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18 Online Businesses That Can Change Your Financial Status In 2016

The internet is the best place to go in 2016 if
you are thinking of how to start generating full
time income. This is because the Internet
provides lots of opportunities to make money
There is no question about it; it is a fact that
most companies now take their adverting
budgets online, just as billions of people across
the world use the Internet daily, with most of
them now comfortable buying and making
payments online.

The massive activities of people on the Internet
have equally created a huge opportunity for
others to make fulltime income on the Internet,
with some making millions of dollars in income
each month.
As a Nigerian this is even the best time to start
generating income on the Internet as the dollar
keep rising in value against the Naira. With the
current exchange rate of N250 to 1$ as we write
this, making just $500 a month gives you an
income of N125,000. Now, if you improve on
what you did to earn $500, you can also increase
your earning, in fact, you can earn multiples of
$500 a month.
Here are 18 tested and proven Internet business
ideas you can work on in the New Year and build
a good stream of income that will change of
finances before the coming year ends. (Please
ensure to pick just one idea that you are
comfortable with to work on. Doing more than
one business can pull you to thin on different
fronts, which usually don’t result to success, but
frustration at the end of the day.)
Now, here we go:
1. Digital publishing and advertising
This online business model can also be called
content marketing. It involves creating website
with rich content to attract a great number of
traffic or audience. With your website, you can
offer advertising packages to clients who want
to advertise their business on your network.
You can also offer adsense advertising where
you will make money when your site’s users click
on the adsense on your site. This can easily add
up to hundreds or thousands of dollars as
income each month.
It’s like publishing newspapers and magazines.
The only difference is that you’re publishing it
online and targeting the Internet users both
desktop and mobile.
You can choose a subject with wide interest
base, and there are lots of them. If you need
help on the subject to focus your site on, you
can visit the book section on Amazon.com or
dummies.com and see the different book titles
there. For people to publish books on those
titles means the subjects have large number of
people interested in them. You can choose any
that fancy your interest.
You can start this business with little cost. What
you need is to register a domain name and buy a
hosting package. Both the domain name and
hosting are renewable yearly.
2. Video production and animation
Videos and animations are great marketing
forms. Businesses want to have a great video to
promote their products and brands on YouTube,
Facebook and other channels. Videos also have
a high potential to become viral. Thus, if you
have skills and talents in video production and
animation, then help companies to create the
best film for their business.
You can start by identifying the kind of work you
want to do. Ask yourself what kind of service
you want to offer. If you are in the business of
making short films, make sure you understand
the full pipeline of animation production, from
development through to pre-production,
production and post.
Building your team: You may well not have all
the skills needed to make short films. As an
animator, you may want to team up with a
designer (unless you are good at this yourself)
and, if you are making 3D films, you will need
expertise in modeling, rigging, texturing and
lighting. By now you will be beginning to realize
that to make short 3D films requires general
expertise - this is where 3D generalists come into
their own.
3. Graphic and infographic design
Display marketing is hot right now. This is
evidenced by the popularity of social networking
sites that focus on images like Pinterest,
Instagram and Facebook. Infographics are also
popular contents that marketers love to use to
promote businesses. So if you’re a graphic artist,
then this business opportunity is for you.
If you are not yet a graphic artist and are
interested in this business, you can take some
time out to learn Photoshop, which is the most
popular tool you need to master to do all forms
of graphic designing work.
You can find lots of graphic designing work at
job sites on the Internet and they keep coming
because individuals and companies keep needing
things like logos, banners, infographics, ecovers,
and other web graphics. This is a business you
can make lots of money from in the thousands
of dollar range monthly if you are good at the
4. Photography and image consulting
Are you a photographer? Do you love
photography? Then use your talent and skills to
thrive in the online world. Beautiful images are
needed in the online marketing industry,
especially in display and image marketing.
Almost everybody wants to have their best
profile pictures and cover photos on social media
websites, like Facebook and Instagram.
