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Recieve and transfer money using Quickteller

How To Use Quickteller to make money transfer to bank accounts in Nigeria

Quickteller.com is an online platform that gives you easy access to a wide range of services, Quickteller allows you to do more right from your mobile or PC. There services range from purchasing e-top up to making some banking transactions such as collection of funds from western Union and paying bills like Dstv  right from the comfort of wherever you are.

Many months ago, i got a message from quickteller about making money transfers i.e sending money from your own account to other people's account but i didn't really take it seriously owing to the fact that i thought it may be frustrating just like doing it on ATMs, and since the ATM means have not been perfected yet, the mobile won't  be any better. But reverse was the case - sending money to other people's account hasn't been any easier when i gave it a try.

How To Credit Bank Accounts with Quickteller

To use the service, all you have to do is; input the person's details which includes Bank name, Account number, Account name (automatically generated after typing the first and second parameters), phone number and type of account. Then proceed to the Interswitch webpay gateway to enter your ATM details (Mind you, it is very secured). Check out the screen shots of the steps involved below;

You will get a notification mail and sms upon successful transaction. With this development, you don't have to go to the bank every time since you can now pay into people's accounts without queuing in the bank.

What's your view on this, have you tried it as well? Kindly share your experience with us using any of the comment boxes under this article.
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