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List Of Multi Level Marketing Companies to Join and Make Huge Profit.

Criteria For A Good MLM In Nigeria
1. They have an actual physical product or tangible service i.e health and wellness, travel, etc
2. They have an actual physical office people can go and visit and see for themselves
3. They have presence in multiple states in Nigeria.
4. They are approved by the American DSA (Direct Selling Association)
5. There is a monthly reorder volume (autoships) which creates residual income for distributors.
6. Company has been around for at least 4+ years and invested in infrastructure here in Nigeria.
Anything else for me is a pyramid scheme, where no physical product is moved from the manufacturer directly to end user. Theres a lot of money games where people tell you that all you have is to pay 20 USD and you will earn 1,000,000 and you do not have to work. I would stay away from such games if I were you. Some have gotten involved at some point in time (either through ignorance or greed), and gotten burnt, and so given MLM in Nigeria, and Network Marketing in Nigeria, a bad name.

More Resources On Pyramid Schemes and Legit MLM Companies In Nigeria
If you come across a network marketing company in Nigeria, check out the link below where I go deep into how to identify a pyramid scheme as against one of the top MLM in Nigeria
Pyramid Schemes Vs Legitimate MLM
Network Marketing Companies In Nigeria
The list below consists of what I think ( inmy personal opinion ) are some of the best multi-level marketing companies in Nigeria in no particular order of ranking:
1. Trevo LLC
2. Forever Living Products
3. Organo Gold
4. Alliance In Motion Global
5. Oriflame
6. Jeunesse Global
7. Total Life Changes
9. Tianshi
10. Agel
11. 4Life
12. Uno Premier
13. Tasly
14. Greenlife
15. Greenworld
16. QNet
17. Federico Mahora (FM)
18. Edmark
19. Longrich
20. A2W (Avenues To Wealth)
21. Kedi Care
22. Syntek Global.
23. Royale Business Club
24. Global Wealth Trade (GWT)
25. Healthy Life Ltd.
26. Swissgarde
The list of the top multi level marketing companies in Nigeria is by no means exhaustive, but this is to give a snapshot of some of the top MLM in Nigeria.
If you’re part of the people looking for MLM opportunities, then you could take a look at any of these companies and see what you’re passionate about. Attend their seminars, talk to their leaders, make your decision and then get to work.
To succeed in MLM in Nigeria or anywhere else, you need to put in the work, irrespective of which company you are in, as MLM is not a get rich quick scheme.
If you got value from this list of the top MLM in Nigeria, feel free to like, comment and share! Below, I also have a link to a global list of top solid 100 MLM companies worldwide!
If I left out your company on my list of top MLM companies in Nigeria, drop a polite comment, and I’d update the list.

Note... SwizzGolden is very good,according to my research.
To your MLM success

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