Welcome to 9jasalary News & Business Blog: placed an advert on instagram @instablog9ja,read what happened after......

placed an advert on instagram @instablog9ja,read what happened after......

Good morning my blog fams. 1love

I remember when i was down
I remember when i almost commit suicide
I remember when things was going bad
I remember a lot of challenges
I remember when no one believe I will make
I remember when my family almost rejected me because i choose to be a blogger
I remember my first research in blog osphere 
I remember the sleepless night i must not close eyes
I remember our the story began to change
I remember to tell you all that God is good

If this 21 years old boy can do it and make this profit
your result is bigger

For every successful person has tough terms..... Just believe in yourself.

yesterday i placed an advert on instagram @instablog9ja
Shortly after 30 minutes, a young man DM me and said If you are really making the money you will not share your secret, it was a long story from him but my reply was LOL. He message again that i will only attend the 9jasalary 2017 Training if you can show me prove of income generated from your internet business.

He called me names,insulted me but i just smile and this came into my mind,
when you are ahead of them, they will try to pull you down,
when you do things differently, they will try to pull you down
just laugh into more glory and do your things perfectly.

Long story short....
For Every .......... maybe i should just say Doubting Thomas
Kindly watch the video proof of our I made over 200k from Blogging

Thanks for the love.
The dream is bigger ... Don t be Enemy of progress  WE ARE DIFFERENT.

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