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First of all let me congratulate you the reader for purchasing this book that is the very first step to success in using Fiverr for extensive profits. The knowledge you have is worthless unless you combine it with action and you have shown the first sign of action by purchasing this book, remember that you must apply the knowledge you read here and not take any short cuts to ensure your success.
Over the next few pages we will get straight into the meat and potatoes, no need for extensive wordplay or motivational speeches, there is always Tony Robbins. I’m interested in showing you the specific methods of how to put money in your pocket. Now let’s begin.
What is Fiverr?
Firstly I’m assuming most of you know what Fiverr is, but just in case there are readers who want a better understand Fiverr, it is a marketplace for gigs that are priced at $5. Essentially, you can sell and buy tasks for $5. So anyone can create a gig for small service on the site, and visitors can accept gigs as well. Gig prices are fixed at $5. Buyers can order gigs and are required to pay for the gig in advance.
Tasks are divided into categories, including Funny and Bizarre, Social Marketing, Graphics, Writing, Technology, Business, Silly Stuff and Programming.
Fiverr posts buyer feedback on people who perform tasks. Task performers will be given a positive feedback score, which can be seen by users who are considering hiring them for gigs.
Fiverr itself takes one dollar from the seller for each sale, so the seller makes 4 dollars per sale. The reaction I get from a lot of people is skepticism, they immediately want to either look down at the idea of spending time as a serious seller on Fiverr or make fun of it. These people do not have business vision. Think about all the successful dollar store chains across America, think of all the McDonalds and Starbucks coffee shops around the world. It’s not about how much profit you can make per sale, it’s about how you make those sales what the markup is and how many sales you can make. Fiverr is a brilliant landscape, now the key to playing the game right is to match its brilliance. I see many gigs on Fiverr that have been there for months or years without even a single order, these are likely the
people who look down on Fiverr so much because they themselves were not able to have any success. I have noticed out of all the users on Fiverr maybe only about 15 to 20% make hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. While the rest earn just enough to go out to a decent restaurant a couple times a month with the earnings if even that. And out of that 15-20% only about 1% earns up to several thousand a month, this book will teach you methods to be part of that 1%, I will share with you the tricks and tips that I used to get there. Then after we cover earning as a Fiverr seller we will cover how to earn as a Fiverr outsourcer, this is where the big money is. As a Fiverr outsourcer you will learn several different methods. One of the principles you must remember about using Fiverr both as a seller and as a re seller is that the key is multiple streams of income, we will get into more details later on the book on the specifics but for now bear that in mind. As an outsourcer there are methods to exploit services that are done for a
fraction of the mainstream price and value, and use services for extensive profit and promotion. But first let’s talk about how to earn as a seller. I have laid out several of my Golden Rules that must be applied, if these rules are met you will see great success as a seller.
The Golden Rules
Rule Number One
This rule is BY FAR the most important rule to emphasize to you. I cannot stress the difference that this will make for your gig; a gig without a video is useless and pointless and will not make you any money. You MUST upload a video for all of your gigs, and you MUST be charismatic Entertaining and also mention Fiverr.com at least once. What you need to understand is that the moderators of Fiverr
look at the videos individually, so if you mention Fiverr more than once they will likely place you on the front page and give you a boost. This method has been tested and approved by me.
Remember to be charismatic, clear and to the point in your video. There are so many gigs on Fiverr, and there may even be a gig on Fiverr that is a better deal than yours HOWEVER you’re the seller that will sell because of HOW you’re selling your gig. If you speak charismatically and charming and perhaps even use humor you will increase the chances of getting a gig by at least 75%.
Rule Number Two
Pick a Creative and Eye catching title
Too often on Fiverr I see gigs that are boring and dead, gigs like “I will sing a song for $5” “I will
promote your page for $5” “I will do graphic design for $5” these are all poor examples of titles that will not be useful in the objective of earning good money from fiver. Instead these three titles should look along the lines of: “I will sing a PROFESSIONIAL amazing song for $5” “I will ENHANCE your web base by extensive Promotion for $5” “I will design a KILLER amazing artist piece of art for $5” “
Notice how each gig has one word that is in capital letters, it is part of Fiverr’s policy that only one word in the title can be fully capital, take advantage of this and use that capital word to captivate the eyes of the browsers. Another tactic is to add “Within 24 hours” to some of your gigs that you can do swiftly, this will increase sales by 10-20%.
Rule Number Three
Upload a CUSTOMLY MADE Picture
In addition to uploading a video you are required to upload a picture about the service you are providing, when you are doing this open up Photoshop (or even paint if you don’t have
Photoshop) and create a large custom made picture about your gig. No not download a generic picture online for the sake of uploading a picture, the time and energy you put into insuring that your service is advertised as professional as possible will go a long way.
Rule Number Four
Have a Long and articulate description
When it comes to writing a description, the more words the merrier! Do not write two sentences and be general, explain how your product is amazing, explain what you will do specifically and explain in
as many words as possible the features of this service. Be very articulate and professional sounding, remember the costumer is only spending 5 dollars but he/she still doesn’t want to throw it away, rather if they see that the seller has taken time to explain in detail the product they will be more comfortable to spend that five dollars.
Rule Number Five
Stand out of from the pack!
Be unique, be funny, and be too good to be true being YOU! Don’t see someone’s success on Fiverr and try to emulate it, if you are going to do a similar or same gig, stand out! How do you stand out? One of two ways.
