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Make money on Fiverr.

1. What is Fiverr
2. Why the hype around Fiverr
3. How to set up your fiverr account for success
4. My 1 and only Secret Gig
5. The Magic Tools I use
6. How to setup the backend magic
7. How to setup the magic gig (wordings, etc)
8. How to build credibility and a 100% Feedback
9. How to market your Gig like a Genius
Who am I?
So who am I and how did I build this up? I believe I owe you some explanation given that you’ve purchased this book. First off, my story: At first I was like you, another curious individual searching the internet on ways to make money, and I kept on being flooded with information from get rich quick scams, unfortunately I fell for it all, and was making 0$ every month with a large folder full of crappy 99$ eBooks sitting on my desktop until I discovered this: Fiverr.
Who says you can’t make money quick online? Now it’s possible to make a killing on Fiverr, if and only if you follow what I am about to teach you. So get ready to be making hundreds of $$ per day on only 1 GIG
Chapter 1 :What is Fiverr?
Fiverr is a marketplace for gigs that are priced at $5. Essentially, you can sell and buy tasks for $5. So anyone can create a gig for small service on the site, and visitors can accept gigs as well. Gig prices are fixed at $5. Buyers can order gigs and are required to pay for the gig in advance.
Tasks are divided into categories, including Funny and Bizarre, Social Marketing, Graphics, Writing, Technology, Business, Silly Stuff and Programming etc.
Fiverr posts buyer feedback on people who perform tasks. Task performers will be given a positive feedback score, which can be seen by users who are considering hiring them for gigs.
What others are saying about Fiverr
“Go to fiverr.com, where enterprising souls advertise their willingness to do just about anything -- from designing your business card to writing a love letter to your girlfriend -- for just $5 a pop.”
CNN Money
“Fiverr.com, a site that allows you to buy and sell tasks for $5.
The "gigs," all fixed at $5, range from the silly to serious. Among them: sending a nice postcard from Paris, burning a small paper effigy of your enemy, offers for break dancing lessons, Photoshopping monsters into your family photos, coining that nickname you never got in high school, balloon animal instruction via Skype and even the penning of Italian love songs.”
Yahoo Finance / The World Street Journal
“Want to hire someone to design your business cards, teach you backflip techniques, or send you a postcard
from France on the cheap? Fiverr hooks you up with people willing to do all sorts of neat things for five bucks.”
Life Hacker
“Fiverr is a marketplace for gigs that are priced at $5. Essentially, you can sell and buy tasks for $5. So anyone can create a gig for small service on the site, and visitors can accept gigs as well. Gig prices are fixed at $5. Buyers can order gigs and are required to pay for the gig in advance. Fiverr takes $1 off of the $5 fee.”
FAQ’s about Fiverr
1. What is Fiverr? Fiverr is an online market place where you offer and purchase products/services for the fixed price of 5$ (hence the name)
2. What can I find on Fiverr? You can find everything, right from having a public relations consultation to having a spell cast
towards anyone for a Fiverr.
3. How do I make money on Fiverr?
You make most money on Fiverr by offering Gigs which are in demand, and I will show you the magic gig.
4. What different categories are currently on fiverr? Gift Ideas Fun & Bizarre
Social Marketing
Music & Audio
Tips & Advice
Silly Stuff
5. What can I offer on Fiverr? You can offer anything that fits in one of the above categories, but I will teach and show you how to leverage one gig which is ultra profitable.
6. How do I get paid? You get paid via your PayPal account, after your money has being cleared.
7. How much do I get paid? You get paid a Gross amount of 5$ per gig, but you get 4$ in Net sales per gig. This is because Fiverr takes 1$ per 5$ you make but don’t worry this will not affect you a lot, if you learn what I will teach you.
8. When do I get paid?
Once upon completion of the service you provide, and the buyer has approved of it. It will take on average 15days for fiverr to clear the account. After that you can collect your money immediately via fiverr.
9. How does my gig rank higher in the Fiverr search?
Your gig ranking is based on popularity, rating or date.
First of the more people who view your gig, the higher your gig will rank in the popularity section of Fiverr
Secondly the more positive feedback you get on your gig, the higher you will rank on the rating side of Fiverr
And finally the earlier your gig, the higher you will rank on the date side of fiverr.
