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Internet marketer princess secret.

[11/23, 9:27 PM] Princess: My name is princess, I am a business woman,an online Internet marketer. [11/23, 9:27 PM] Princess: Last 2 years I met an online business that has really changed alot about my family and my humble self [11/23, 9:28 PM] Princess: I never believe there could be a perfect products that people will be dying for, begging and calling because you sell solution and not products [11/23, 9:29 PM] Princess: There are 2 things that can be done online to make 
please can someone tell me the 2 things [11/23, 9:34 PM] Princess: You can make money online either you selling products or services [11/23, 9:51 PM] Princess: Now I am here tonight to give you a powerful insight of a product which is hot demand in the market that people are looking for to use their money and buy [11/23, 9:52 PM] Princess: Toyin omotoso is into the business I am about to reveal to you tonight [11/23, 10:13 PM] Princess: Network marketing has come of age. Gone are the days of the market women peddling the products. The time has come for the professionals to take over. We are the professionals. Its our time and age. [11/23, 10:15 PM] Princess: But it is not compulsory for you to do the business if you are the type that hate and doesn't like to hear network marketing but this particular company have a hot products that have fetch alot of Internet marketers millions of naira [11/23, 10:16 PM] Princess: Example is toyin omotoso, he earns nothing less than 100million naira for the past 6months. [11/23, 10:17 PM] Princess: Don't forget that 10k in 10 places is. 100k [11/23, 10:17 PM] Princess: 100k in 10 places is 1million [11/23, 10:17 PM] Princess: So don't always look and see a million as a big money [11/23, 10:18 PM] Princess: But is very important for you to understand what it takes to do give and take while selling products online [11/23, 10:20 PM] Princess: In network marketing you need to recruit but you all know that recruiting is for us to be compensated by the company but we can sell products without recruiting if you don't like recruiting [11/23, 10:20 PM] Princess: Here is where I am going [11/23, 10:21 PM] Princess: For you to sell a hot products that is highly in demand and you earn millions monthly If you can target your right customers [11/23, 10:21 PM] Princess: There are ways to do targeting online apart from Facebook advert [11/23, 10:21 PM] Princess: Are we together
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