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The Quick Guide to Quick Fiverr Sales

The Quick Guide to Quick Fiverr Sales
This guide, exactly as mentioned in its title, would be short and quick. The
guide was created for new fiverr sellers with no reputation and ratings who
want to get more sales as quickly as possible, but it could be used by any
other seller who wants to possibly make more sales.
I would outline here a few valued tips which helped me and would hopefully
help you to build your reputation on fiverr. Without reputation, you won't get
sales. So that's very important to try to establish yourself as soon as possible.
And those methods would surely help you do so.
So let's begin!
Tip #1 – Complete your profile:
Your profile is very important part of your sales presentation. First you got to
have a professional-looking description (or like fiverr calls it: Something about
you). You should mention there your past experience ("I have got 3 years of
experience in Email marketing…"), why you qualified to sell and why they
should buy from you. Keep it simple and clean.
The next important part of your profile is your profile photo. Ideally, you
should include a real picture of you, so you'll look legit and trustworthy. But if
for some reason you don't want to do so, you can purchase a caricature of
yourself (like I did) and use it instead.
Sellers with uncompleted profile sell less, so take your time and complete
your profile.
Tip #2 – Create an USA Account:
Let's picture a scenario for a moment: if you were to choose between two
identical gigs, both offer exactly the same thing (let's say: 1000 backlinks)
and the only difference is that one of the gigs is sold by a seller from Nigeria
and one by a seller from the USA, who will you choose?
The answer is pretty clear, isn't it? It's just that USA sellers looks far more
impressive and legit than sellers from other countries, and as a result they get
more sales. That basically means that if your account is not from the USA,
you are actually losing money!
Now keep in mind that you can't choose your country, as fiverr make that
decision for you based on your IP address.
So what can you do? If you are from the USA, you have no problem. But if
you are from another country, you have two options: the first one is to use a
USA proxy server, surf to fiverr and register with the proxy IP. The second
and easier option is to pay someone from the United States to register an
account for you. No matter what option you choose, you got to have a USA
account if you wish to increase your sales.
Tip #3 – Offer bonuses (over-deliver):
In order to make your gig stand out from the crowd, to make it unique and
more special, you can choose to offer a bonus (or bonuses) to the buyers.
Any bonus will work, as long as it really has some sort of value.
What I am recommending you to offer as a bonus, which I found out to go
really well with solo ads is traffic blasts. A simple 1000 visitor's package would
be more than enough. There are plenty of sites who sell 1000 visitors traffic
package for around one dollar.
Sure, you would make less money from each order, but you'll get much more
orders. Just remember to highlight in your gig description that you are giving
a bonus, and you'll see a spike in your conversion rate. And you can always
stop giving the bonus when you have enough ratings and orders.
Tip #4 – Buy reviews:
Now this is the last tip and I advise you to use it only if all the above didn't
helped. That's kind of grey hat, as fiverr certainly don't want you to do that,
but if you'll do it the right way they could never know.
What you are going to do is either buying your own gig using a different
account, or paying someone else to purchase your gig and leave a positive
review. The more reviews, the better. This way you can build your reputation
by yourself, and can even establish yourself as one of the best if you buy
enough reviews.
The downside of course is that even if you purchase your own gig, fiverr
takes 1 dollar, and so you lose a dollar for every review. It maybe worth it,
but for most of you it can be too risky.
If you decide to go for that, you must use proxies and unique IPs, so there
will be no way they could track you. If you will use the same IP, it would just
not affect your rating and fiverr stuff might ban you.
Now go and get some quick fiverr sales!
- Abiola olakunle
ceo merryshoper
founder 9jaworld

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