Chapter 2: Why the hype around Fiverr
So you must be wondering, by now what is the hype around Fiverr?
How will 4$ make a change to my online money making ambitions?
Wait! What you are forgetting is that, many people on fiverr don’t know what they are doing, hence they get like 1Gig a day if they are lucky and that doesn’t sum up to much at the end of the month in income.
Imagine that with what I am about to teach you, you could average only 5 gigs per day for a start, see the maths 5 Gigs x 5$ = 25$ /day
Now in a month
25$ x 31 = 775$/month
With little or no work done! And this is just a sample, I will show you how to average 20 gigs per day and this time you do the math and see how much it will get you.
Now you understand what the hype is all about.
Chapter 3: How to set up your Fiverr Account for Success
Step 1: Go to the Fiverr home page
On the top right of the screen you will see a “Join” and “connect with facebook” button. Click on either one you prefer.
Step 2: Fill in your details
Fill in the following details on the pop-up
Email Username Password
Step 3: Confirm your details
You will be sent an email to confirm your details after this you are good to go.
Step 4: Writing a profile for success
If you click on the “Profile” button at the navigation bar, you will be brought to your profile where you can edit it.
It will look like this:
The most important part is the “Something about you” Part. When writing your “about you”, you need to convey the fact that your are an expert and that you know what you’re doing!
Here’s an example of the perfect about you:
After several years in the internet marketing industry, I know what I am doing, and I can achieve what I say I can achieve.
All this talk is backed up by my feedback; I talk the talk and walk the walk.
Feel free to use it, but obviously make some personal changes of yours to personalize it more.
Chapter 4: My Secret Gig
I am sure this is what you’ve being waiting for! What Gig are my really offering in order to generate so many orders and make thousands of dollars per month.
The gig is in the social marketing category and here it is *drum roll*
My 1 and only Secret Gig is:
 Providing 500 Twitter Followers for 5$
There you go, I have no secret now. But wait... You must be asking yourself, isn’t this a common stuff I could come up with? Isn’t this already provided by hundreds of people on fiverr? And the answer is YES, but the difference is in the implementation of it.
And here I will teach you how to do so first before I teach you how to generate thousands of orders per month, all this in less than 8 hrs a week all automated.
Chapter 5: The Magic Tools
In order to make use of this secret I revealed to you in the previous chapter, you will need some tools. This I like to call my “Secret Arsenal”. Some are free and some are paid, but rest assured none are affiliate links so I don’t benefit from you purchasing directing from here.
Tool 1: Twitter Desktop Client
You will need the following twitter desktop client, and I highly recommend it for the main reason that you will need it in marketing your app.
This desktop client is: TweetDeck
Tool 2: Twitter AutoFollower Software
You will need to have only one of these, its mandatory. I will show you later why and how to use it. I use HummingBird1 but you can use any twitter auto-follow software, be it on this list or not so long has you have the unlimited licence which permits you to use it on as many twitter accounts as you wish.
1. HummingBird
2. Tweet Adder
3. FollowFormation
4. Twit Robot
5. Bird Feeder
6. Auto Tweeting
7. Twiping
Tool 3: Spreadsheet
You will need a spreadsheet to maintain your orders, as it might be really confusing when handling close to 100 orders / day.
This spreadsheet should have the following columns
1. Customer Name (on fiverr)
2. Customer Twitter Username
3. Customer Twitter Password
4. Customer Twitter Followers at Start
5. Customer Twitter Followers at End
6. Customer Twitter Follows at Start
7. Customer Twitter Follows at End
8. Done
And when you get your order be sure to fill in these details, in order to track your sale orders.
Chapter 6: How to setup the Backend Magic
The backend is where all the magic occurs. This is where you will learn how to provide your customers on Fiverr with their followers as promised.
To make this interesting I will tell you my secret first then, show you how to do same.
How I provide my customers with xx number of followers:
This will be brief as I intend to spend more time teaching you how to do same.
1. I set up a dummy twitter account.
2. I build up its twitter follower base using the tools listed in chapter 5
3. Then using my customers twitter account, I now auto-follow the users following my dummy twitter account since they are guaranteed to auto-follow back.
