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$1,000 Per Week Email Cash Secrets

It is amazing how the Internet has made it
possible for anyone to generate income right
from the comfort of their home.
Today, we are going to be looking at a simple
system that utilizes the power of the email to
generate income. Once set up, the system runs
on autopilot; all you do then is to look at the
backend and monitor how it is performing in
terms of the response of the target market and
the money it is generating.
From the performance report you are getting, you
can adjust certain things or scale up the system
for maximum earnings.

Our goal here is to make $1,000 in a week, but
the beautiful thing about this system is that
there is no limit to how much you can make:
Once you know how to set it up you can go
ahead to set up multiple campaigns, with each
bringing you money round the clock.
I can comfortably say everyone that regularly
uses the Internet has an email; therefore, with
the billions of people that use the Internet
globally this system surely guarantees continual
and sustainable income.
What You Need
What you need to set up the system are just
three things – an email capturing system with
autoresponder, a squeeze page, and a valuable
product to give away.
Email Capturing System With Autoresponder:
This is a system that helps you to capture email
addresses of people who are interested in a
particular thing. You can then send them follow-
up messages and build a relationship with them.
This will make it easier for you to promote
things they are interested in to them and for
them to buy.
There are businesses offering email capturing
services, these include Getresponse.com and
Awaber.com. Getresponse and Awaber are paid
services and they offer different price ranges
depending on the number of emails you have
You can pay for the service if you can afford it,
but for starters I will recommend using a free
service like Listwire.com which is equally
effective, although they will run advertisements
along with your message. Their adverts do not
interfere with your message, so you don’t need
to worry about it.
Besides, you can move your subscribers later to
the paid service when you start making money,
that’s if you like.
Squeeze Page: A squeeze page is where the
email capturing system will be placed for your
target audience to sign up to your list.
You can buy a web hosting service to host your
squeeze page and other files (we can help you
with affordable web hosting service), but you can
also use a free website like blogger.com to
create your squeeze page if you cannot afford a
paid web hosting service.
Valuable Product To Give Away: You will need to
create a valuable product to give away to your
target market to get them to sign up to your
mailing list. The product can be a report or
ebook in PDF format. The report should be
valuable, that is, should contain information
most of the people you are targeting are looking
If you have a web hosting account, you can
upload the report to your server, and the
download link to the report will be automatically
sent to subscribers to get it after their
subscriptions to your email list have been
If you cannot afford a web hosting account now,
you can use the Box.com free service to upload
your report - their system generates a download
link through which your subscribers can
download it.
There is nothing wrong using this free service to
start if you cannot afford a paid web hosting
service, however, make sure you change to a
paid service when you start making money. Like
anything free, there are shortcomings associated
with it like going against their terms of use in
error and getting your account limited or
You can create your report by researching the
Internet for the information you need. Where you
need to lift articles from some websites to use in
the report, make sure you give adequate
attribution to them.
You can also use PLR articles and ebooks to
create your product to be given away. PLR
articles and ebooks give you the rights to use
them as your own materials with your name as
the author on them.
How To Set Up The System
Having stated what you need, I will now go into
how to set up the system, and how you can build
your income to $1,000 per week.
Determine A Profitable Market To Target:
There are a lot of things - both digital and solid
products and services - that people purchase on
the Internet daily. The online market can
therefore be segmented into various categories
and each category can further be segmented.
For example, we have the financial products and
services segment where a number of things are
sold, including debt resolution, credit card,
insurance, mortgage services, etc. We have the
health and wellness market, home maintenance,
office improvement, home entertainment, sports,
body fitness, beauty and fashion, income
generation, education, self improvement market,
love and relationship, etc.
There are lots of profitable markets you can
exploit other than the make money online market
which most people usually go into even with
little or no experience on how it works.
To be sure that the market you want to exploit is
profitable, check if there are products and
services sold in that market, read customers’
product reviews, and visit forums relating to the
market and get people’s feel about such buying
If the general feeling about the market is that
people are used to buying products or services,
then you have a profitable market to exploit.
Also, check the possible size of the market by
using Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner, which
you will find when you sign up with Google
AdWords at adwords.google.com. Type in the
keyword of the market you are prospecting, e.g.,
Forex trading; the tool will show you the number
of people searching for the keyword in a month.