5. eCommerce store
We can sell almost everything on the Internet. So
if you are already doing business offline, then
why not try to bring it on the online world. You
can list your products on eCommerce websites
like eBay and Amazon.com. Moreover, you can
also create your own online store or eCommerce
6. Data privacy and security services
Concerns on privacy and data security will
continue to increase in 2016. Any confidential or
private data can easily leak and spread online
through social media sites like Facebook and
Twitter. Thus, companies and individuals will
look for data privacy and security experts who
will help them protect their privacy and security
7. Online webinars
Information and education are still one of the
best products that can easily sell to people,
especially in this era where transfer of
information are already very efficient through the
Internet. If you’re knowledgeable and an expert
on a particular field then teaching people
through webinars could also be a good business
8. Online business coaching
Many people are already venturing into the
online business world. If you already have
proven a formula to online business success,
then teach and guide people how to make their
online business a success.
9. Online expert consulting
Share your expertise online and make money
from it. Whatever your expertise is, certainly,
there are people who will need it. Online
consulting is now easier because of our modern
Information Technology. Most expert
consultations are just happening online through
Skype or even at Google+ hangout.
You can also create tutorial videos on a topic in
your field and sell it at educational sites like
10. Email marketing
Effective email marketing can be done with
content marketing and relationship marketing. If
you have a database of emails which are
subscribed to your newsletter, blogs and other
useful content, you can use it to promote
products from reputable companies. Just make
sure that your subscribers won’t be spammed
and the products you promote to them are useful
and relevant to them.
The success of email marketing depends on your
ability to build a large list and then gradually
develop a relationship with subscribers by
regularly sending them valuable content (not
sales materials). Overtime, they will build trust in
you and see you as an expert. When you have
achieved that it will become easier for them to
make up their minds to buy anything that you
promote to them and you can make lots of
money from a single product sales.
For example, if you have a list of 10,000
subscribers and you run a sales campaign and
have 1,000 buying, and you are making 1$ on
each sale, that will give you $1,000. Or let say
you are targeting Nigerians and you are making
N1,000 on each sale, that will be a million Naira.
Again, email marketing is highly effective if you
see it as long term venture where you need to
build a strong relationship and trust with your
subscribers and also build a huge list. You can
start with a free email system like listwire before
moving to paid one when you start making
money (that’s if you want to). There are many
email marketing training courses out there, both
free and paid that you can study to master the
11. Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a huge industry, and it will
still be big in 2015 and beyond. According to
Forrester Research, affiliate marketing spend in
the US will grow to $4.1 billion in 2015. Thus,
affiliate marketing will still be a profitable
business idea next year. There are affiliate
networks like Amazon.com, Commission
Junction, linkshare, impact radius, and
Clickbank.com, where you can sign up to begin
promoting affiliate products in your website, blog
and other network, and earn commission income
for every lead you will generate.
The truth is that people are buying all manner of
items on the Internet and manufacturers know
that they will be able to make more sales if they
can recruit many website owners to promote
their products on their websites.
If you can build a website that attracts lots of
visitors, you can make money by promoting
products that your visitors will like and make
commission from the sales you make. You can
promote several products on your website, but
you have to do it in such a way that it will not
offend Google, which provides the largest free
traffic to your website.
Affiliate marketing can also earn you thousands
of dollars monthly if you have huge traffic.
Again, you can learn affiliate marketing from lots
of courses on it out there.
12. Referral and network marketing
If word-of-mouth marketing is traditionally
effective, then it would be more effective and
efficient if done online. Network marketing and
MLM (multi-level marketing) are also among the
hottest trends today. So if you want to start an
online business, network marketing can be a
prolific business as long as you will choose the
right product and you will market it using quality
word-of-mouth marketing and relationship
13. Blogging
Blogging can also be a lucrative business. There
are many bloggers today that are earning lots of
money from their blogs through direct
advertising, PPC advertising, affiliate marketing,
membership fees and sponsorship. The more
popular blogs, which are visited by millions of
people monthly, have already made their owners
rich. The secret to blogging success lies in the
quality, quantity and authority of their blog
posts. Blogging also needs online marketing
strategies, such as SEO, social media marketing
and content marketing to be more successful.