1. Your gig is different than the rest and is better to purchase
2. You stand out by using the first four rules
If you apply the first four rules, and do them right then even a not so special gig will gain enough attention to bring in daily revenue. See for yourself.
Rule Number Six
Always have 20 gigs at once!
The maximum numbers of gigs you can have at once as a seller on Fiverr is 20, if you have any less then this then you are simply not putting yourself in a position to gain maximum profits. You have to be creative enough to come up with 20 things you can do for people for five dollars, even if many of the gigs only get a couple orders a week, the key you must remember as I mentioned in the intro is “Multiple streams of income” that gig that is just
sitting there collecting two orders a week bringing in 8 dollars a week is bringing In 32 dollars a month and almost 400 dollars annually. Which adds up to your total as a Fiverr Seller. In addition to this every gig brings traffic to your page profile, which brings traffic to your other gigs! So the more you are on fiverr the better, remember to have gigs in different sections not just the same one or two, spread yourself around be seen in many categories and watch your consumer base blossom.
These six golden rules should always be applied to all your gigs, if you practice these six golden rules to the tee and do them correctly, you will without a doubt earn about 1200-2000 a month on SELLING FIVERR GIGS alone ! That’s definitely not a bad chunk of change to start out with, the great part about it is if you have not earned money online yet or if you are a relative new comer, having that fiverr
money roll in will be a great motivation, and it will let you have a taste of what is to come your way.
Fiverr Outsourcing
Now that you now know the golden rules of selling on Fiverr, it’s time to talk about the way to get the big money. Fiverr Outsourcing. This relatively new online marketing money making phenomenon has activated careers for internet marketers that now make well over 10k using not only the methods of a Fiverr seller, but also the methods of a Fiverr outsourcer. We will now get into the specifics of how YOU can start making REAL CASH as a Fiverr outsourcer.
There are five specific methods you can use to make some serious money; we will walk in the step by step directions on how to make that money now!
Method #1: Twitter and ClickBank
I’m sure you all know about ClickBank the website where you can sign up and promote other people’s products and earn an income, assuming you all do let me go ahead and begin the explanation of the first method of the Fiverr Outsourcing and how you can begin earning some cash as a legitimate Fiverr outsourcer. Step one: Choose a product on ClickBank.com that has a good gravity and can easily be
promoted to a random general public, once this is done you copy the affiliate link that they have provided you, then you visit bi.ly and create a shortened version of this link, copy and paste that link then visit the “Social Marketing” section of the Fiverr page and the first things you should see on the front page will be gigs such as “I will tweet to my 10 thousand followers for $5” begin scoping out these gigs and purchase them one by one, I usually purchase about 5 to get the job done. The gigs will be ordered and you will send them the shortened URL along with a promo phrase such as “Wow I can’t believe how much weight I lost thanks to the program at bit.ly/33432” have the fiverr sellers copy and paste this link to their followers. This is a sure fire way to make some serious cash.
Method two: Facebook Likes
Today Facebook Likes are more valuable than most currencies in Africa; they are sought after and purchased. On Fiverr there are many people who provide these Facebook likes dramatically under market value, for instance there are websites that sell 1000 Facebook likes for 80 dollars, but on Fiverr you can find people who have gigs that will provide you with 500 Facebook likes for $5, so that means there is a profit to be made, hopefully you have a brain in your head to see where I’m going. Start out by finding a good domain name that has to do with Facebook Fans or likes, set up a basic word press template or have a basic site designed for you that will explain what your new company does (Facebook Marketing) and your costs
(above $5) set up the website and enjoy the hundreds of dollars a week for a few months, after 2-3 months of having a profit making website, put the website on Flipa and sell it for 11000 dollars like I did with mine. Remember to reinvest the money back into your IM Career, at least most of it.
Graphic Design/Video
Logos, Templates and Banners are commonly found on the “Graphics” section of Fiverr, mark up the videos and graphics $5 to $500 by targeting larger companies and delivering the products quickly, one big money maker of mine is to sell short video clips made using adobe after effect that is widely available
all over Fiverr to clients or at least $500, I get about 3-4 clients a month just for the After Effect videos, the graphics and logos can be marked up to $150 and are much more common to sell then the after effect videos but all have great mark up, use basic techniques of SEO and Wordpress to set up these websites, this book is about the meat and potatoes of how to use Fiverr, we do not cover web design and SEO we assume you have learned the basics in IM Elementary.
YouTube Subscription Sales
The exact same concept of the Facebook Likes applies to this section; when you put the website on Flippa expect a lot more than just 7000, YouTube promotional sites can be sold
for up to 30,000 if you have a sustained profit system which is very doable after 6 months.
Testimonial Agency
The most creative way to use the talents on Fiverr, is to use the countless people offering “Video Testimonials” To make your own Testimonial Agency, providing companies with dozens of people that will record Testimonials about their product or service at a bulk price, I have charged as little as 300 dollars and as much as 800 dollars to provide this service. Once I made a profit of 750 dollars In 5 days of work, and it only costed me about one hour of labor (mostly copying and pasting the script to the Fiverr sellers) definitely worth a shot.
No Tony Robins, no extra motives this book just lays out the meat and potatoes for you to get inspired by ideas, not by long speeches, go out there and make some money! Stop spending more time learning then working on your products! Do not stop believing in yourself, always focus and never give up. Nobody said being an Internet Marketer would be easy, but with these steps you can use your creativity and expand. The basic ideas are in front of you; the hardest part is done for you, not go and lets all see what you are made of! Good Luck!
Copyright 2011 John Rock


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