Welcome to 9jasalary News & Business Blog: Journey of 1.6m within 4 month by Adetunji gbolagade.

Journey of 1.6m within 4 month by Adetunji gbolagade.

We are good to go and am glad that all is
set. My prayer is that God should make
this project a success. I trust most in God.

Just to refresh your memory,
I gave out a FREE GIFT for the year.
Remember it?
You can revisit it by clicking on the link

Here=> http://goo.gl/3sDpmL

If you are one of the procrastinators,
too bad!

Remember i also had to suspend my personal
activities yesterday to put up a guide for
those who know nothing about football
betting but wish to benefit from the
N1.6m in 4month's project.

The link to the tutorial is right
below. Just click to access it

here==>  http://goo.gl/Ywnb0Z

As promised,
Access to PICKS from today to 31st,
the pcks for today has been updated .

Don't forget is at...

==>  http://oddtwoplus.com/login.php
         (The website to visit)

      EMAIL:          tjproffiverr@gmail.com
    PASSWORD:   123456

That's your visa to access the daily games
till end of January.

All the best.

(Mondays - Fridays; 9am - 4pm only).
 Calls outside these hours wouldn't be honoured.


8, olagoke alabi, , 23402, Ibadan, Nigeria


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