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10 Fiverr Magic Tips

10 Fiverr Magic Tips
Turn $4 to a 4 Figure Income Stream!
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Table of Contents
Turn $4 to a 4 Figure Monthly Income Stream! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Learn my 10 Fiverr Magic Tips! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Take the 10 Action Steps Today! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Fiverr Magic Tip #1: 19 + 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Fiverr Magic Tip #2: 1 Minute . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Fiverr Magic Tip #3: 19 Express . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Fiverr Magic Tip #4: Sweet Spot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Fiverr Magic Tip #5: Upscale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Fiverr Magic Tip #6: Get Positive Reviews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Fiverr Magic Tip #7: Sharp Looking Images . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Fiverr Magic Tip #8: Turn 1 Gig to Multiple Orders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52
Fiverr Magic Tip #9: 1 Killer Service Gig . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58
Fiverr Magic Tip #10: Leverage Your Work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65
Summary of 10 Fiverr Magic Action Steps: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69
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Turn $4 to a 4 Figure Monthly Income Stream!
Learn my 10 Fiverr Magic Tips!
Take the 10 Action Steps Today!
Earn your first $4 Tomorrow!
Watch how your $4, $4, $4 ..... turn into a 4 Figure
Income as you implement the 10 Action Steps!
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Fiverr Magic Tip #1: 19 + 1
Magic Tip #1: 19 Easy Gigs + 1 Service Gig
Our goal: Turn $4 to a 4 Figure Income Stream.
Fiverr allows you a maximum of 20 Gigs.
We will take full advantage of creating all 20 Gigs.
How you are going to create your 20 Gigs Today?
1. Divide the 20 Gigs into 2 sets: 19 + 1
2. 19 Gigs – Easy Gigs:
You will deliver these 19 Gigs in QUALITY Reports
Format. (I will talk about the 1 Service Gig later)
3. Fiverr has the following categories for you to offer your
service. Go through this list and see what you are good at,
what your talents are so that you can provide your services.
o Gifts
o Graphics
o Video
o Social Marketing
o Travel
o Writing
o Advertising
o Music & Audio
o Fun & Bizarre
o Tips & Advice
o Business
o Technology
o Programming
o Other things that you are good at!
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You see a list of categories here in the home page that you
can provide service for:
When you post your gig, it also shows the categories you
can choose from:
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Action Step #1:
Get 19 QUALITY Reports Ready in your Computer
Folders Today.
· You don’t need to write the 19 Reports now. If you
have reports you want to write, you can do that later.
· Look into your computer and see what reports you
already have. Look through the reports that you have
written in the past, and see if these reports can provide
services for people in the above categories. Check the
quality of your work. Put your 19 reports into pdf files.
· You might have bought some very valuable Master
Resell Rights Products or PLR Products in the past. Look
through them and see which ones you can rewrite if it
is PLR, and which MRR products to resell at a low price.
Check the quality of the products and see if you can
use them to offer your services.
· There are some services that people desperately want
and are always on demand: Doing SEO work,
Backlinking, Websites managing, Blogging, eCovers
making, Kindle Marketing, Recipes Research, Kindle
Formatting, iBook Formatting, Facebook Fan Pages,
Facebook Ads, etc.
· I can't tell you what your gigs are going to be because
it depends on what you are good at. You need to tap
into your Skill and Talent to gather the content of your
· I am giving away one of my PLR product so that you
can get started right away to do something!
· Quality comes first! You don’t want to dish out ‘bad’
reports to people. Just think of yourself as a buyer!
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You want material that over delivers. Make sure your
products are up-to-date!
· Gather up all your 19 Quality Reports in pdf files or in
zip files if there are templates or resources for that
particular service.
· Make 19 Folders in your computer for these 19 Reports
so that they are NEATLY organized in your computer
and you know where to find them easily!
· If at this moment, you cannot gather 19 Reports, start
off with 5 Reports first. And then slowly build up your
credibility with the 1 Gig Service (that I talk about
later) and see what other quality reports you can put
· I say 19 + 1 to use → the 19 to maximize your
· But if you can't get 19 right now, then start with an
Easy 5 first and not get bogged down by doing all 19
now. 5 is a good start!
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Providing Reports Gigs Makes an Easy Killing in Fiverr!