It will also show you other keywords people
interested in that industry search for each month,
e.g., learn Forex trading, and Forex trading for
beginners. This will give you an idea of the size
of that market.
The Keyword Planner tool also has “suggested
bid” feature which shows the amount of money
people are bidding on the keywords for their
adverts to show up on Google. Higher suggested
bids shows that the market is profitable,
because advertisers will not spend more money
in advertising their products if they were not
going to make profit.
Determine A Profitable Product To Promote:
Similar to finding out the right market to target,
you should also look for a profitable product to
promote. The product can be one that you
created, one you have resale rights to sell, or an
affiliate product which will earn you a
commission when sold.
If it’s an affiliate product, look for the one with a
very strong landing page and a good
commission. There are places you can find
products to promote as affiliate. These include
Clickbank.com, Cj.com, Amazon.com, and
Create Your Give-Away Product:
Create a report or ebook on a topic relating to
the product you are promoting that is valuable to
the audience you are targeting.
To create a product, you can research the
Internet and get the information you need to
create the report, or you can use Private Label
Rights (PLR) articles or ebooks. Put some
relevant articles from the PLR product together
to form the report.
In the report, make sure to also elaborately
introduce and promote your product, with the
link to the landing page of the product inserted
in the report.
For instance, at the bottom of the report, you
can introduce the product and tell the reader the
benefits of the product, and why they need to
check it out with a statement like: “See how to
maintain a smooth skin 100% devoid of acne
This will start off the marketing. Whenever
anyone reads the report or ebook, they will see
the advert at the bottom and may check it out
and possibly buy it, and you make a commission.
Your ebook or report should be created
professionally to avoid it being dumped and not
read as a result of poor quality presentation.
You must proofread it and ensure it is well
formatted before giving it out.
Create A 5 Or 6 Part Message For The
You will need to create a short course or tips
that will be set to run for five or six days. When
someone subscribes to your mailing list, the
autoresponder of the email capturing system will
be triggered off and it will send the messages on
the days that you have set it to.
The short course or tips helps to establish a
relationship with subscribers, give you an expert
status, and makes it easier for the subscriber to
order the product. At the close of each message,
you will advertise the product and let them see
the need to order it.
The idea of having a series of well coordinated
messages in form of a short course or tips sent
to the subscribers at an interval is to put them
in a better state of mind to make the purchase.
It is a fact that people are more likely to make a
purchase if they’ve seen an advertisement
several times than if they’ve seen it only once.
Just like the way you created your giveaway
product, you can create your e-course or follow-
up messages by using PLR articles, or doing a
little research online for necessary information.
Create An Ecover For The Report Or Ebook:
You need an ecover to display on your squeeze
page that people can see and evaluate the report
with. Although having an ecover is optional, it
makes it more professional to have a well
designed ecover that represents your report. You
will have more people wanting to sign in and get
the book than if you don’t have an ecover
If you can’t design an ecover yourself, you can
have a graphics expert do it for you at a minimal
fee or get it done at Fiverr.com for $5.
With your ecover done, you can now go to the
next stage: setting up the system.
Setting Up The System:
Sign up for an email capturing system with
Aweber, Getresponse, or any other company that
offers the service; or Listwire for a free service.
After signing up, browse the site to have a good
understanding of how it works.
You will be able to create an email list that your
subscribers will be accommodated in. You can
generate a code to display a form that people
can fill and subscribe to your list.
Set up your autoresponder follow-up messages
with the ecourse or tips/ messages you have
created. You can set the system to send each
message at a four or five day interval.
Depending on what you are marketing, you may
not need to use your real name as the sender of
the message; you can adopt a pen name if you
think the receiver of the message may not be
comfortable with the sender because of his/her
Set up your squeeze page by offering your free
report or ebook. Insert the ecover of the report
so people can have a mental picture of the kind
of information they will be getting. Paste the
form code in it so people can sign up to have
access to the report.
That done, you can now launch the campaign to
start making money!
Launching Of The Marketing Campaign:
Remember we are targeting $1,000 income per
week. Having said that; even though that
amount can be made per week from one
campaign by an experienced marketer, a newbie
can target $200 per week from one campaign.