4. Done in 3 easy steps.
Now you know how I do it, but wait there is more to this. As I said above this will be brief as I intend to go into more details below, teaching you step by step how to do same.
So unto you:
First: Create a Dummy Twitter Account
What is a dummy account? A dummy account is one which you will use for your gig; you can use proxifeed on it or twitterfeed on it to tweet out information automatically in order to make the account seem real.
You will need to personalize this profile in order to make this seem real, by doing the following:
 Adding a real HUMAN picture
 Adding a bio
 Adding a real name
 Adding a location
 Not necessarily a website link (but no affiliate/sales page link)
 No logo as profile picture
 No adult material/affiliate links
Second: Build the follower base of this dummy account
So you must be wondering, “How do I do this?” Don’t worry I will give you for free all the resources I use.
Note* You will need your Automated Twitter tool from chapter 5 and time because this might take around 2- 3 days.
So first, off after setting yourself up with whatever automated twitter follower tool of your choice, you will use that dummy account to follow, the followers of this accounts I will provide you with. It’s your choice to which one you decide t o use.
This resource is the sweat of my hard work, it took me over 1 month to optimize this list in order to guarantee that its works 100% of the time, and I am about to give it out to you here for free. Do you know why? It’s because you’ve purchased this book.
1. Source 1
2. Source 2
3. Source 3
4. Source 4
5. Source 5
So there you go, my secret source, built by me. You can build yours from scratch, and I will be happy to help out, but note that this takes time to build and optimize in order to guarantee a close to 100% follow back rate.
Secondly, after following the set number of users authorised by twitter per day, you will have to wait for these accounts to return the favour by following back. Not all will follow back, and that’s why it will take more than 1day to accomplish.
Thirdly, after waiting for them to reciprocate the act within a day or two, you should now sign into your dummy account using the twitter software from chapter 5. This time instead of following, you will unfollow all the users who didn’t reciprocate the act. On HummingBird, this is done easily with the click of a button and it automatically shifters between those who followed me and those who didn’t, hence making it easier to automate. That is why I highly recommend it.
You will have to do this again and again, until you reach the number of followers desired to use in your Fiverr Gig, which in this case is 500 .This will take you close to 2-3 days to do, and be careful in order not to be banned by twitter. This is why I recommend hummingbird as my Auto-follow tool as it stops automatically when I have reached my daily limit of the number of people I can follow and unfollow.
Now assuming you’ve followed my instructions, you should have gotten the number of followers desired which is at least 500. Now you know what happens in the backend.
Chapter 7: How to setup your gig for success
This is another key part, as this will distinguish you from the thousands of people on Fiverr. These are the key things you will have to focus on, and which I will teach you how to optimize
1. Title of the gig
2. Category
3. Description
4. Keywords
5. Timeframe
6. Image
We will go through this step by step, and I will teach you how to make the perfect gig.
1.Title of the Gig :
Your title is what makes you different from the others in the eyes of the customer. This is because on Fiverr you can’t see the full description only if you click on the gig first.
So this are the points to hit :
 Be straight to the point- Direct, concise
 Include the timeframe
 Make it attractive, let it sound authoritative
Here’s an example of the perfect Fiverr Gig title :
“I will get you 750 targeted twitter followers in 48hrs for 5$”
Just from the title, the customer knows you know your thing! You’ve told them you will get them 750 twitter followers. You’ve also told them that these followers will be targeted , you’ve also told them that you will do all these in 48 hrs . All these in 8 words.
Here is an example of a bad Gig Title :
“ I will get you following 2000 people on twitter related to your keywords good for getting niche followers for $5”
Why ? :
There are various reasons, why this add is not the best, not necessarily bad, but not the best and these are
 It’s too long
 The gig isn’t instilled at first glance
 It does not tell me how long it will take
These are the different categories on fiverr
 Gift Ideas
 Fun & Bizarre
 Graphics
 Video
 Social Marketing
 Travel
 Writing
 Postcards
 Advertising
 Music & Audio
 Tips & Advice
 Business
 Technology
 Programming
 Other
 Silly Stuff
The category the gig we will be working with fits into the “Social Marketing” category.