You will understand why in the next Magic Tip!
Please don’t violate copyright laws.
Your 19 Reports can be:
1. Your own reports
2. Reports that give you Master Resell Rights
3. Rewrite some of the PLR material to make them good
quality reports!
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Fiverr Magic Tip #2: 1 Minute
Magic Tip #2: 1 Minute
We are all fighting for time.
How much time are you willing to use to get paid $4?
Me? 1 minute!
You are going to use 1 Minute to fulfill your orders!
Can this be done?
Yes! I’ve done this hundreds of times.
Action Step #2: Make 19 note pad files!
ORGANIZE your 19 gigs in note pad files!
1. Create 19 Note Pad files for 19 Gigs!
2. Write the following in the note pad:
Thank you for your order.
Here is the package in the attachment.
· When I began fulfilling my fiverr gig orders, I typed in
everything each time.
· It was very time consuming even though it’s only 2
· Imagine if you have 20 orders coming in on the same
day, that’s too much work!
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· So I eventually set up this system by necessity!
Here is a screen shot in action.
I copy & pasted the 2 sentences into this box:
1. Copy and Paste the 2 sentences in the box.
2. Click Browse – Get file in your computer folder.
3. Send
That’s it!
How long does that take?
Only 1 minute!
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Fiverr Magic Tip #3: 19 Express
Magic Tip #3: Turn All 19 Gigs to EXPRESS
Express Gigs – Need to be delivered within 24 Hours
Quick Express Service Attracts Buyers!
People want Quick Service!
I have not heard of anyone liking slow service. No one likes
to wait around anymore. Time is money, especially for us!
Put your 19 Gigs into EXPRESS mode.
1. You want to get DAILY ORDERS!
2. Express Gigs give you wider exposure and you get
orders much more quickly!
3. Express Gigs increase your volume of orders & sales!
4. Express Gigs are in a ‘separate’ section in the tool bar.
Fiverr has the new feature where people can click on the
Express Gigs in the tool bar to find quick orders.
You want to get into this ‘special’ gigs category to get
noticed quicker so as to increase your volumes of orders!
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An Express Gig has the word ‘Express’ in front of the Gigs
The Express Gig – needs to be delivered within 24 hours.
· There’s no problem for you to deliver in 24 hours
because all your 19 Quality Reports are already sitting
in your computer waiting to march out!
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· Each order will just take you 1 Minute to copy and
paste & to send out in the attachment.
· Get into this Habit:
Check your Fiverr Gigs each day like checking your
o If there are 10 orders  it will just take you 10
minutes. $40 dollars can buy you breakfast, lunch
and dinner for that day. Cool!
o If there are 20 orders  it will just take you 20
minutes. $80 dollars can buy gas for you. Wow!
o 30 orders  30 minutes  Making $120! $120
can pay your internet bills! Awesome!
o 40 orders  40 minutes  Making $160!
o 50 orders  50 minutes  Making $200!
o 60 orders  60 minutes  Making $1200!
Imagine, you can make $1200 in 1 Hour (60 minutes)!
But you need time to build to that volume of orders!
· I started off with only 2 orders/day!
· Then 5 orders/day!
· Then 10 orders/day!
· Then 20 orders/day!
· Going strong to 30+ (this is because I get multiple
orders and you will read about it in the later magic tips)
· I am aiming for 60 orders/day!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 15
Now you know what I do every morning!
I just go and collect my money by:
1. Copying & pasting
2. Sending out attachments!
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Action Step #3: 2 Steps to Get “Express” Gigs
Step 1:
Put “1” in the box there.
But after you save your gig, it will just be a normal gig when
you begin.
Fiverr needs to see whether you will keep to your word, so
they wait for an order to come in & see how well you do. If
you deliver on time & if someone leaves a positive review,
your gig turns ‘EXPRESS’ automatically!
Step 2:
Now, you just need to wait for someone to order your gig &
to leave a positive review!
This is quite easy!
Just one order, one positive review  BOOM  EXPRESS!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 17
Keep your fingers crossed to get that first gig quickly!
Getting reviews is one of the easiest thing on earth in Fiverr.
I’ll let out the magic secret Tip later on how you can get
people to write reviews for you.
Many people are not aware of how easy it is.
