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Copy writes… you have no right to copy or sell this.
I will always make it very short and understandable
I knew that Nigerians don’t like reading, since I dislike reading long sentences.

To cut the long story short
These are the 4 hottest jobs in Nigeria, as at 2014 over 20,000 Nigerians use these jobs as a means of living and paying the high cost of life
Including myself.
List of the jobs are as follows
1   online jobs
2   car dealer
3   land and house agent
4  china health and wealth program

These are the 4 businesses, I will be teaching you, and I personal guarantee you that after 2month you will be calculating over 50k for beginners…  Seriousness is needed, as this is not a get rich quick scheme

I will give you great videos on how to use these businesses to rake millions in the next 3 month

I will also be available to provide for you, my full support

I will teach you where to do the businesses.

I will teach you all you need to know, including my personal secrets.

     Little about the Business.

1.    Online jobs are jobs you can do easily from the corner of your rooms; you only need a computer or phone, internet connection and your Nigeria bank account. I will help you to setup a website with ebook that you can sell online and I will do 99% of the job, the 1% that you will do, is Traffic and collect your Money. For example if you have a website where you sell ebook for N4000 and you are able to drive just 10 people who are interested in what you are selling in a day, that is N4000 * 10 = N40000k/day….. nice work.

2.               Car dealer is not a new job and I think majority of Nigerians knew this, but you don’t know the right way to do it, you can easily do this without a start up capital, all you need is my JOG (job opportunity guide) I will teach you how to bring in cars from republic of Benin, without custom problem. Where and how to sell it for great profit.

3.               Land and house agent…. I share in my JOG the secret behind this, there are new companies in Nigeria, where they sell land for 5m above and house for 10m above, so if you partner with them you will get purely 20% of what your customer buys, all you need is traffic = Money,  example if you have just 4 people who want to buy land, that is 5m*4 =20m and your income is 20%,. Or house of 30m and you will also take 20%  I will leave you to do the calculations.

4.               China Health and Wealth program as been in existence since the 1990, it is a company owned by Zhao from china.  
This company came to Nigeria in the year 2002
It is a network marketing company in collaboration with fidson healthcare plc and aobo pharmaceuticals group china. development centre in china and factories in many Africa countries producing healthcare products, it is a multilevel marketing of choice
You will also earn 20% on all product sold or purchase by your customer
You will keep receiving unstoppable 45% income per month till you are no more
You will enjoy both direct and indirect bonuses like sponsorship and scholarship for children and family
You earn international traveling promo and brand new car and other bonuses which you can only get in my Job Opportunities guide.

Are these information genuine?      YES
How many month guarantee?     Just 2 Months
How can we get your Job Opportunities guide.

                                     Follow this process

Make a payment of just N5000 into the following bank accounts


After the payment, email Abiolaolakunle1@gmail.com follow this format

          ; Payment for job opportunities Guide:  
I will forward it to your email after the payment confirmation.
                          Or   call 08101898762 giving me the details.   Thanks

NOTE You can only get the full details ON MY JOG.


My blogging secret where you will learn linda ikeji;s secrets cost just N2000

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My special offer cost just n4000

My fiverr ghost where you will know how to make 50k/month on fiverr cost n2000

My fiverr full videos cost n2000

     My one on one training cost just N10,000

Call me now to order for any

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