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Everything you need to Know About Watermelons business in Nigeria 2017

What do you understand approximately watermelon cultivation and
Watermelon production in nigeria? Right here within the article you
Could be capable of locate a few statistics approximately watermelon
Seeds and, particularly, see watermelon farming manual.
Watermelon farming in nigeria – commercial enterprise suggestions
There's no factor in speaking approximately the advantages of
Watermelons, they are quite apparent: sweet juicy culmination
Are advocated in curing illnesses of heart and blood
Vessels, kidney, liver, problems of salt metabolism,
Obesity and lots of other illnesses. It's miles the richest supply
Of potassium, magnesium, iron, folic acid, nutrients, acids
And pectin materials.
Watermelon farming or how to plant watermelon?
Fatherland of watermelons — is kalahari wasteland in south
Africa. Nonetheless there can arise wild watermelons reminiscent of
A tennis ball in form, weighing about 200 grams. Extra
Than four,000 years ago, watermelons commenced to develop in
Historic egypt. The egyptians placed watermelons inside the
Tombs of pharaohs as meals source for their afterlife
Lifestyles. Later, watermelons began to be cultivated in
Persia, arabia, india and other asian nations with dry
And hot weather.
Deciding on of area for watermelon production in nigeria
Watermelon farming in nigeria – commercial enterprise suggestions
The nice and the most appropriate region for developing
Watermelons is sandy soil or loamy soil.
If you have a few vicinity which has enough solar light,
In particular if it's miles fertilized with humus it's far simply what you
Time for watermelon planting
Watermelon farming in nigeria – commercial enterprise tips
Southern nigeria
June to july;
Northern nigeria
Might also;
The main pecularity – you need to avoid the time of
Rains. End result planted just after plowing time can come up with
Higher germination in assessment with doing this at the

Next day.
Watermelon seeds
Watermelon farming in nigeria – enterprise hints
The pleasant of watermelon seeds may be checked by way of
Dipping them in a three-five% answer of salt. Those who sink
May be prepared for sowing.
Seeds have a leathery shell and might’t supply a sprout. You
Can assist them – just soak them in heat (30-35c) water
Each day. With a purpose to make your flora greater immune to
Diseases, warm the seeds under the sun for seven to 10
Watermelon farming manual
Watermelon farming in nigeria – business guidelines
Watermelon cultivation – approach 1
Sowing is carried out in a handy technique of
Watermelon farming, for example, in a round hole with a
Diameter of 1 m. You need to dig the hollow to a depth of
30 cm and then make approximately 10 holes and drop some
Seeds there. High-quality shape varieties and hybrids seeds are
To be positioned at a intensity of 6-eight cm, and small seed
Watermelons – 4-6 cm.
Watermelon farming – technique 2
Similarly, you could use the maximum not unusual and regular
Technique. The rows for watermelon seeds ought to be of
1.4-2.8 m, and the distance between plants in a row is to
Be from 0.Five to two m.
After fertilizing your sewing with compost, pour your
Seeds with heated by using the sun water. Anticipate germination in
About 10 days.
In case you want to grow massive and candy watermelon exterior
― keep in mind that inside the hollow ought to be simplest one plant ―
Try and take observe – 1 square meter shouldn’t have extra
Than three plantings.
Wanted care after watermelon seeds
Watermelon farming in nigeria – commercial enterprise suggestions
Exceptional organic fertilizer is humus. Sparkling manure is delaying
The developing season and impacts the flavor features of the
Fruit, weaken the resistance of plants to illnesses.
Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers affect the best
Quality of the fruit and hasten ripening.
If the soil is insufficiently fertilized inside the holes, positioned in the
Hollow for seeds one pound of compost and positioned eight-10 inches
Of soil on its pinnacle. While planting it's far important to comply
With the row-spacing width: for watermelon – 1.8 meters.
Whilst the seedling grows up, it is uniformly disbursed:
One sprout to the right, the second one – to the left. On the
Relevant stem, an area of fruit formation, you want to go away
Three-4, and you need to nip off the last part of the
Stem on the 6-seventh leaf.
Watermelon farming in nigeria – commercial enterprise suggestions
You need to water watermelon once every week simplest at early
Stages of its development. Later, it will likely be capable of offer
Itself with moisture on its personal, with its long roots.
Consequently, while watermelons became mature, you are to
Forestall watering them.
To get the fruit as soon as feasible – at some point of their
Flowering you could pollinate them for your personal – we discover
The girl flowers (they are with a small round berry) and
Pollinate it with the aid of touching with male plants (with formerly
Disclosed petals), in addition natural pollination is for bees.
Watermelon farming in nigeria – commercial enterprise hints
Gathering watermelons is nice after they may be absolutely ripened,
In any other case staying out of the bush they get ripen for a very
Long term. Symptoms of maturing – drying tendrils, uniform
Shade, a stupid sound when flapping the fruit, and if
Forced there you may right here crackle of rind.
So, on the way to develop an excellent crop of watermelons, you
Want to offer the vegetation with warmth, restriction the number of
Fruits, provide ok nutrients.
Now, we are hoping that it is clear a way to obtain fulfillment in
Watermelon farming in nigeria.

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