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Fiverr Magic Tip #4: Sweet Spot
Getting your First Order is very difficult because there are so
many people to compete with! You are new! What to do?
Magic Tip #4: Key in the Sweet Spot
Most people don't know about the sweet spot!
Actually I discovered this secret sweet spot in the process of
doing fiverr gigs!
Where is the sweet spot in your Gig?
On the home page, right underneath the title of the Gig, the
first line of description appears in front of the buyers eyes.
Kindle Publishing Services Page 19
Those 15 spaces -- the first place that catches their
attention to find out more about your Gig. If they read
something SPECIAL there, they will click to see what is
inside your gig.
In the picture below, everyone here is offering the service of
converting a word document file into Kindle Formatting for
When you look at the picture, which 2 Gigs would you want
to click into to find out more?
Kindle Publishing Services Page 20
The following 2 gigs will get the most clicks. Why?
Look at what they put in those 15 spaces!
They write something very catchy!
One of them is mine: 24 Hours Service!
The other one: Earn Massive $1000!
Look at the other gigs:
Most people repeat themselves: I will……
But that is already in the title gig!
No need to repeat again.
Write something different.
**Make use of the “Sweet Spot” to tell your Buyer
something special about your Gig!**
Kindle Publishing Services Page 21
If you see something that says: 24 Hours Service – Would
you not want to click in there and see what the person is up
If you want something urgently done, would you not go for
this person first?
This is going to help you get your First Order to go Express
since you have not been approved by Fiverr yet for the
‘Express’ Gig.
Use Fiverr Magic Tip #4: 24 Hours Service!
· 24 Hours Service is just a different way of saying
“Express Gig”!
· This works like MAGIC. I know!
· That’s how I got so many orders within a day!
Actually, when I first began I didn’t think of the term 24
Hours Service. I used plain ‘Express” in the sweet spot
there. But as time went on, one of my reviewers said I never
sleep & that I offer 24 Hours Service. Ding! A light-bulb
24 Hours Service!
Who doesn’t want this?
We all want convenience.
We wish the bank will also open 24 Hours.
Stores, Restaurants, Gas stations etc open 24 Hours for
people’s convenience!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 22
So make your Gigs 24 Hours Service!
It’s conveying that “convenience’ message to your buyers!
It doesn’t mean you are going to be sitting in front of fiverr
all day long for 24 hours!
All it means is that you will fulfill your orders within 24
Kindle Publishing Services Page 23
Action Step #4: 24 Hours Service in Sweet Spot
For the 24 Hours Service to appear in the first line, you need
to note the “sweet spot” in the Description Box when you
type in your Gig!
I see people typing boring stuff!
No wonder they don’t get any Orders.
The first 15 spaces here are very important and will get
people to click that ORDER button over and over again!
You can also write other DIFFERENT things in the first 15
spaces in the first line of description!
It depends on what is important for you at that moment.
You can always edit and change the wordings!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 24
Some suggestions:
Express Service!
2012 Special!
March Special!
Quality Work!
Fast Service!
Awesome Gig!
2012 Discount!
March Discount!
2 Gigs for the price of 1
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Fiverr Magic Tip #5: Upscale
Magic Tip #5: Upscale the levels
In 2012, Fiverr introduced a new feature to reward those
who succeed with their hard work!
From Fiverr Team:
“We’re kicking off 2012 with a major new feature on Fiverr that is going to be a gamechanger
for many of you!
The code-ninjas at Fiverr HQ have been working relentlessly, preparing an arsenal of
tools to enable even more sellers with the ability to make more money. There are so
many hard working entrepreneurs out there striving to deliver top quality Gigs and be
Fiverr’s very best, that we can now recognise for their hard work and dedication with
our biggest upgrade to Gig selling since… EVER?!”
Kindle Publishing Services Page 26
Action Step #5: Move Up the Levels
Everyone begins here.
There’s nothing to show there.
How to Move to Level 1?
Do 10 Orders with Excellent Rating!
Just 10 – that’s pretty quick.
You can do that within one week.
Kindle Publishing Services Page 27
How to Move to Level 2?
Need 2 months & have 50 Orders
Hey, that’s pretty cool!
You only need to be in Fiverr for 2 months to get to Level 2!
I got this notice right away when my 2 months was up!
