Welcome to 9jasalary News & Business Blog: How to start Earning as much as 100k monthly from Football Betting. Part 1

How to start Earning as much as 100k monthly from Football Betting. Part 1

How To Start Earning as
Much As
#100,000 Monthly
Ftball Matches Winners!

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I am not going to bombard you here with unnecessary information. I am Wakeelat by name and I am a professional football trader (there is difference between a football trader and a football better). I have been making my cool cash from the Internet via football matches’ results prediction from notable bookmarkers across Nigeria and around the world for over 2 years now.
Placing bets on football matches and winning has been one of my best hobbies ever since I started implementing the strategies I shall teach in here. Do not get me wrong. I am not a professional football analyst or a football fanatic. Trust me, I have little knowledge about performances of clubs all over the world and seldom watch football matches yet, I make good income from placing bets on these clubs. You will soon find out how…
I will make this report as concise and precise as possible and I do hope you will take your time to read, digest and hand pick my SECRETS to making all those wicked bookmarkers cry at the end of each match day when you would have carted away their greedily gotten wealth.
I shall show you exactly how I do earn extra #50,000 to #100,000 monthly from football betting with ease. All I did start up with was mere #4,000 in my nairabet account.
That’s it for the intro. Let’s dive in.

Getting Started
The very first thing we need to do is to get registered on a bookmaker’s website. Bookmakers are the football betting portals on whose platform we shall be placing bets on football matches. There are a host of them; both locally and internationally.
Locally we have;
www.nairabet.com (the one I advice you to use)
www.nairastake.com, etc.
Internationally, we have;
www.bwin.com etc.
There are tens of bookmakers in Nigeria from where you can place bets but, I personally prefer www.nairabet.com because of the pedigree of the owner of the website. He’s a multi-millionaire. There is no amount of money that you can win from nairabet, he will definitely pay you your money. Unlike some mushroom bookmakers whose net worth isn’t even up to #1,000,000.
The international betting websites are often cumbersome to join. Take for example, www.bet365.com. When you join the website and you fund your account, they often do phone verification before you can get your money out. This verification can sometimes be stressful and might even be unsuccessful. As such, getting your money out might be a wahala.

Just like myself, I will advice you get started with www.nairabet.com to make everything smooth for you. No trouble registering account and funding your account and when you win, your money can be withdrawn directly to your local bank account. Isn’t that marvelous?

Opening Nairabet Account
Go straight away to www.nairabet.com and you will see the page like the one below.
Once you are on the home page of www.nairabet.com as shown in the image above, locate the SIGN UP icon (pointed out with the RED ARROW above). Click on it and you shall be taken to the page to do your registration. It will look like the page below.

For prefix, you will choose the one that befits you. Maybe “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, “Chief” etc.
Next is the field to fill your name. The first and the last name. Take for example. I am Wakeelat Olanrewaju by name. Under the “first name”, I will fill WAKEELAT and in the “last name”, I will fill OLANREWAJU. It’s important to note here that you must fill your real name here. You need do so because by the time you want to withdraw your earnings from nairabet… if your name doesn’t tally with the name with which you request the money, you will have problem.
The next field there is “address”. Supply your address. Be it your home address, office address, hostel address


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