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Best Google adsense Alternative for Nigeria n's.

AdSense Alternatives
1. Prestads : Bloggers that work with Prestads are all happy Bloggers , Apart from the fact that this Brand is seriously cutting edge online. As A PUBLISHER
You have the absolute power to block unwanted ads.
Real time management of your campaigns and account
From start to finish, you are in charge of everything you need to get your ads up and running
Our payments go out on the 15th of every month either by bank transfer or cheque (we have a 5000 naira minimum pay out)
It takes less than a minute to set up your account.
12 hour customer support to answer all your queries
No long term contract
A great alternative to Google Adsense
Our success depends on your success.

Register at prestadsng.com
2. Chitika: With a huge network of Advertisers, Publishers and cutting edge technology Chitika is the best alternative to AdSense Ads.
Chitika is the only Ad-network, which knows when to show an Ad, or when not to show an Ad. It doesn't show Ads to your direct visitors, there by preserving the CTR (Click Through Rate). Because organic visitors via search engines are the traffic who usually click an Ad than the direct visitors.
The above feature is not there in the Google AdSense. If you want to implement then you have to do some coding for that.
More interestingly – If the search term of the visitor isn't that relevant to your content, then Chitika shows an Ad which is more relevant than the post, resulting in maximum clicks.
You can encash your earnings after you earn US$ 10 via PayPal. Isn't it a perfect AdSense alternative?
3. YouData: It's a very interesting Ad-network to generate revenue by selling Ad space.
YouData pays both the parties – Blogger/publisher  and  Consumer/visitor. When you Sign-up for the service, you will be provided with an HTML code to install on your blog for displaying an Widget. When visitors come to your site and login via the Widget, they are offered/shown different Ads based on their interests. For every clicks they (Visitors) get paid.
Your visitors have the option to share the revenue with you or send it to a charity. But your share of revenue is always secure with YouData.
Isn't it a great way to drive more traffic and generate more revenue in an innovative way?
4. Addynamo. Setting up an account with them is really easy , and you get paid per clicks , you can track your money and you get paid faster and easily , vis Ad Dynamo is Africas leading digital advertising platform, providing access to a global online and mobile ad network you ca start making money by publishing their ads on your platform real Quick


5. AdBrite: You can access to thousands of advertisers ranging from small local companies to world-wide advertising agencies easily via AdBrite. When you offer your Ad space to AdBrite, they auction your inventory in their exchange for a best possible price.
If you publish quality contents on your blog with good amount of traffic, then you can generate decent revenue via AdBrite. A better AdSense alternative for sure.
6. Bidvertiser: Another AdSense alternative with plenty of Ad formats to choose from.
You show Bidvertiser Ads (AD space) on your blog and advertisers bid against each other. Most importantly, Bidvertiser display Ads for highest bidder so that you make more money from your Ad sales.
7. Clicksor: Fortnightly payment and 85% payout of Ad sales makes Clicksor a market leader. With an affiliate programme and 24 x
Clicksor is a good alternative to Google AdSense.
So guys, why worry for Google AdSense, when plenty of AdSense alternatives are available. , But you really have to chill with how money hungry you are , Rome wasn t built in one day , Give your Visitors Good contents and they will Surely Come back , and that is more money for you . Comment your questions I will reply you all.


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  4. This is a good article, but I am with Bidvertiser as good adsense alternative


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