In 2 months time, if you follow my Fiverr Magic Tips, you
would have gone beyond 50 Orders already, so this badge
will be waiting for you to claim!
Watch yourself going to Level 2 automatically after 2
Kindle Publishing Services Page 28
How To Get to Top Rated Level?
This is Handpicked by Fiverr team and based on seniority
(harder for newbies), volume of sales, extremely high
rating, good customer & community service!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 29
Fiverr Magic Tip #6: Get Positive Reviews
Magic Tip #6: Social Proof – Get Positive Reviews
Social Proof with Positive Reviews is a MUST for Fiverr
Success! Here is a screen shot of my payment page inside:
The more reviews you get, the more orders you will get!
The more orders you get, the more sales you will have!
To get positive reviews:
1. You must remember to over deliver in your reports!
Make sure they are of top-notch quality work!
2. You must be a polite in your communication.
Kindle Publishing Services Page 30
3. Make your comments clear, concise & direct.
4. You must be efficient  Check your fiverr account
DAILY like answering your emails!
5. Never allow your orders to be late in delivering!
Take a look at some of the reviews that I get & you will
know what people look for:
If someone asks you for more help, give them the extra
help. Don’t tell them to buy another gig. They have already
bought one, so just go that extra mile to help them.
Kindle Publishing Services Page 31
And here are some more so that you can see what people
are looking for. Remember you are at fiverr providing
quality service to your customers. And you want your
customers to come back to you!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 32
Surprise them with your efficiency:
It’s not just a matter of getting reviews although that is
What is more important is for you to BUILD A TRUSTING
RELATIONSHIP with them. That’s how they keep coming
back to you! They will ‘star’ your gigs
Kindle Publishing Services Page 33
Look! They keep coming back again & again!
This is what you want! You want returning clients!
You will then be able to leverage your fiverr empire to the
next degree to bring in $$$$$
Kindle Publishing Services Page 34
Action Step #6: Call People to action to write Reviews
One of the most difficult thing is to get people to write
So you need these qualities:
1. Surprise them with your efficiency! Once the gig
comes in, do them right away.
2. Be Helpful! Be creative! Be True!
3. Be quick when they have a question!
4. Be a good communicator & be polite!
If you have the above qualities, you will surely WIN!
But still the problem is that not everyone of our buyers leave
reviews. Why? People are generally passive and don’t take
initiative until you call them to do it for you.
You need to call them into action to write reviews!
The thing about fiverr is that it is very easy for people to
leave reviews: It is either Positive Thumbs Up or Negative
Review Thumbs Down. And they just write a few words!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 35
How do you call them into action?
I use a very very simple method & it works like magic!
After I complete my job order, I hit this button: Deliver
Completed Work
This is what I put in the box there:
Kindle Publishing Services Page 36
Many people just put a little blurb there saying that the job
is completed in the box. So when the buyers come in, they
will just get their completed work and go on their way.
But when they see that little blurb asking them to leave a
feedback on your service, many of them will happily give
you a thumb up if your service is good!
Most will just write a few words.
Some will even write a few lines if they are impressed with
your work!
Whether the review is long or short, it doesn’t matter.
You want to collect more and more positive reviews for
social proof!
Instead of telling them to write a review, it’s best to ask
them “to comment on your service!”
In that way, their reviews will be specific!
The thing is that when people think of writing ‘reviews’, it
scares them. They think they have to write a long
So if you tell them to comment on your service, they
usually have something to write about in a sentence or two.
That’s all you really need.
Kindle Publishing Services Page 37
Fiverr Magic Tip #7: Sharp Looking Images
Magic Tip #7: Sharp looking images to Grab Attention
For each gig, make your images catchy!
The images are on the left hand side of the Gig.
Most images have ‘words’ or some kind of Signs!
You want your images to stand out and at the same time tell
people about your Gigs!
How are you going to make Signs that Grab Attention?
Kindle Publishing Services Page 38
Click on this Sign Generator Website to make Catchy Signs!
You can use the Fan Sign Generator!
There are hundreds of photos of real people holding signs
and all you need to do is to put in your text and make the
signs say what you want to say for your Gig.
You can use your own photos if you wish!
There are over 600 Templates for you to choose and put in
your words with your custom messages!
