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My ugly experience

My ugly experience
Please read this piece of information and remember to ignore and correct my mistakes.
My names are Abiola olakunle Ibrahim aka loverprince, Chairman-Merryshoper, Founder-9jaworld.I am a man, lol. Probably in my early 20.I have been working online for over 5 years, I have seen the bad and good of different businesses, Now to my off the bar point, I failed consecutively for 5 years, simply because I trusted the wrong person or better still I chose the wrong business partner.(Name withhold). I have also work with some of the best internet money maker in Nigeria, people like Akin alabi, Ope banwo, Patrick ogidi, Adetunji gbolagade, Olaide alim, Onome Maureen etc
To me, Nigeria is a country that only the past or present Leaders can correct, the future leaders are more corrupt.Dont forgets the point that I am an information marketer and my survey shows that 90% of the youths are ready to make money either legally or illegally. God bless Nigeria.

Now to my ugly experience
Please remember this quotes - A failure is He who failed and never succeed or who fall and never raise. This quote turned my 5years unpleasant experience to success and I strongly believe that He who laugh last, laugh best.
The journey started when I was in ss3, I joined the group of internet marketers, always with my phone searching for Free information on different ways to make money online, I practice all but no success, then I thought to myself definitely people are not making any money online, maybe my parent are right that the only way I can make money is to go to school, University? Ooooooooooooo Now I am here! No lecturer ever enter the classroom and talk about how to make money online or offline, here is a mail about how to make money online, I have attended different seminars both online and offline, I have seen and heard different people who make it huge online, I have invested my little feeding fee, just to make my family and friends proud of me, I changed my Thinking in the year 2013 and it changed my life for Better. (Let me skip that). Now I realize that Nigeria parent are all wrong about what they keep telling us about school, Back then when they went to school, school was useful and valuable, but now, reverse is the case, After school No Job, No Money, I  thought to myself why am I in school? So what is the excess of school? If you are deceiving me, I will never deceive myself. We are in school for Knowledge but it is best to have other source of knowledge that will bring Income. If educational knowledge does not help, the Non educational/Trained Knowledge will help. We are all in school now, please tell me. How many companies do we have in Nigeria? I am not against going to school but please have another source, I am begging.  Parent listens to your children, try and pay our school fee and give as another source of Income.
I failed because nobody was there for me. I pass because I seek Gods Divine Help..
I failed because I trusted everybody. I pass because I learn to trust only the God fearing people.
I failed because my teachers were once a failure and I pass because my creator never fails.


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