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10 most Profitable Business in 2017.

1) Fast Food business and Canned food production
Alot of canned food like meat, vegetables, etc have been banned from importation into Nigeria…This is the opportunity for local farmers to upstage their funds, Any reasonable business minded fellow who is ready to make huge profit is advised to delve into canned food production as it is and will be for now, one of the biggest business idea in Nigeria right now.
Setting up your own fast food eatery wouldn’t take much of a stress, You just need decent customer service, a little management skills and capital in order to professionally set it up You can set out on your own and create your own brand, or buy in to an already established business franchise, such as Mr. Biggs, and the rest of them.
2) Blogging and Affiliate Marketing
The above online profitable business ideas are meant to be separate ideas on this article but because the are related and one depends on the other, both are treated as one.
Blogging is one of the fastest growing business trends on the web and the sweetest thing is that it is an information based business.
So no worries about technicalities, programming, etc. You also don’t need to invest a dime to get started as there are free platforms you can utilize like Blogger, TypePad, Joomla and WordPress. Just pick an interest on what you love most, and write about it, Just write! And someone will ask, how can we make money from blogging….This is were affiliate marketing comes in.
Affiliate marketing is just to promote other people’s products and services from your website or any other means. Every time your link is clicked and a purchase is completed, you’d get paid.
So if you have a large following on twitter, Facebook, or a website with some traffic, you can harness your audience and start your affiliate marketing gigs for any company selling, and start earning revenues with every successful sale.
Some companies in Nigeria looking for affiliate marketers are Konga, Jumia, and several others. Another way to earn with blogging is google adsense, a google owned monetizing program that serves ads to your readers and then you earn..Just like the ads you see on this site…whenever someone has an interest in any, you earn.
A Thing about blogging that marvels is that you can work from anywhere, just connect your laptop and start blogging!
3) Freelancing
You might be hearing of freelancing but you don’t know the meaning and how it works?, to make things clear Freelancing is when you are hired to do a job(mostly writing) and you will get paid for it based on the bargained price, you don’t have to be committed to one client but multiple clients.
They are so many websites where you can register as a freelancer, sites such as freelancer. com, upwork. com and fiverr. com. You must be extremely good at writing so as to increase your freelancing business’s growth.
4) Making of Fruit Juice
Nigerians drink fruit juice more than any other people. That’s why companies like La Casera and Chivita who came into the country as nobody are today making billions of naira annually. This business in capital intensive but if you can afford it, it’s well worth it.
5) Snail rearing
This is one of the business ideas in Nigeria that needs low investment as snails require simple vegetation to eat, and they reproduce at an alarming rate.
You will need to invest in housing and protecting them, as snails are delicate, and must retain their moisture to survive. There is not much competition in the industry and you can enjoy making profits without many challenges.
6. Haulage Services
The cost of taking a truck from one place to the other in Nigeria is between N20,000 to N200,000 per trip. Due to poor rail transport system, most of the Nigerian goods are transported through the road, making haulage business in Nigeria a viable one. Petroleum products haulage and movement of goods from manufacturers and importers are the aspect of haulage in Nigeria that is very lucrative now.
7) Fish farming
Fish farming is an evergreen venture in Nigeria as it is a necessity in every home. Many business men are begging to see this opportunity and in 2017 I see a lot more entrepreneurs diving into it on a larger scale.
Web Design and Forex Trading
Web design is an online service business that has been around for quite long; yet, the market is not saturated. With an ever growing demand for websites, forums and blogs; the momentum for web design services will never die down.
To get started as a web designer, all you need are some artistic talents, programming knowledge and time. As you design your websites, you must ensure you build your portfolio and look forward to having additional clients through word of mouth.
The most exciting fact about offering web design services is that you don’t need to know how to design a website or blog; all you need to do is to master the automated web design software made available online and you are in business.
Forex trading has over the years proven itself to be a viable source of income for many stay-at-home Nigerians. With the right training, a computer, internet connection and a little startup capital, you can start growing your revenues from trading forex.
What is Forex Trading? The Foreign Exchange market, also called FOREX or FX, is the global currency trading market. … On the FOREX market one currency is exchanged for another. The single most important thing on the FOREX market is the exchange rate between two currencies (a currency pair). Lets say you bought Dollar at a standard rate and then sold it at your own rate, and make some profits! With other freebies in Forex.
9) Open a Nursery And Primary School
School business has no rival among it’s mate. My little kids school fees take away close to a million naira per term just to learn ABC! School business in any level is a serious business in Nigeria that generate millions of naira.
10) Pure Water Production
Although this business needs some capital investment, it can be worth your effort and money in the long run particularly if you can manage pure water production and keep the quality intact over a long time. Your options are to sell as sachet, bagged or bottled water.

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