If you are to make money from blogging, you
must see it as a long term project and not a
short one, and you must be able to generate
quality and interesting content frequently for
your users. Before starting, you have to decide
what area you want to concentrate on, is it
fashion, women stuff, motivation, health,
business, travelling, writing, home improvement,
food, cooking, farming, etc. There are lots of
profitable niches you might want to focus.
However, make sure you will be able to find
topics or content for the niche you have chosen
to keep the blog fresh.
If you continue to build your blog with useful
content frequently over time it will grow and
have huge traffic coming, and you will be able to
start make fulltime income from it.
14. Conversion rate optimization
Another important online marketing service that
is offered today is improving the conversion rate
of a business’ marketing campaign. Conversion
rate optimization involves market research,
analytics, target marketing, content marketing
and other strategies and techniques to ensure
that businesses will have more conversion or
leads from their web traffic or Internet exposure.
Conversion rate optimization is one of the most
important trends in 2016.
15. Mobile apps development
Billions of people are now using smartphones.
Furthermore, there are also tablets and the
upcoming Google glass that will make the
Internet world more mobile. This makes the
online marketing industry more mobile than ever.
That is why mobile apps will continue booming
in 2016 and beyond. There is an increasing
demand for mobile apps. Thus, mobile
application development is one of the hottest
business opportunities in 2014.
This is a business that requires being an expert.
You can find courses online to train you on how
to develop mobile apps, and after you have
mastered it, you can set up a business on it or
you can work as a freelancer. There are many
jobs out there for mobile apps developers that
you can do and make money from. In fact,
working as a freelancer can bring a fulltime
income as well.
To make good money as a mobile apps
developer, you must target the global market,
especially the U.S. market. Find out what they
are interested in and align yourself to creating
Mobile apps creation can take some time to
master, but when you do, you can be sure of
making it big with your knowledge.
16. Online reputation management
Companies and personalities need to protect
their reputation online to preserve their business
brand or personal brand. Since the Internet users
are rapidly increasing in numbers, online brand
mentions (whether negative or negative) are also
increasing. Businesses need to hire ORM
specialists to protect their brand from negative
mentions and to promote their brand’s positive
image online.
17. Search engine optimization (SEO) services
SEO will continue booming as long as search
engines are thriving. In fact, because it is now
more difficult to rank a website on the search
engines, quality SEO firms are now becoming
more in demand. Brands and companies need
SEO to make sure that their websites will be
loved by Google and by other search engines,
and will drive more relevant and targeted traffic
from these search engines.
Learning search engine optimization is a
profitable area on the Internet because websites
traffic depends on it. A website that is optimized
for search engines will get more organic traffic
from Google and other search engines than a
website that is not.
Therefore, apart from helping website owners to
have their websites doing well on search engines,
you can also use the knowledge in building
traffic to your own website and generating
additional income from it. This is why having
SEO knowledge such valuable, and it can fetch
you good income in 2016. There are good
courses out there that can help you to become
an SEO expert.
18. Social media marketing services
Social media is the new marketing horizon for
most businesses. Social media marketing is also
important in search marketing and mobile
marketing. So if you’re an expert in promoting a
business or brand on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,
LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and other social
networking sites, then this business opportunity
is for you.
You can get jobs as a social media manager
from many job sites out there and you can make
fulltime income with it.
You can also contact Nigerian companies and
propose your service to them. Once you have
established yourself as a social media manager
or consultant and are good at the job, it will not
be difficult to hit a big contract soon.
We have shown you several business areas that
have been tested and proven to yield good
income on the Internet. We believe if you take
one of them, learn all you need to know about
how it works, and build it, you will start
generating good and consistent income in 2016.
Please note that what we have given are tips
about the businesses and not a complete manual
on how they work. That means you will still have
to study any one you desire to focus on. Again,
it is better to focus on just one idea and not all
18, so that you will not get confused due to
information overload.
You might not immediately start making money
from these businesses, but if you keep working
and building them, soon the money will start
coming and you can scale it.
Ref: Businessideas2015-2016.com ,


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