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How to start Earning as much as 100k/month from football betting, part 3

The pink arrow shows us that our #1500 will win exactly #2863 if we win all our matches as predicted ( if our 6 teams that passed our 2 tests win their matches).
We need to click on NEXT button (shown by the black arrow). Once it loads and you have enough money in your balance, click next and okay and the bet amount will be deducted from your account. You
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have placed the bet. That’s it! Once the matches have all been played and you win, your account balance will increase with the amount of money you won within 10minutes after all matches have been played.
What I love most with my strategy is that, I have bullet-proofed all chances of losing but that doesn’t mean I do not lose sometimes. I do lose occasionally. When I do, I might lose like one of my selections or at most 2. You know the funny thing? At unfortunate times like this, I do make some extra cash too but not as much as what I ought to make. My profit will be reduced.
You have just seen one of the cool strategies that I use in earning cool income from football betting. It’s important to note that this system works only for LEAGUE matches only. Do not violate my criteria which I use in choosing my teams for the week. If you do, you will lose money, period!

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Olbg… My Secret Weapon to wrecking Nairabet
Unveiling this secret to you is worth over #50,000. If you master this and you start using it, you can easily rise to making over #200,000 monthly from bookmakers. I am serious! Okay… there is a secret website where I join for free and get tips from great tipsters around the world. The secret website is http://www.olbg.com
OLBG is a website where football experts and other sports experts around the world converge and give their informed opinion about the possible outcome of a sport event. I have access to this type of information and this guide my choice of teams and sport events to place bet on. I place my bet and sit back, relax and watch the cash flow in.
Below is the home page of OLBG. All you need do is to point your arrow on FREE TIPS and follow it up to FOOTBALL.
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Under football, we have UK; we can check on this to know matches that have been predicted on by the tipsters for the English Premier league and other lower leagues in England.
We shall also see major Europeans, W Europeans and E Europeans. Under each of these, we will be able to find any of the teams we would love to bet on.
Let me quickly add this. The olbg strategy is very superb in the sense that, I do not need to know anything about any match or sport before I bet on it. I follow a very simple logic. And here is the logic…
I just clicked on FREE TIPS- FOOTBALLTODAYS MATCHES as shown in the image above the upper image. Among the matches that tipsters have predicted on for today’s matches, I have just picked 2 out as shown in the example above.
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The first one is a match between Cprus and Switzerland. Out of 69 people that give tips on the match, 93% of them believed that Switzerland will win the match at full time. And the odd for the match is 1.57 from bet365. Now, I have to check on nairabet if they have this match available. Since it’s an International Match, to check on nairabet, I will have to go through SOCCERINTERNATIONAL. When I did this and scrolled down the page, I found it.
They have the match available. And the odd they gave for it is 1.5
What this means is that, if you place a bet of #1000 of this match and the Switzerland wins, you will get a total of #1000 x 1.5 = #1500 (a profit of #500). If you place #5,000 bet on the match, you will get back #5000 x 1.5 = #7500 (a profit of #2500).
Going by the tipsters/professional pick, I will feel comfortable to place as much as I like on this match and all things being equal, make my winning by the end of the match.
Similarly, I checked on nairabet and found that Australia vs Oman match is also available @ 1.26
This is even more certain because, all tipsters pick Australia to WIN the match. I will place a bet on Australia to win the match @ 1.26. This means if I placed #5,000 on Australia to win, I will make #5000 x 1.26 = #6300 (#1300 profit).
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Best of all, I use the accumulator. How do I mean? Going by the example given above, I will place bet on the 2 teams. Process; soccerInternational… click on Australia (because we are backing it to win Oman) and it will show green. Go to Switzerland and click on it since we are backing on it to win Cyprus. It also turns to green. If we have more than one team which we want to back, we would click on them.
But in this example, they are only 2. I have just clicked on the 2 and it’s time to place an accumulator bet on them. Look towards the right hand side of the nairabet page and you will see something like the image below.
My red arrow shows that this is an accumulator bet. And it’s obvious in the bet slip that I have selected both teams. Australia@1.26 and Switzerland@1.50. Together as an accumulator, the new odd is 1.89 as indicated by my blue arrow.
My green arrow shows me stake #5000 that these 2 teams will win each of their matches (if anyone lose and the other wins, we will lose all #5000 staked). But never mind, we are winning 95% of the time.
The black arrow shows that we are winning #5000 x 1.89 = #9450 if we win our matches. (Profit of #4,450)
