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Instagram Secret, 40ways of making money online


Create an instagram account and Start
Growing an account is the hardest part but traffic is the lifeline of any online success. Growing an account doesn’t need to be hard, you just need to be seen. Start with…
  • Deciding on a Niche. Comedy, fitness and food are hot on Instagram
  • Think of a catchy simple name
  • Signing up
  • Upload about 5+ niche related pictures every day
  • start make notice by following others
  • comment and like same niche posts to be noticed
Once you done
  1. Grow your account followers
  2. Sell shotouts
  3. Connecting with brands
  4. Use your followers to other website and gain revenue from the traffic
  5. Offer a free gift and collect emails and build your email marketing list

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Making money online 

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