All the images are processed online so you do not need any
photoshop skills. You don’t need to find any free stock
photos. You also do not need to install any software on your
computer. This will save you hours of work and you can
make 20 Gig signs in an hour. Cool eh?
The images really do GRAB attention to your targeted
What is IMPORTANT is that you can make the Words stand
out – SHARP & CLEAR!
In the next few pages, I’ll let you have a glimpse of what
some of the signs look like!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 39
These are quite fun & easy to do!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 40
Kindle Publishing Services Page 41
Here are some Female Fan signs:
Kindle Publishing Services Page 42
Here are some Male Fan Signs:
Kindle Publishing Services Page 43
Here are some Children Fan signs
Kindle Publishing Services Page 44
More fun stuff: Animals Holding Signs
Kindle Publishing Services Page 45
Wow, look at this: Cartoons holding signs!
Now I know you will get to work for sure! So Easy!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 46
Action Step #7: Make 20 Catchy Gig Signs!
3 Step Process to Make Catchy Gig Signs & Upload
onto Fiverr!
Step 1: Decide on a Template
Step 2: Key in Your Message & Download
Kindle Publishing Services Page 47
1. Write your message in the white box
2. Choose your Font
3. Download
4. Ready for you to use!
2 minutes work!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 48
Step 3 : Upload your Image on Fiverr
Upload your Images:
Fiverr has new features whereby you can upload more
images. Do take advantage of that feature!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 49
It’s pretty cool as they appear on your Gig order page.
Kindle Publishing Services Page 50
You can also use videos to promote your Gig:
If you can make videos, it is even better. But this usually
takes some time to do, so don’t get bogged down doing this
You can get you Gigs signs up first and then do the videos
later on when you have time.
1. The videos need to be under 30 seconds
2. You need to wait for Fiverr team to approve you.
3. If you just do images, your gig goes live right away.
Why Have Video on Your Gigs?
1. People love watching videos
2. You become more personal
3. Your gigs can become featured gigs
4. Videos is one of the requirements to become top
rated sellers
Kindle Publishing Services Page 51
5. You are more easily searched in Google because
your video will appear in Google page & attract
more attention.
Kindle Publishing Services Page 52
Fiverr Magic Tip #8: Turn 1 Gig to Multiple
Magic Tip #8: Turn $4 income into 4 Figure income
Turn your gigs to multiples of 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32,
36 …
1. $4 does not mean much these days.
2. What if you get multiple of $4 in your Gig orders?
Now, that’s something WORTH thinking about!
Secret Strategy: Double, Triple…. Each order of $4 Gigs.
Learn how to 2X your Gig: Turn it to $8!
Learn how to 3X your Gig: Turn it to $12!
Learn how to 4X your Gig: Turn it to $16!
Learn how to 5X your Gig: Turn it to $20!
Learn how to 6X your Gig: Turn it to $24!
Learn how to 7X your Gig: Turn it to $28!
Learn how to 8X your Gig: Turn it to $32!
Learn how to 9X your Gig: Turn it to $36!
Learn how to 10X your Gig: Turn it to $40!
Turn 1 Gig into Volumes of Gigs so that you get paid a large
sum in one order!
Take a look at my first 2 weeks of Gigs In March:
Kindle Publishing Services Page 53
Aim for higher pay: $12, $24, $32!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 54
Action Step #8: Do Extra!
Underneath your Gig Order, Fiverr has now allowed a space
for you to add in Gig Extras for buyers to order not just 1
Gig but multiple of Gigs in one order!
You can add Extra Gigs +20 also.
Kindle Publishing Services Page 55
Once you get to Level 2, you will be able to use this feature!
2 Steps to Put in the Gig Extras:
1 s t Step
2 n d Step
Write in your short descriptions here of what you are willing
to do: I will ……..
This is how you Multiply your orders 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X,
8X, 9X, 10X in one order!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 56
For each of your 19 Easy Gigs, you can now prepare more
and more reports to give away for these EXTRA Gigs within
your Gigs!
So instead of just 20 Gigs, you can now Double the 20, or
Triple the 20 Gigs!
Yes, $4 does not seem worthwhile to get involved in Fiverr!
But multiples of $4 is a Major Magic Secret to Fiverr
Kindle Publishing Services Page 57
Fiverr Magic Tip #9: 1 Killer Service Gig
Magic Tip #9: Provide 1 Killer Service Gig
Remember, Fiverr is primarily a place where people want to
hire others to do a service for them for $5!
