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How students can make money in school.

Are you a student or you want to read this post for your children? Don't mind me. Knowledge is Power.
This is base on my experience and research, what I shall teach you today will change your life for better and for best.
Most of Unilorin students do this to make huge amount of money,this is not online business. You can start with low or no capital.

Please read this to the last full stop
1. Photocopy - as a student you know that all students will definitely photocopy or print one file or the other.
All you need to make money from this is your brain and photocopy machine, I will advise you to get all function machine, this machine helps to copy,print,scan,send to mail and also fingerprint.
You don't need a shop or office, get a box to put the machine with a padlock, whenever you are less busy go to where you put the machine in school and do your work at your leisure hour.
You can meet with someone selling things in school,cafe or someone who is already doing that kind of business.

2, Online Registration - this is when you help other students do what they can't do and you get paid.
All you need to do this is your computer and internet connection.
You can stay in the hall with freshers,they will definitely come to you when they see you with a computer.
When you are less busy stay outside and put a banner that tell student what you can do.
You help them to register jamb,post jamb,pay school fee online,change of course and ..... I hope you understand? You are in money.

3.Selling of materials - you will love this, you can sell books,eBook,past jamb questions, past post utme questions, how to pass exams,Best grade textbooks and so on.
All you need to start this is,what you want to sell,students that you are selling to and how to sell to them. That is all.
If you can do this very well,nothing can stop you from making #50,000 in a month.
Eg. A friend of mine,shola is in this business, he is selling post utme questions and answers differently and each cost #2000. If 100 out of thousands of students buy both questions and answers. Uhmm mathematically ::: #2000+#2000 = #4000.
#4000×100=#400,000 in a single month. That can pay your school fee. Do this now and stop your parent from running up and down to pay your fee.

4. Selling of Goods - you can sell almost everything  and get new thing, don't involve in unGodly things because you want to look good,appreciate God everyday because he has done you a lot of good.
Sell what you don't want again on olx.com and buy new things there or shop closer to you.
Sell you stove on olx and add little money to buy Gas celinder.

5. Selling of information - do you have what is valuable to other students,please share it and make more money. You are worthy if you share what you know or have with others.
I sell Information both online and offline.
I don't need to tell you how much I make in a month.
But if you sell information useful to students like my eBook- how to school abroad and you put a price of #2000, if only 200 buy from you. That is #200,000 in a single month. Very achievable.

6. Render service - I pity students who suffer in school.
When you can do things to make yourself cool cash.
What can you render?
Can you cook,wash,pant or teach.
If your answer is Yes,please smile.... You will start making money tomorrow,if you act fast.
All you need is the ability to do this and that.
If you help someone to pant his or her room and you charge #3000 for a work of 30minutes. That sounds cool.
You suppy electricity for a house or students villa,your bill is #10,000. I sound real?
You teach other student gns or chem and you charge #2000 per month,it is the best.
Think and act fast before it is too late.

7.. Skills.   Lol. You can sing like davido but you don't know where to start please do this today. Build your courage, enter a eatery with a friend,eat, stand up and look around you, set out for fresh air, go straight to the common room and start Singing,don't care about the students. They can't beat you. Sing your best song with your real voice and leave after that. You are the real star among other students. That is mouth to mouth advert,students who saw you while showing your skills will go around to tell others and they will call you to perform again and again, after that you can organize a party or invite those that already know you to a party where you will sing,before a month you will get 2 or more birthday show. To perform among students.
Skills - you can play football,sport,sing,dance,talk,read and the rest. Uhmm girls make cool cash by baking cakes for special event,I pay a girl #6000 to get me just 2 cakes for val and birthday.if three students ask this little 100l girl to bake cake and she charge #3000 per 1. Do the calculation.

8.....customize clothes --- students love to customize their clothes for special events.
All you need is a customizing machine.
You can Use it to customize or brand almost everything.
you can charge #1000,#2000 and above just to customize a cloth. The person will give you the cloth to customize.

I can add more and more,but I don't want long post,so I have to stop here.
I will post other work that students can do to make million later.
Abiola olakunle

Add yours please.


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