Welcome to 9jasalary News & Business Blog: 9jasalary 2016 seminar with Mr Adetunji Gbolagade,mr Akin alabi and more

9jasalary 2016 seminar with Mr Adetunji Gbolagade,mr Akin alabi and more


9jasalary 2016 seminar


 Mr Abiola Olakunle and Mr Adetunji Gbolagade reaching out to you today for an opportunity,you don't pray to miss. Click here to read more about Mr abiola olakunle 

click here to read more about Mr Adetunji Gbolagade Aka Mr fiverr 

Don't expect pictures and flyers as a proof,
 come and see real proofs with your eyes,
Come and learn How to make money in Nigeria both online and offline business that can make you a millionaire within few months.
We shall reveal the secrets of wealth to you.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime ---lao tzu

You are at your own risk.when you don't have different source of incomes
you don't have time for friends and family
no vacation
you cant help your parent financially.
you want to do but you don't have money, please don't involve in anything illegal because you want to enjoy life.Learn these secrets and be your boss
Mr abiola olakunle                                               
                                                                                 mr Adetunji gbolagade

we shall teach you how to be financially free
we shall reveal the secrets of top internet money makers
secrets of making more than 1 million in a single month
Easy and fast ways to make legal money in Nigeria
Mind you,this is not Yahoo |Yahooo

The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes -----Benjamin Disraelis 

Mr abiola olakunle have thought over 1000 nigerians how to make money online while my boss as thought over 5000 nigerians how to make money online and offline,,,,,, fast cash in nigeria, easy wealth in this society. if you are a doubting thomas
kindly check this out   and also check this

 if you attend this seminar,
your life will change for better,
no more money worries,
you will be a boss,
live in your style of life,
have time for everything in life,
travel to any country ---any time,
make more than a million in a month or less,
spend your money the way you want to.
send people to where someone is sending you today,
change someones life for good.

formal education will make you a living self education will make you fortune ---jim rohn

How much do you want to pay for this life changing event_________let me tell you this, after the seminar we shall celebrate mr Abiola olakunle birthday party together,Fun of the day..... cakes and drinks .Am doing this seminar to appreciate all my subscribers
the price is incredible.......just 2000 naira 

 To book a seat for this seminar.Send or transfer #2000 into any of the bank details below.-

Account Name - Abiola Olakunle Ibrahim 
Account Number - 0128132497.or

Bank - Diamond bank
Account Name - Abiola Olakunle Ibrahim
Account Number - 9994732147.

STEP 2 - After payments, kindly send an email to abiola_olakunle@yahoo.com ("Seminar, amount paid, depositor's name, bank paid into, your email address, phone number)
.Call 08101898762 and 08180231079
 immediately after sending the above details to the email.
Remember to hold you teller on he seminar date june 11,2016 because the teller would be use as your pass to the event hall. 
The seminar hall is
 Mazabs event center at tippa garage in ilorin,kwara state, along unilorin road,

time ----10am

 if after this seminar you realize that we didn't give all we promise here,call me Mr abiola olakunle 08101898762 for a refund and i will pay your complete registration fee plus transport fee.
mind you, only those with there Teller can enter the seminar.

Learn how we make money online and you become a money maker ---Riu james

                  Just 200 people will be allow to hear the secret of wealth


CEO Silverplater, Mr Adetunji Gbolagade will teach us how he made millions on the internet,he will teach  us how to make money on
  • Fiverr
  • betting sites
  • importation business
  • information marketing and more
CEO 9jasalary, Mr Abiola olakunle will share is secret of internet wealth
  • Blogging
  • facebook cash
  • Traffic
  • Offline business to make money


My blogging secrets that made me over 500thousand naira in the year 2014

my birthday party, musician shall be available to entertain us----- J slim and DJ tit-comb

more undisclosed information

Gifts for anyone that answer my questions correctly

To attend this first of its kind seminar

pay the sum of 2000naira into any of the banks started above.

please don't give any excuse to miss this event,such opportunity might not come again,you are not losing anything here, your 2000naira--------------

You shall learn what I learned for over 50,000naira for just 2000

you shall learn Mr Adetunji gbolagade secret of wealth's for just 2000naira

you will receive bonus worth 50,000naira for just 2000naira

valuable items for just 2000naira

if you miss this event,

you miss a target of wealth,

you miss a financial freedom,

you miss secret of success,

you miss the secrets of big boys in nigeria,

you miss the secret that will double your salary

you give that poor guy the opportunity to call you poor and good for nothing. 

Money makers secrets>>>>>>  learn how to make great income online with your computer,simple and easy to learn and best of all,Almost Free.

 \Knowing is not Enough,we must Apply, willing is not enough,we must Do ---Goethe


 Thanks for your time

hope to see you at the event on june 11, 2016

From Abiola olakunle and Adetunji gbolagade

CEO 9jasalary innovation and silverplater CEO

success is ours.

To your internet suceess.

See you at the top.    



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