Here is another important part of optimizing your gig. In writing your gig you need to create the following :
1. A sense of expertise in your field and confidence in what you’re doing
2. Assure the customer
3. Tell them the timeframe again
4. What you will require from them
How do you create a sense of expertise in your field?
Words have lots of power, just see the difference in this two sentences
-“I am an expert in the Social Media marketing field”
-“Am an expert in Social Media marketing with over 5 years of experience”
Obviously, the second sentence gives the customer the impression that you are an expert in your field with lots of experience, and obviously know what you are doing.
How do I assure the customer ?
With the increasing amount of fake gigs and Social Media Marketers on Fiverr, customers need more
reassurance before placing an order. Again, have a look at this two sentences again.
-“As a Social Media Marketing Expert I know what I am doing, and I will get you 1000+ Twitter followers in 48hrs. Check my feedback”
-“You will be able to get over 1000 followers easily and quickly. No work needed, just click the links I provide and you will start getting new followers instantly.”
If you guessed the 1st one being the right one, then you are absolutely correct. The second sentence provides little to no reassurance that you know what you are doing, and it creates a lot of ambiguity .
How do I tell them the time frame ?
This should be easy, but many people tend to overlook this part on their gig description.
When writing your gig description, always provide the time frame and take note that:
48hours seems shorter than 2days
How do I tell them what I require from them?
Using the twitter auto-follow tools from Chapter 5 you will need your customers twitter login details in order to use their accounts to auto-follow users from your dummy account in order to build up their twitter follower base.
But how do you tell them that you need their login details?
First you will need to tell them why you need their login details. And this is how :
“......I will have to follow this targeted twitter users, and I will require your password” then you can add “...if you’re not comfortable with that, pls don’t order”
The last part will let the customer know that you know what you’re doing, and that you’re not out there to traffic their accounts.
The keywords you select can break or make your gig, as this will make it easier for customers to find your gig. In doing this you need to take the place of the consumer
and imagine what they will type if they were looking to increase their twitter followers .
Here is an example of what I will type in :
 Twitter followers
 Increase twitter followers
 Increase followers
 Twitter marketing
 Twitter
Note this is just a sample of possible things which might be searched for by Fiverr customers.
5.Time frame
In writing your time frame, you should take note of :
How long it will take you to automate this process? How many hours you want to work per week?
All these you should be quite easy if you prepared your twitter dummy account properly and optimized it to get the best follow back results possible.
Here you will have to upload the most closely looking image you can find for your gig.
Chapter 8 : How to build Credibility and a 100% Feedback
Building credibility and feedback on Fiverr is very important in letting your customer know how professional you are, and that you know what you are doing plus this helps to proof how an expert you are in your field of social media marketing.
I do using the Fiverr Email service, using 3 customized mails I send on the following occasions.
1. When I receive an order
2. When I complete the order
3. When I can’t take on an order
Here I will reveal to you this set emails which encourage my customers to keep on ordering from me, time and time again, generating me thousands of dollars per month.
1st Mail : When I receive an order
Thanks for ordering, I am most humbled. I will need your twitter login details in order to get you the 500 followers within 48hrs maximum. i.e Password and username.
Feel free to change your details after the work is done for security purposes.
Note: I will not alter your details neither will I tweet anything. All I will do is follow 500 targeted twitter users according to your niche and by tomorrow evening you should get your 500 followers.
You can have a look at these works of mine.
My regards,
Ps: You can check my feedback.
2nd Mail : When I have completed the order
As stated in the gig, I have completed the order and you can gladly check your twitter account and revert to me. Also I will appreciate if you could leave me a positive feedback telling others how satisfied you are.
3rd Mail : When I can’t complete an order
I will have to decline your order, and I am deeply sorry for this. This is mainly because I am flooded with a lot of orders at this point in time. Feel free to revert to me in a few days time if you still need this service.
These 3 emails helped me build a strong and positive feedback on Fiverr, and they will help you too. Feel free to use it while working on something trying to make it more personal.
