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Secret of the popular internet marketer Mr Seun Duro Fadipe.@9jasalaryblog

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My name is Seun Duro-Fadipe. SDF for short 
I am married with 2 lovely sons, Jason and Jason 
Why am I qualified to teach you how to run a network marketing or internet biz? 
 I have helped quite a number of people master the art of making money online through network marketing
[11/15, 10:07 PM] Sdf: I resigned by appointment as a field geologist with one of the foremost multinational mining company to start my own biz 

 I have gone to make multiple 6 figures and helps quicked a number of people do the same
[ Before I get into the details 

 Check this out:
[11/15, 10:10 PM]  Before I pull off the curtain to unveil the secret of this business, I’d love to prepare our minds to be able to see the treasure in what I am about to show us. Of course, while everyone is allowed to do this business, not everyone will do it.
Because we all don’t see things and respond to them the same way, and we all cannot do the same business of course.
While many are crying and mourning the so called recession, it’s the best time for those of us who understand the trend and wise enough to align with it.
It’s 21st century! The conceptual age and there are no rules to create wealth! This is the time when simple business concepts like what you’re about to see are turning ordinary people whom most of us would referred to as less privileged into extraordinary millionaires just by aligning with the trend.
However, most people who were pure since time past and still poor today will continue to be poor as a result who they are and how they respond to opportunities.
Robbert Kyosaki said and I quote “Financial freedom is a MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, And EDUCATIONAL Process”. The first part of the process is EDUCATION which is exactly what we are here for. The MENTAL and EMOTIONAL parts belong to you.
Sometimes, we unconsciously throw away treasures due to who we are and what it looks like to us.
In essence, I’d advice that we throw away every form of insinuation here and empty our minds for the big deal. After all, you’ll not be forced to commit a dime if it doesn’t look like a good business to you.
[Sometimes, we unconsciously throw away treasures due to who we are and what it looks like to us.
In essence, I’d advice that we throw away every form of insinuation here and empty our minds for the big deal. Afterall, you’ll not be forced to commit a dime.
It may interest you to know that the business you’re about to see has created a lot of multi-millionaires from ordinary people and within a very short time
[By the grace of God, the same business you're about to see gives me 50k (on average) everyday
[ here we go into it

[*Earn up to $80,000 Within Few Months In this Newfound Bitcoin Business*
*Please take a little of your time and go through this carefully*
As promised in the post that brought you here, or through the person who brought you here, we are going to be presenting to us a new found bitcoin business that has already turned a lot of lives around within few weeks.
*What Is BITCOIN?*
In a simple form, bitcoin is one of the reigning and most expensive digital currencies known as crypto currency today and it's gradually taking over the world market.
1 bitcoin equals to over $700 as at today.
Several predictions explains why 1 Bitcoin may appreciate to $3000 to $5000 within the next 3 to 6 months.
The business we are going to be talking about uses bitcoin for its operations and it shows how to earn over 160 Bitcoin (around $80,000 as at now) as fast as you can.
Imagine been able to safe just 10 BITCOIN for the 3 months time prediction!

*How to Earn Up to $80,000 Over and Over Again With a one time investment of $20 in a company called ZARFUND*

Zarfund is a peer to peer donation platform that has been used by a lot of people around the world to generate serious money. The platform can even be used by non-governmental organizations to raise fund for any project.
It is a program I made back my startup cost $20 and additional profit in THE FIRST 10 MINUTES!! And about $200 the same day I start" This was made possible because of:
1) this dynamic group I belong to.
2) the high rate people are joining Zarfund through our group. Members are automatically placed under one another(spillover ) as they sign up, meaning that you can earn tremendously without referring.
3)Zarfund system itself gives opportunity to earn fast
4) It is new and very rewarding.
Zarfund uses a member to member donation matrix (2x6) that can allow you to turn a one time investment of 0.03 (equivalent of around $20) into as much as 164 btc ($80,000) on a monthly basis.
All that is required is One-Time donation of 0.03btc and two persons under you in the matrix system. Simple!
With a one-time donation of $20, you earn at every level as shown below. ...👇🏼

ZARFUND SYSTEM IS BASED ON EVERYONE JUST GETTING 2 participants into the system [if you have more than 2 , the system automatically placed it as spillover under your team member. This accelerates you in the matrix movement. And in case you have difficulties referring the two people, the system automatically places two people under you in the matrix and from their you move forward to enjoy your income at all the levels.
*LEVEL 1:* 2 People Fall Under You
{ your 2 downlines pays u 0.03btc each, which equals to 0.06BTC }
Your bitcoin received = 0.06btc (Equivalent of about $40)
You're set to upgrade to level 2 which requires – 0.05btc out of your first earning.
You pay who the system assigns to u 0.05btc from the total of 0.06 btc received from your 2 direct downlines.
Your profit for Level 1 = 0.01btc {0.06 - 0.05}

*Level TWO*
Your two downlines bring in two people each (directly or through spillover);
now 4 new members under your matritrix.
It continues like that till level 6.
*at LEVEL 2:* you're to receive 0.06btc from 4 people when they want to upgrade to level 2 as well.
Your level 2 Income equals to 0.2BTC
You're to upgrade to level with 0.1btc
Your balance becomes 0.03BTC per month

*LEVEL 3:* You receive 0.1 BTC from 8 people
= 0.8btc – 0.2btc (upgrade to level 4)
= 0.6btc profit per month

*LEVEL 4:* you receive 0.2 bitcoin from 16 people
= 3.2btc – 1btc (upgrade to level 5)
= 2.2btc profit per month

*LEVEL 5:* You receive 1 bitcoin from 32 people
= 32btc – 2btc (upgrade to level 6)
= 30btc profit per month

*LEVEL 6:* you receive 2 BTC from 64 people.
= 128btc profit per month.
You earned at every level. At level 6, you pocket 128 btc.
1 btc is above N250,000 as at today. Do the calculation!!!

*Our Experience*
The best recruiters in our team each get two to five and at times more downlines per week and it goes as spillovers to those that are not able to get downlines. So there is no reason to be afraid of not having downlines or not being able to recruit.

*Our Testimonies*
Within our first one week, our automated system was able to get a lot of people to level 2 and so far, we keep receiving testimonies daily from those who are getting free downlines and earning steadily.
This is just the general overview of how this business works. Let's break it down one step after the other with questions and answers, once you are done reading and you have questions. let's signify by raising our hands.
Here is the step by step to register.

1. Kindly go to www.blockchain.info

Click on wallet,
Then create free wallet

Contact CEO 9jasalary on whatsapp 08101898762  to help you fund your wallet with bitcoin.

Then request for the registration link

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