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Make 7figures Buying and selling Chickens in Nigeria 2017

Hello readers
Am back again 😂
Someone ask me on facebook,what I blog and how I make my Money?
Today I want to tell you something you don't know,
To make money in Nigeria...
1, You have to be very smart
2, You must keep Learning
3, You must Act Fast
4, You must do what others are not doing
5, You must be Prayerful.
I am a blogger/internet worker
I am also an Offline business man
I don't need you to believe this,  but I buy and sell Chickens 🐣 (Adie) in yoruba
The pics above show myself beside the Chicken cage after the work for the day.
You can watch the video below when I went Epe Lagos to Buy chickens
And sell the chicken at a higher price at Alakuko Lagos.
The profit is unbelievable
But You don't want to venture into this because it is something dirty but you want to make the money.
Learn and start making money from Animal Rearing in Nigeria
Learn fish business
Learn chicken business
Learn Dog business
You love pet right?
Then buy your lovely pets in bulk and sell for huge profit.
Let do a simple Math,  you buy 5pets for 50,000 that is 10,000each after some months you decide to sell the 5pets for 20,000each to make 100,000naira . 100% profitable

Comment below if this is reasonable!!!  😂
God bless Nigeria.
Click below to watch the video.

click here to watch the video

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