners struggle with making a lot of profits and growing their business is usually because of advertising.
But with online companies like Facebook, that obstacle should no longer stop you.

TRUTH IS: Facebook Is the Only Traffic Platform I Know of That Works For Almost Any Business

– You can use Facebook to market any type of online business
– If you own a cleaning business in Ajah, you can use Facebook to advertise your business to people living in Ajah
– You can also use Facebook to find qualified employees for your business

But – Don’t Be Deceived.

This does not mean anyone can just go to Facebook and begin to make a killing immediately.
The people I just talked about were able to get great results because they have very good understanding of how to advertise on Facebook the right way.
There are other people who are struggling on Facebook everyday with nothing to show for it just because they do not have the right guidelines to follow.
In order to get awesome results from your Facebook adverts, it is either you hire Facebook experts to help you (if you have money to pay them)
Learn how to advertise on Facebook the right way – yourself!
Today, many companies are looking for people who are skilled at using platforms like Facebook for attracting customers and growing sales. So, even if you have nothing to sell, you can sell your Facebook advertising skills to a business

Here Is the Good News:

On Wednesday October 25, 2017 – I will be holding the 2nd edition of our FREE Facebook training to show a few set of people this 5-step formula for advertising on Facebook the right way.
When You Follow this 5-step Facebook Advertising Formula, You Will be Able to:
– Find & Target highly interested customers who have money to spend
– Create powerful Facebook adverts that gets the attention of your prospects
– Spend far lesser on your adverts
– Track your adverts and optimize them for maximum returns

That is Not All…

I will also be joined by Otunba Akin Alabi (CEO, NairaBet) who has spent over $1 million on Facebook.
He will be sharing brilliant marketing ideas and business strategies.
The venue for this training is: NairaBet building – No 22, Isaac Aluko Olokun street, Igbo Efon, Lekki
Seats are FREE but there are only 70 seats available.
BONUS: When you attend, you are also going to get access to over 200 Facebook advert samples that you can get ideas from

Here is How You Can Book a Seat Right Away:

Call Jadesola on 07067108767 or send your (Full name and Email address) via text message to the same number.
If you send a text message, she will call you back to confirm your registration.
Again, this class holds on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 by 10am and the venue is NairaBet building – No 22, Isaac Aluko Olokun street, Igbo Efon, Lekki
We will send you a few reminders before the class date.
Don’t miss out on this.


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