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Simple, Easy Way To Make Money

On Fiverr.com
By Shane Natan
The Author has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in
the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not
warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are 100%
accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet as well as
other factors.
While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in
this publication, the Author assumes no responsibility for errors,
omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. Any
perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are
In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no
guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their
own judgment about their individual circumstances to act accordingly.
This report is not intended for use as a source of legal, business,
accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek
services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting,
and finance field.
You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading.
This method is something I have done myself and will most likely
continue to do... It's easy for anybody to do, even a complete newbie!
It involves providing a service for people that takes only a few minutes
of your time to perform... And if you can make $5 for 5 minutes of your
time... That comes out to $60/hour!
You can sell this service on Fiverr.com and any of the other similar
sites, such as: tenbux.com, gigbucks.com, zeerk.com and dealerr.com
and many others!
It's simple. There are people offering this service on Fiverr to "invite"
or "suggest" their Facebook Friends or Fans to become a Fan or
Friend of your Facebook page. They usually have thousands of
friends (anywhere from 1,000 - $12,000 and up). So for $5 bucks, they
suggest your Facebook page to their THOUSANDS of friends or fans.
Then you get a bunch of friends or fans to your page... Get it?
Your first step involves purchasing a few of these offers to build some
Facebook Friends/Fans of your OWN...
How Does That Make YOU Money?
Well... Besides the fact that you will then be able to promote
products/services to your new Facebook friends/fans and make
money that way -- You can now offer the same service on
FIVERR.COM that you purchased to obtain your fans! That's
You'll get $5 bucks, every time, just for suggesting someone's
Facebook page to your friends or fans. Easy money.
However, you will have to obtain a decent number of friends/fans (at
least 1,000 and up), which I was able to do by spending only $30 on
That's right, I got over 5,000 fans by purchasing only 6 of these
services from people's Fiverrs that had good reviews, etc.
Check it out below:
Once you have a decent number of friends/fans... You can now offer
your service on Fiverr.com! Here is one of my offers on Fiverr:
Again, I built ALL of those fans by purchasing similar offers on
Fiverr.com! There are also a number of services on the Warrior Forum
that offer Facebook fan building. You could utilize one of those and
then you would have a very large number of fans to offer... Which
would result in more sales. The more fans you have, the more orders
on Fiverr you'll get.
So, here is a basic outline of what you'll be doing with this method:
1. Create a Facebook Page and/or Fan Page specifically for this
project. It can be a personal page, a pen name page or a fan page for
your business. (30 minutes of work max, should really take 10-15
minutes or less).
2. Go over to Fiverr.com and search for the offers for people to
invite/suggest your Facebook page to their friends/fans. Purchase one
to start with and see how many fans or friends you get. Then scale it
up accordingly. Or purchase a friend/fan building package on the
Warrior Forum or somewhere else on the net. (Also about 30 minutes
of work).
You can do this for FREE by manually getting friends and fans by
inviting them to be your friend, but this method could take a lot longer
than just purchasing yourself fans for $5 here and there.
3. Build a decent number of fans (I suggest at least 1,000). – (This
could take a few days or weeks in rare cases for the fans to start
coming in, but it's well worth it and doesn't require any work other than
paying $5 to get fans/friends.)
4. Post an offer on Fiverr (and/or tenbux.com, zeerk.com and
dealerr.com and others!) to do the same thing -- offer to suggest
someone's Facebook page to your friends/fans for $5. You'll get
orders, trust me! (This should take about 10-20 minutes to set up,
especially with the title, description and tags I provide you with below!)
5. When you get an order, simply ask the buyer for their URL to their
Facebook Fan Page. They will send it to you via private message
within Fiverr. Then simply invite your friends or suggest to your fans to
check out that page. You can even post the suggestion to your wall!
This will literally take you 5 minutes of your time or less. $5 for 5
minutes or less of your time is excellent... it's $60+/Hour.
You will then take a quick screenshot of your invite/suggestion and
send it to your buyer (within the “deliver your gig” section). This will
prove that you've done the work and only takes a second to do. A
quick Google search on “how to take a screenshot” and you will learn
how to do it instantly for free from your computer.
6. Rinse and repeat!
Check out this offer (not mine) that is a FEATURED OFFER on the
FRONT PAGE of Fiverr.com in the "Social Marketing" section:
Why is it featured? Because it gets a lot of traffic and sales and is very
popular. And he only has 3,300 fans to promote to! You can easily get
3,000+ fans by investing only a small amount of money (in my
experience $30 - $100) which is WELL worth it as you can provide this
service again and again. You can also sell the same service on ALL of
the other Fiverr copycat sites... There are tons of them!