They can use the knowledge gained in setting up
a campaign to set up several campaigns and
multiply their earnings. So if you set up five
campaigns, with each targeting $200 per week,
you still have our target of $1,000 per week
Launch Your Marketing Campaign By Promoting
Your Squeeze Page:
You have to start getting the attention of your
target market to your free report or ebook. You
need to locate where your target market is and
how to get them to your squeeze page.
On the Internet, people of different interests
mainly visit and use tools provided by social
media sites, blogs, forums, news sites,
entertainment/ sports/ authority websites.
You will have to decide on how to reach your
prospective customers from these sites. If you
have a budget, paid advertising is easier and
works faster than free advertising. Fortunately,
with limited budget you can advertise on
Facebook, Google Adwords, and Yahoo, which
are the biggest pay per click advertising
If you have a bigger budget, you can also try
placing banner ads on relevant websites where
your target audience is.
With zero advertising budget, you can still find
and direct the attention of your prospects to
your free report, but like I said before, it will not
be as effective as the paid option.
You can use appropriate forums and put a link
to the free report in your signature area or
resource box. You will need to make valuable
contributions at the forums to get the attention
of other users so they can click on the link to
your free report. However, make sure you do not
spam the forum so as not to be banned.
Also, visiting relevant blogs and making valuable
comments can make other users of the blog to
visit your free report page and sign up. Make
your name match with the keyword(s) of the
report and hyperlink it to your free report page.
Other ways of getting subscribers to your free
report include serving as guest blogger to
relevant blogs. Contact the blog owners,
informing them of your intention to give them
original and well written articles for free and in
return have a resource box or area where the
link to your free report will be placed.
Others include creating web pages at Hub.com,
Squidoo.com, Livejournal.com, and Facebook.
Write and submit articles to article directories
with the link to the free report imbedded at the
bottom of the articles.
You can also use Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus,
answer sites, RSS submission sites, free press
release sites, document sharing sites, free
classified advertising sites, and slide sharing
sites to get new subscribers to your free report
that you can then market to. Do a Google search
to get the websites in the above groups.
Factors That’ll Determine The Success Of Your
The success of your campaign will be
determined by how well you are able to reach
your target market and the quality of your
message. A poorly crafted and sent message
will, instead of endearing you to the heart of the
receiver and making them buy your products,
make them even more resistant to your offers to
the point of perhaps deleting your messages and
unsubscribing from your list.
On the other hand, if you are able to create a
good relationship with subscribers on your list,
you can have them for life promoting products
they may like to them and earning comfortable
income continually.
For your message to be right, here are things
you should avoid:
Sending Too Many Emails: This is the most
common mistake that people can make when it
comes to email marketing, your customers do
not want to get two or three emails a week. This
can lead to the customer adding your email
address to their spam list.
When you overload a customer’s inbox, this can
create too many emails for a customer to read.
They may not always send your emails to their
spam, but they may not read all the emails you
send out either.
They may simply delete them as bothersome.
They may open one once in a while if the title
appeals to them, but the bulk of the emails you
send will not be read and you will be wasting
money and time.
Instead, send out only one or two emails a week
with one larger newsletter a month. The emails
that you send out each week can have special
offers or sales that will entice your subscribers
to read the email.
Make sure you keep the emails and newsletters
entertaining to keep your customers opening
them when they are sent out.
Sending False Or Incorrect Information: Always
make sure that the information that you send is
one hundred percent accurate and that any
promises or deals that you have offered you are
willing to follow through on.
It can be easy to send out emails offering great
deals to your customers to get them on your
website or affiliate site. But if they get there
and the product is not available or if the price
has not been modified properly, you can lose a
valued customer.
There may be the select few who will contact
customer support to see why this issue occurred,
but in the long run, your customers will lose
confidence in you and your product if you do not
keep your word.
Always make sure you have plenty of items for
sale offered in an email campaign and make sure
that the products are listed with their prices.
You will also want to double-check any
information or news that you offer in your
newsletters. Sending outdated or false
information is also a great way to lose customer
I have just shared with you a proven money
making system that will continue to generate
income for you if properly done. The saying that
“The money is in the list” is very true. But you
must treat your list with respect; they are not to
be exploited by promoting substandard products
to them.
But if you try to give them free valuable
information most of the time, they will be more
prepared to buy things that you recommend if
they need them.
With this system, you can easily turn in $200 or
more in a week as a beginner and create more
campaigns for different markets and drive your
income upward even above $1,000 per week.


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