Chapter 9 : How to market your gig like a Genius
If you’ve paid close attention to all what I have being teaching above in the previous chapters you will have noticed that there was no mention of the one tool I said you will need. This tool is TweetDeck! But before, we will have to market your Fiverr Gig using the social media buttons available on your gig on Fiverr. If you pay close attention on your gig page, you will see that there are many ways in which you could share your gig using the follow mediums
 Twitter
 Email
 Myspace
 Delicious
 StumbleUpon
 Google Buzz
 Technorati
 Reddit
 Digg
 Messenger
 Friendster
 ....and 295 more ways to
Go ahead and make use of all these , now let’s move on to the real deal.
What is Tweetdeck ? Tweetdeck is a desktop twitter client to help you manage more than one twitter account.
The important features on Tweetdeck we are going to be making use of are the keyword search and client management side.
This is one important tool, I used to use before my virtual assistant took over the job of getting me new orders. With over 3 virtual assistants using various secret keywords and this method to get me over 100 orders daily my business is as automated as it can be.
Imagine 100 orders per day! You must be asking, 3 virtual assistants? Isn’t that expensive? Yes it is expensive, if you look at the smaller picture, but look at the larger picture! A virtual assistant at 5$ per hour x 4hrs per day = 20$, now multiply this by 3 VA’s this is a total of 60$ per day as expenditure, but look at the income 100 daily orders x 5$ per order = 500$ daily, imagine how much you could make in a month?
1st The Keyword Search
Tweetdeck has a feature which permits you to add new columns on the management section which will auto update itself when someone tweets anything with the keyword used in it.
How to create a search column for specific keywords
1. Download Tweetdeck first from here
2. Click on this button on the top left side of tweetdeck
3. Then write the keyword you will like to be updated with here one at a time:
4. Keep on doing this for all the keywords you want to.
5. You’re done.
To add more value to this eBook, I will give you the keywords my VA’s use to generate all my sales, and you can use them too.
My Secret keywords:
 Twitter follower
 Twitter followers
 I want followers
 Follow me
 Follow me please
 Please follow
 Please RT
 Thanks for the follow
 Follow back
 I follow back
When you have already set up the various columns, you will need to reply to this tweets with your link in order to get them click and be directed to your Fiverr Gig, because that’s where all the moneys is made.
So here are different reply templates you can use on the management side of tweetdeck. These are the tweets I use in order to drive traffic to my Gig, get more views which rank me higher on the Fiverr search, and make more money daily.
1. “I saw you tweeted about more twitter followers, I can help you here ( LINK)”
2. “ I can get you xx number of targeted followers for only 5$ here (LINK)”
3. “Can I help you get more twitter followers for free? here (LINK)”
4. “How can my services get you more targeted twitter followers? I can guarantee them in xx hrs , here (LINK)”
5. “Haven’t you discovered how I can I get you target followers for free yet? Then you’re really late on the bandwagon (LINK)
6. “Hey, thought I’ll shoot you a tweet, I can get you xx number of followers in less than xx hours for a fiver here (LINK)”
7. “How will an increase in xx number of followers help you? I can provide you with them for only a fiverr here (LINK)”
8. “Guess what, I can add xx targeted twitter followers to your account now for only a fiverr here (LINK)”
9. “Did you know your twitter influence increases with the number of followers you have? I can get you xx more (LINK)”
10. You know you can get more twitter followers for as little as a fiverr? Guess where? Here : (Link)
You can use this as your reply templates, but be sure to alternate them now and then and come up with new ones in order to look legit.
You should keep in mind that tweeting this in reply isn’t all. You will have to reply to the tweets they will send your way, most of them inquiring about how legit you are. This is because there are many spammers out there, who send out automated tweets with affiliate links, and when you reply them they never reply back. If you do reply to their tweets you then pass the legit test.
So there you go! You now have my secret! It is now up to you to make money out of it, or sleep on this newly discovered treasure.
Feel Free to contact me if you need help:
and I will be happy to help you out with any questions.
Testimonials: A few action takers like you
“This eBook is the main reason behind my fiverr success, and I have ran away with this knowledge and created a website using this methods. You’re a genius Martin”
“I was on Fiverr, seeking to make money off of it, but with no success, till I discovered this eBook. This book has being the best thing I have purchased of recent”
Michael Jools


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