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How to start Earning as much as 100k monthly from Football Betting. Part 2

PASSWORD. Input a password you will not forget. Reenter it in the next box (confirm password). Be sure you keep your LOGIN and PASSWORD safe somewhere.
Next is your email address, supply your email address and re-enter it again in the next box. Choose your date of birth and add your phone number. Use your gsm phone numbers for both mobile and land line or just enter your gsm number for the mobile and leave the land line phone empty.
“How did you find us”. Never be bothered… click on it (see GREE arrow above) and choose the last option; “others”.
See my black arrow above. Click the box to mark it. Then, click the SIGN UP (follow my red arrow above).

That’s it. You have just registered your mairabet account. Remember you submitted your email to them when registering. Now, go down to your email and login. You will see a welcome message from www.nairabet.com. Read through it and follow the instructions in there. That’s it.
You may now go to www.nairabet.com and by the top right hand corner, you will see the box to input your USERNAME and PASSWORD. If you do so and click on the “enter button”, you will be log into your nairabet account.

Funding Nairabet Account
Now that you have logged in to your nairabet account, the next thing for you to do is to fund your nairabet account. That’s adding money into your nairabet account.
Click on deposit as shown in the image above. Once you click on deposit, it will take you to a fresh page like the one below.
You have 2 options to make payment. The first one is to pay using your ATM card and the second option is to pay using nairabet AGENTS. I personally prefer using agents because I hate risking my cards online for fear of internet bad boys.
To use the option of agents, follow my arrow in the image above and click on PAY TO AGENTS. When you do so, the list of agents will be displayed and you can just feel free to contact anyone of them with their phone number already given on the page beside their name. Just ring anyone of them up and tell the person you want to fund your nairabet account. Tell him how much you want and he will give you his

bank account number to pay to. Once you have made the payment, just be sure to ring him and let him know and give him your nairabet username. He will definitely fund your nairabet account with the exact amount you paid into his account.
The agents are trustworthy. That’s the reason why their names were published on the website.
The exact amount you paid will be shown in your nairabet account balance after you’ve been funded. So, if you funded #6,000, six thousand naira will reflect in your account balance. With that, you can start earning extra income from football matches.

Types of Bet
It’s important here to discuss and explain the types of bets we shall be specializing on nairabet before I proceed to my betting strategy. The types of bets are:
- Single bet: single bet means we are betting on a single match. Take for example, if there are set of matches like; Arsenal vs Southampton, Man utd vs Aston Villa, Chelsea vs westbrom, Newcastle vs Tothenham. If we placed bet that Chelsea will win Westbrom, That’s a single bet. We can have as many single bets as possible.
- Double Bet: In double bet, we do not bet on a single match, we bet on two matches at the same time. This means that in the examples above, we can say Chelsea wins and also say Man utd wins its match too. The bad thing here is that if one of the people we staked on wins and the other did not win (draw or lose), we lose our money. The good thing is that, if the 2 teams wins, we win more money than betting on the 2 teams using single bet. Also, we can select as much as 6 matches or more and choose doubles. In this case, it will couple the teams together in twos, calculate the number of lines for us and we can place bet on them.
- Accumulator: Accumulator explains a scenario where we select many matches together and place bet on them. If we select 5different matches, staked on who will win in each match and cumulate them together, it means if anyone of them does not win its match, we lose our entire stake. If on the other hand, all of them win their matches, we make large amount of money.
These are the major betting systems that I use in my betting strategy. Come along with me and let me unveil it all to you.

My Strategy…
Top 5 clubs around leagues in Europe
Now listen and listen well. My strategy is a scientific one and it’s meant to withstand all odds. The very first thing we need to do is to select the best 5 teams across all leagues in Europe.
Normally, I will go for leagues in the following countries
1. England
2. Spain
3. France
4. Holland
5. Germany
6. Portugal
7. Italy etc.
At any season, I will select the top 5 teams from each of the leagues. Taking the above 7 leagues as example, by the time I select the top 5 teams from those leagues (I will choose like 2 only from some leagues that aren’t very popular), I will have like 30 different teams.
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Take for example in the present season; I can collate my teams as thus:
Manchester United
Manchester City
Real Madrid
Atletico Madrid
Real Sociedad
Paris Saint Germain
Saint Etienne
SSC Napoli
AC Milan
Bayern Munich
Borussia Dortmund
Bayer Leverkusen
I can have Az alkmarr, psv and ajax from Holland etc.
But, I have a shortcut to getting these teams. What I do is to get the list of all teams that are competing in Uefa champions’ league for the year and list them all out. They will be my master teams for my betting for the year. For them to be in Champions’ league, they’re good

Selecting Our Teams
Now I have my list of teams that I will be placing bets on every week on league levels. (I use this system for league matches and not champions leagues). Here is what I do every week to choose among my list those that I will place bets on.
Important: first of all, among my list of about 32 teams. (all playing in champions league), I will see those who are playing at home in their domestic leagues for the weekend. By the time I select them, I might have as much as 16 of them playing at home. I will pick them out. That’s my first criteria.
Among those playing at home, I will carry out another test. The next test is to see if none is playing against any of the teams in my original 32 teams’ list. This is what I mean. Take for example, Man utd, Man city, Arsenal, Chelsea and Totenham are in my 32 teams’ list and Man utd, Arsenal and Chelsea are among those playing at home for the weekend (they passed my first criteria test).
In my second test, I must ensure that all those playing at home aren’t playing against any of the 32 man teams that are not playing at home. Meaning, any of Man utd, Arsenal and Chelsea mustn’t be playing against Man city or Totenham.
Second Test; if for example, Arsenal who has passed the first test is playing a team like westbrom (not part of the initial 32 man’s team), then it passed my second test. If Man utd (who passed my first test) will play with Totenham (who is part of the initial 32 man’s team), them Man utd has failed my second test and wouldn’t be eligible for the final selection.

In a nutshell, we select a 32 man team based on participation in champions league. Every single week, we eliminate those who will be playing away and select those who will be playing at home. Amidst those that will be playing at home, we eliminate those that will be playing against any of our initial 32 man team from champions league.
The rest that passed our 2 tests will be those that will be used for betting for the weekend. We may end up with as little as 5 teams and sometimes as much as 10 teams. Whichever way, we will make our cool cash.

Winning Strategy
Having gotten all the teams we want to use for the week. Let say the teams are Arsenal, Mancity, Athletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Psg, and Lyon. I have 6 teams that passed my test and these are the teams I shall be using for the week. Watch me do this.
I log into my nairabet account and click directly on soccer (as illustrated by the blue arrow in the image above).
It loads and show all the football matches available for the weekend. Just scroll up and down to pick your teams who have passed the 2 tests.

How do you pick? Just click on the team and it will turn green. See Manchester city and Arsenal fc which I chose above. They both turned green since I chose them. I will do the same to the remaining four teams when I scroll down and found them. Clicking on them means we bet on them to win.
Look towards the right hand side of the page, you will see that all the teams you selected has been listed. You will see something like the image below.
Yes, take a look at the arrow above. Click exactly on that spot. You will see doubles. Choose doubles. That is it. We are going with doubles of all our selected teams that passed the 2 tests.

As seen in the red arrow above, I changed to DOUBLE. Also going by the BLUE arrow above, I bet #100 and the total bet amount was automatically calculated to be #1500 (see the green arrow). This is because, the double is a 15line combo( see red arrow).
The pink arrow shows us that our #1500 will win exactly #2863 if we win all our matches as predicted


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