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Land 4 sale @ Karu
Plot  194.
Size: 1000sqm.
Doc Tittle: R of O
Asking: 15M.

Land 4 sale @ Jikoyi.
Plot: AA400.
Size: 1686.94sqm.
Doc Tittle: R of O.
Asking: 16M.

Land 4 sale @ Katampe.
Plot: 377.
Doc Tittle: C of O.
Price: 35M net.

Filling Station Land 4 Sale.
Along Lugbe, Airport Road, Abuja.
5000sqm with doc title of R of O, Asking #56million.

Amac Land @ Sabon Lugbe.
Residential - 2000sqm
Urgent need of Money.
Asking; #3,000,000.

Land for sale @ Apo Resettlement.

Asking: #10million and negotiable.
Doc Title: R of O.

Residential Land @ life camp, Abuja.
500-550sqm = #6million.
600-750sqm = #7.5million.
Flexible Payment Applies.

Multi-Function Land @ Jikwoyi,Abuja.
2.200sqm = #3million.

Residential Land, Phase, Jikwoyi, Abuja.
1.200sqm x 5 = #2million.
Flexible Payment Plan Applies.

Duplex Land by Idu Railway, Abuja.
Residential Land - 1000sqm = #12million
Commercial Land - 1500sqm = #12million.

Bentell Villa Estate
@ Gaduwa District Abuja.
Completed Properties.
3-Bedrooms with Dinning space = #28m
Without Dinning Space=#27m.

2-Bedrooms with xtra kids room = #18m.
2-Bedrooms with Dinning space & xtra A room selfcon BQ @ #20m

Land 4 sale @ Dawaki (Close 2 Gwarimpa) - 600sqm = 18m.

Mafas Estate @ Kurudu.
Completed Properties.
2-Bedrooms = #10.5m,
3-Bedrooms =#17m.
Land 4 sale - 600sqm = #7.5m.

Property 4 sale @ karashi.
2-Bedrooms = #8.5m
3-Bedrooms = #10.2m

Land 4 Sale @ Kagini Abuja (Close 2 kubwa).
450sqm = #1.2m. (SOLD).

All Properties & Lands are located in abuja and negotiable / flexible payment plan. Terms and Condition.

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