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Using olbg, I make bet on just any sport and make good income. I place bets on handball, hockey, baseball, volleyball, tennis etc. The most important thing I check out for on olbg is to ensure that the tipsters have given a unanimous view of potential winning.
How do I mean?
Firstly, I need to ensure that any match I would bet on using olbg must have @ least 85%. Anything 85% and above, I feel comfortable to go ahead and place bet on them. Using this, in the example above, I will choose SWITZERLAND, MELBOURNE and AUSTRALIA. They all have over 85% picks from the tipsters.
Secondly, I will collate between 6 to 8 of teams which have passed my first test above and go straight away to nairabet and do a DOUBLE
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bet for them all. Do not ask me how to do it. I already told you that when you get to nairabet, click on each of the team that you are betting on and they will all show by the right hand side. Once you have selected them all, click on Double.
It looks like what I have above. RED ARROW above shows where you will click to see Double. Click on it. Blue arrow below show where you will place the amount you want to bet. You can see other details as the total statke and the potential winning. Click NEXTNEXTOk. You bet is placed.
Heed to my warning. Do not ever choose more than 6 to 8 teams in a matchday for this purpose. (Double). Therefore, always choose the
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best 6-8 teams. To win more, you can always stake as much money as you wish.
This makes me crazy money with OBLG.
Yeah! This is the bomb! Although it is a bit risky but it makes me crazy income. This has been instrumental to my consistent #40,000 weekly income from nairabet and other bookmakers. This is meant for the strong hearted.
Simple! Get all the teams from OLBG with 90% (sometimes 85%) and above picks. I can have up to 15 teams in a match day. The teams can cut across all leagues (higher and lower divisions) and across countries in Europe. Here is what I do. I will collate all these teams together, go straight to nairabet and place an accumulator bet on them all. I sometimes have odds as large as @ 35.3. You know what this means? With #1000, if all the teams win their matches, I can win #35,300.
But I must warn, it is always risky to cumulate that much. What I do mostly is to cumulate them in 5s. You know what that means? If I have 10 teams from OLBG, I can decide to divide them into 5s. Meaning, with my first 5 teams, I will place an accumulator bet and with the remaining 5 teams, place another accumulator bets. This is to reduce my chances of losing.
How to place an accumulator bet? Go to nairabet, login and locate the teams you want to bet on. Click on the teams one after the other and they would show on the bet slip by the right hand side. Like the image in the next page.
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The slip will look like the one up there and as in the RED ARROW, it will be an ACCUMULATOR by default. Just go to where the GREEN ARROW is and input the amount of money to stake. The black arrow indicate the potential earnings if you win. Just click on NEXTNEXT OK. That’s it.
I have just covered my strategies in details. You can do yourself the favour of reading over this guide over and over again to understand every details before you jump into the waters of football betting.
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This aspect is a priceless bonus to you. I have always committed a certain error when it comes to teams’ selection. I have always shown greediness in choosing teams. Often times, I am always after higher odd matches and this singular greed often ruin my bets.
Do not fall for higher returning odds. Learn from my experience. Follow strictly the methods I mentioned in this report and do not add any selection outside OBLG or any OBLG pick less than 85%.
Also, it is not compulsory that you must have many teams to bet on in a match day. If it is only one or 2 teams you have gotten from OBLG following my selection techniques, its okay. Add more money to the few ones you have. In fact, I prefer it when there aren’t many teams to bet on. I will easily go for accumulator bet on the few teams available.
Lack of good money management skill is what ruins a lot of football betters. Let me tell you the truth. There will be times we will lose money. It will happen sometimes and as such, we need to bullet-proof our self against such occasions. This is the reason why good money management skill must be in practice.
The first rule I will give you is that you should never bet with more than 10% of your available revenue at any point in time. How do I mean? If you have #10,000 in your nairabet account. You should only use #1000 (10% of #10,000) to bet on a matchday. If you have #5000 in your account, you should only bet with a maximum of #500. Simple instruction! If you must float this rule, do not surpass 20%.
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Second rule is that, whenever you lose money in a match day, by the next match day, double your betting amount. If your last stake was #1000 and you lose money (you do not make up to #1000 invested after the match day), by the next match day, increase your stake to x2 of your last stake (#1000 x 2 = #2000).
As soon as you win, go back to the FIRST RULE.
I must warn! This is highly crucial! Ensure that you strictly follow these steps about money management.


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