While it is good to provide Quality reports for them for the
19 Easy Gigs, reserve 1 Gig for a Service Gig.
I call this a Puller Gig!
1 Service Gig – Create a Puller Gig!
You need this Puller Gig to become successful FAST in
It is this one Puller Gig that is going to make all your other
19 Gigs come alive quickly!
If you have 19 Gigs delivering Reports, you will not make
much in Fiverr! You can make some money, but not a 4
Figure Income!
People go to fiverr primarily to hire people to do an urgent
service for them!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 58
In Fiverr, all your Gigs are lined up on one side.
When your buyer orders your gig, most likely, they will see
what else you have in your list of gigs.
Kindle Publishing Services Page 59
It’s not so easy for buyers to readily buy your reports in the
other 19 Gigs so readily if they don’t have any experience
with you. It’s a strange thing. It’s only $5. You would think
that they can easily part from their $5. Apparently not!
Sometimes even after you do a work for them and you spent
about half an hour on it, and if they are not satisfied, they
actually request a refund! It’s unbelievable.
So in this Puller Service Gig, you are going to let your
buyers have some good experience with you. This 1 Service
Gig is going to help you build up your name, your
credibility & your work.
When your buyers have good experience with you, they will
feel good to order more from you!
This 1 Service Gig is going to get the ball rolling for all your
other 19 Gigs.
You need to ‘wow’ them on this 1 Service Gig.
This 1 Gig is going to get your other gigs going really fast!
This 1 Gig is going to be UNIQUE!
This 1 Gig is going to make you stand out!
For this 1 Service Gig, it may require a bit more time for you
to fulfill your task.
1. I won’t spend 1 hour to do this 1 Service Gig.
2. But I am willing to spend 15 minutes to complete this
1 Service Gig. Reason? To earn trust and credibility!
I have all my other 19 Gigs in mind. People will be
more willing to buy your other 19 Gigs after they
experience your service Gig.
Kindle Publishing Services Page 60
This new person orders your Service Gig.
Wow, for $5, you are willing to spend so much time to do
this service for them.
They know it takes more than 5 minutes.
Maybe 15 minutes.
Maybe even 20 minutes or half an hour!
This is certainly over delivering!
That is impressive!
You are willing to do this for $5???
What they don’t know is that you are collecting $4 for 1
minute job with the other 19 Gigs, and not to mention all
these multiple Gigs in these 19 Gigs.
But that person is just thinking of this Service Gig that you
do for them at the moment. So when you complete your job
and delivers the job, can you imagine what kind of
feedback/reviews you will get?
So you are going to push this 1 Puller Service Gig hard
(about 15 minutes work)  to get all the other 19 Gigs
moving and active (with 1 minute service)
Kindle Publishing Services Page 61
Action Step #9: Post A Service Gig Now!
Look inside yourself and see what you are good at.
Surely you have 1 Talent that stands out!
3 Step Process to Get Your Gig Ranking High
Step 1:
Key in a service of what you are willing to do for $5
Kindle Publishing Services Page 62
Step 2:
Do a Search on the kind of Gig service you are offering.
For eg.
If you are offering SEO service, type in SEO.
If you are offering Kindle service, type in Kindle.
If you are offering Backlinking service, type in Backlinking.
Click on Rating
Kindle Publishing Services Page 63
Click on the First Gig to find out why this person is doing so
Look at the keywords that he/she is using for tags!
Copy the person’s keyword tags!
Step 3:
Key in the same Keyword Tags in your order page!
In that way, you can rank for those same keyword tags!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 64
Fiverr Magic Tip #10: Leverage Your Work
Magic Tip #10:
Leverage Your Fiverr Work To Your Business
You are going to use Fiverr to make quick easy 1 minute
You are going to use Fiverr to get clients by providing a
quality Gig service.
As you continue on in Fiverr, you are going to watch out for
clients who consistently come back to you for service.
What you want to do is to eventually move your clients
outside of Fiverr.
In Fiverr, you get 20% deducted from the $5 Payment.
When you transfer money to paypal, you also get a small
amount deducted. So even if you make a lot of money in
Fiverr, there’s a percentage taken off from your income. So,
eventually you want to redirect some of your returning
clients to your own business.