The category to offer this service in is the “Social Marketing” section.
The description for your offer can be something like this:
“I will suggest your Facebook Fan Page to my loyal X,XXX Facebook
Fans for just $5 bucks! These fans are responsive and it doesn't get
any better than that! Quick and easy service - simply send me the
URL to your website after payment and I'll get it done within a day or
The tags you should use are:
Suggest, Facebook, Fanpage, Increase, Fan, Page, Invite, Friends,
Become, Group, Fans, Facebook Fans,
And the title can simply be something along the lines of:
“I will invite My X,XXX Facebook Fans To Your Facebook Fan
Page for $5”
And of course you would replace the “X,XXX” with the number of
fans/friends you actually have at that time.
Also, you should make the turnaround time about 2 days. Just in case
you get busy with other projects, etc. you don't want to miss the
deadline for delivering your orders. If you give yourself 2 days for each
order, you should definitely have enough time to complete your
orders, since it only takes about 5 minutes to do invite your
friends/fans to someone's Facebook page.
For your picture icon, I just use a simple picture of the Facebook “f”
logo. You can find them anywhere on Fiverr or by Googling Facebook
logo. Or you can get creative and make a picture that symbolizes
social networking somehow. It must be in .JPG format.
NOTE: I am not going to go into explicit detail about the technical
aspects of this method (i.e. setting up a Fiverr account, Facebook
account, etc.) simply because these are things that most of you
already know how to do and because the technical stuff would triple
the size of this report and make it a lot more expensive too.
The only technical stuff you need to know how to do (which isn't really
that technical) is:
1. Create a FREE Facebook Account
2. Create a FREE Fiverr.com Account
3. Post Your Offer on Fiver (I gave you the title, description and tags
to use)
4. Invite/Suggest Your Friends/Fans to Someone else's Facebook
5. Take a screenshot of your invite/suggestion to prove to your
customer you did the job. Google “how to take a screenshot” and
you will learn how to do it instantly for free from your computer.
You can also use this same method using Twitter instead of
Facebook. You can acquire a decent amount of Twitter followers, and
then sell the opportunity to “tweet” someone's offer for $5. People do it
on Fiverr (and related sites) all day long and it's great!
This method is another great way to make $5 over and over again!
And this method is FREE and requires no upfront investments!
People will gladly pay you $5 for a HIGH PR (PageRank) backlink to
their website, blog or article. Especially if it's a .EDU link or .GOV.
I have had success selling a .EDU backlink to people's sites for $5.
Check out my offer below:
Basically you will be getting paid $5 to create a .EDU backlink to
someone's website...
I'll even give you a site where you can create a do-follow PR6 .EDU
backlink to people's sites instantly. It's at this link:
In order to provide this service to people... All you have to do is
register a free account profile (at the above link) and put the website
URL that your customer on Fiverr provides you with in the text box
that says “Website URL.” And the anchor text goes in the “Website
Title” box. These links will be live instantly and are very permanent. It
is not hard to do at all and will take you less than 2 minutes to do!
Again, making $5 for 5 minutes or less of your time ($60+/Hour!).
NOTE: It does not have to be a .EDU link. It can be any backlink, of
course a HIGH PR one is more desirable. You can easily find high PR
sites to post profile links to.
You can use a description like this:
“Having a "do-follow" backlink from a .EDU website to your own
website is more valuable than a link from any other type of site. If you
are in the process of optimizing your website (or a client's) this is a
backlink that you don't want to miss out on! For just $5 you will get a
do-follow link to your website from a .EDU website and you will also
get a URL to see your link live! You can then add as many links as you
like to this website.”
After you add their website to the profile, you will then simply send
them the link to their profile, which you can obtain by visiting the
profile you just created, then copying the URL at the top in the
address bar of your browser. This way you can complete the gig, send
them the link and get paid!
Now you have TWO great ways of making easy money on Fiverr and
they happen to be 2 of the more popular services offered there so you
are sure to get customers!
You can also DOUBLE YOUR MONEY by offering these same exact
services on sites that allow you to offer your services for $10 instead
of $5, such as tenbux.com.
I hope you enjoyed reading this short, simple, NO FLUFF report on an
easy way to make money from Fiverr.com. I wish you the best
success in your online endeavors!
Shane N.


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