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How to drive targeted traffic and make money.

I will share some ways of driving targeted traffic to your website or blog in nigeria
Traffic + customer = sales.
1. Article Marketing It was one of the most effective and proven ways of getting targeted traffic to websites. But after Google panda update article marketing or submitting your articles to article directory has lost its value.Article Marketing is the process of submitting original content articles which you have written to various directories that help to publicize them.Signing up with the directories is free and the most popular article submission sites include EzineArticles.com,
warrorforum.com, etc. 

The good thing with most of these directories is that during the submission process, you are allowed to include your website address and other personal links to your sites in their resource box. However, the only reason why readers will click the links to your websites is if your contents are made up of valuable information which gives tips, advices and solutions in your interested niche or category of interest.To also make impact with Article marketing, always ensure that you make researches on keywords that many people are searching for in your chosen niche on the internet and once you get the keywords, write contents that are informative and provide solution on that area.If properly utilized, this technique can bring great and targeted traffic to your websites as many webmasters and online entrepreneur have benefited from it.
2.SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION Social media sites is now the biggest thing on the internet  a lot of users. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Stumble Upon, etc. are some of the popular social media sites with many users. And it is a great way to get targeted traffic for affiliate marketers, webmasters and online entrepreneurs have taken advantage of these prominent social media sites to boost their earnings on the internet.All you need to do is to register with these sites and create accounts with them. For Facebook, you can create a fan page and then link it back to your website, the same applies for Twitter. For Youtube however, after creating your account, constantly add videos that are linked back to your website.
3. Advertise with Google Adwords It’s very interesting to know that Google earns most of its revenue by allowing other website owners to advertise on their search result pages. This is managed through a program called Google Ad Words which was launched by Google in 2003. Adwords is a Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising system.With Adwords, you can create your own ads, you choose keywords which tells Google where to display your ads and you pay only when people click on them.Also, you can control your campaign and limit your daily spending.Registering for this program is quite easy. Visit www.google.com/adwords to create your campaign account.If properly handled, this program can bring targeted traffic to your websites from across the globe.
4. Seo (Search engine optimization)I must say I know little about seo am currently doing an intensive research on seo and I will be coming out with an article.Every webmaster and online marketer dream is to rank high on major search engine. To rank high you must have quality backlinks pointing to your website from high authority sites. Use of keywords can also bring targeted traffic to your blog5. Forums There are many forums on internet today but join forums related to your niche can bring you targeted traffic. listed below are some forum you can join
Ø forum.siteground.com
Ø c7y-bb.phparchitect.com
Ø mathforum.org
Ø gardenweb.com
Ø w3seo.org
Ø forums.amd.com
Ø forum.skype.com
6. blog communities can give you targeted traffic to your blog. listed below are some the popular blog communities
Ø blogenagage.com
Ø inbound.org
Ø blokube.comØ
list.lyØ displash.com
Ø getblogtraffic.net
Ø kingged.com
Remember that your success or failure as an online entrepreneur is largely dependent on how much traffic you can drive and showcase your products and services to. The more traffic you have, the greater the earning potential.

To your Success
Internet Abiola olakunle

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