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How to create and make money from Nigeria job website

Hello readers of 9jasalary
this is another making money opportunity
you can make money with in 30 days
open a blog or website with job Niche
post available jobs
and make money that is very easy
Let’s  start  now…
(1) Choose a domain name: It’s important that you choose a domain that has a job in it. Here are examples; TopTierJobs.com, OneShotJobs.com, JobsGate.com, etc.
(2) Buy a Hosting Account: It’s advisable to that you choose a very cheap hosting package for this since you are just starting out. Signup for $1/mo WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy! with FREE Domain name and more…
(3) Premium Job Template: You will need a blog template that is made suitable for jobs. A typical example are JobifyJobseekJobMonster, or JobBoard. All these are templates made specifically for jobs. You can click them to preview how it will look after completion.
That’s all you need


Where to Get New Jobs Opening 

Daily, there are jobs opening from different companies. All you need to make a list of all the companies that recruits regularly. These are banks, telecommunication industries, eCommerce Companies etc.
Also, visit the popular job boards such as Hotnigerianjobs.com to get the latest job offer. Copy the jobs and publish on your blog.
Do your homework and optimize your blog with an onpage SEO
It might take time (about a year)  before the blog will rank well in Google and other search engines. SO, do well to exercise some patience while you grow the blog until it makes money.
Make sure you update everyday (at least 5 jobs/day).

Create a Social Media Presence for your Job Blog

Many job seekers are in the social media. So, do well to create a Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, Google+ page for the job blog.
From here, you can promote your blog to get faster results.

Create and Grow your Subscriber List

Many job seekers always want to have a job alert with in their email address. So, offer your readers the opportunity to subscribe for job alert by mail.
With the email list, you can grow your readership base by the numbers. These are the people you will be sending new post once you publish. Like me I am using Mailerlite Email Software to grow and send lessons to my course subscribers.

How to Make Money from your Job Blog

There are many ways to make money from your job blog. It’s sure that you have traffic and you can choose any of the strategies to monetize the traffic.
Here are the most popular monetization strategies on job blog;
(1) You can offer CV writing services: This is a very lucrative strategy by offering CV wrting services on your job blog. You can advertise your services under each job post.
(2) You can Compile and Sell Previous Interview Questions: I personally do this on one of my blog and people like it a lot. Source for and compile and provide answered to previous interview questions from top recruiters. Seel it directly to our readers. They will buy it because they need it to sell through the interview.
(3) Compile and Sell Interview Answering Tips: This is another way you could monetize your job blog traffic.
(4) Colloborate with Recruiters and Offer Paid Recruitment Services: This is what Jobberman is doing. You too can do it.
(5) Sell an Ads Space: If you can create a busy job blog, you can sell a space to others to come and advertise on your blog. By so doing, you are making money from your job blog.
(6) Make Money From AdSense: This is the last but very important source of monetization. So, get AdSense account, integgrat on your job blog and make money from it.
The amount you can make depends on the traffic you get which is a a product of hard work and perseverance.
It won’t be easy but it’s something you need to do if you need a job. Simply create a job blog.
Let me know how it goes…


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