Strategy: Move your clients away from Fiverr to your
Business so that you keep 100% payment.
Kindle Publishing Services Page 65
Action Step #10:
Get Clients to Contact You outside of Fiverr
You are going to find a way to get your clients to contact
But how?
Fiverr does not allow you to post your contact link on the
Fiverr does not allow you to post email addresses in the
conversations & job orders.
If you violate the Fiverr Terms of Service, your account will
be banned right away without discussions! That’s what
happened to a lot of people.
But, there is a way that you can post your website
link in Fiverr!
Go to your Profile & put in your website link in the
“Something About you” Box:
Kindle Publishing Services Page 66
And when people click on your profile link, voila, your
website link is clickable. Many times, your buyers will
directly contact you via your website:
Kindle Publishing Services Page 67
For the profile picture, it’s best to post a face image.
If you don’t upload a profile picture, it will just look like this:
A picture of a face builds trust and confidence!
That’s it!
All of the above 10 Fiverr Magic Tips will quickly turn $4 to a
4 Figure Income Stream very quickly! Less than 2 Months!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 68
Summary of 10 Fiverr Magic Action Steps:
10 Magic Tips:
1. Fiverr Magic Tip 1: 19 + 1
2. Fiverr Magic Tip 2: 1 Minute Job
3. Fiverr Magic Tip 3: Express
4. Fiverr Magic Tip 4: Sweet Spot
5. Fiverr Magic Tip 5: Upscale
6. Fiverr Magic Tip 6: Positive Reviews
7. Fiverr Magic Tip 7: Sharp Eye catchy Signs
8. Fiverr Magic Tip 8: 1 Gig To Multiple Orders
9. Fiverr Magic Tip 9: 1 Killer Service Gig
10.Fiverr Magic Tip 10: Leverage
10 Action Steps:
1. Get 19 Easy Gigs Ready in Report Format.
2. Get 19 Note Pads Done to execute the 1 minute work.
3. Get Your 19 Gigs on Express Mode To Get Quick &
Daily Exposure.
4. Make Good Use of the Sweet Spot & Write Catchy
Kindle Publishing Services Page 69
5. Upscale to Level 2 Quickly in 2 Months.
6. Call people to action to write reviews!
7. Create Catchy Gig Signs with Clear Wordings to Grab
Buyers Attention.
8. Turn 1 Gig Into Multiple Orders by Creating Extras.
9. Get 1 Killer Service Gig Rolling To Build Confidence &
A Trusting Relationship.
10.Leverage Your Work by redirecting returning clients to
your Business.
Share your Fiverr excitement with me! I would love to hear
your response and help you along the way.
Wishing you much success in Fiverr!
Kindle Publishing Services Page 70
I am giving away this 510 Instant PLR Graphics
Package to help you get started!
The package includes:
501 Graphics Manual (105 pages)
100 Real People Images
250 Professional Banners
165 Aqua Power Buttons
20 Headers
Website Graphics (arrows, headers, numbers,
15 Guarantee Certificates
35 Video Squeeze Templates & Website
20 Minisites Templates & Website
Website Graphics
Kindle Publishing Services Page 71
There are lots of things you can do with this package!
1. You can sell it as it is and put it up as a gig in Fiverr!
2. You can break up the package and sell them as
smaller packages and divide them into different gigs
with other reports:
250 Professional Banners
165 Aqua Power Buttons
20 Headers
15 Guarantee Certificates
35 Video Squeeze Templates & Website
20 Minisite Templates & Websites
Kindle Publishing Services Page 72
Kindle Publishing:
Kindle With Rosa
Kindle Publishing Services
Kindle Publishing Secret #1: Steps To Success
Kindle Publishing Secret #2: Effective Strategies To Skyrocket Your
Kindle Sales & Pricing
Kindle Publishing Secret #3: Kindle Killer Book Case Study
Kindle Publishing Secret #4: Kindle Formatting Formula
Kindle Hot Niche in March
Creating E Covers in Seconds & Minutes
Google On First Page with Press Release
Must Have for Online Businesses:
Aweber - collect your mailing lists
Bluehost - For hosting
My Favorite Website: Learn Piano With Rosa
Kindle Publishing Services Page 73

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