Welcome to 9jasalary News & Business Blog: How Otuba akin alabi ceo nairabet made over 9million naira in 2008

How Otuba akin alabi ceo nairabet made over 9million naira in 2008

How I Made Over Nine
Million Naira In 2008
Selling Information
Products Right Here In
Nigeria And How You Too
By Akin Alabi
Brought to you by:
3G Consultancy Services
Thank you very much for ordering this report. I thank you for your time as
well. I know your time is valuable and I'm glad you've decided to spend
some of it reading this. I guarantee you're going to love what I'm going to
show you in the next few pages.
Why am I so confident?
You see, I have distilled all I did last year (2008) that made me almost Ten
Million Naira into the pages of this report. You won't find any fluff or filler
put in there just to make the report long. No. All you will find is a short,
straight to the point info you can use starting today.
I guarantee you'll make a lot of money of you practice the stuffs I'm going
to showing you in the next few pages. I sincerely believe you can make
more than the Nine Million I made. Personally, I'm looking to earning Two
Hundred And Fifty Million Naira this year using the same techniques I'm
going to show you so you can know I mean serious business here.
Here are the things I want you to do...
- Print this report out. Do NOT read it on your computer. Print out and
staple it or find a way to bind it
- Forget everything you've learnt about information marketing.
Unlearn it because you're about to learn something new and
- Read this report only when you're alone. Do not allow anyone to
disturb you. Turn off the television and radio. You can even switch
off your mobile phone.
- Get a glass of your favourite drink
- Have a pen with you so you can underline the statements that strikes
- Get up after reading it and start working on starting something.
So are you ready?
Fasten your seat belt because this is gonna be a wild ride.
That was the question a friend asked me on new year day. We were talking
about our achievements the past year and I told him about my Information
marketing exploits. I told him how much I made and he was
understandably shocked. He couldn't imagine that someone who stays at
home most of the time could earn such amount of money.
So I understand if you ask me as well.
The answer is straight forward. I made almost Ten Million Naira selling
different kinds of information products to as many Nigerians as I can using
differing promotional techniques. That means all I need to do this year
(and more importantly what you need to do) is to sell more products to
more people.
Sounds like a NO BRAINER, doesn't it?
Yes. It's a simple concept. It's actually the simpicity of the whole thing that
makes people not do it. They cannot imagine such a simple thing can bring
in massive money.
So let's take a look at the statement I made above...
“I made almost Ten Million Naira selling different kinds of
information products to as many Nigerians as I can using different
promotional techniques.”
Here is what that means...
You need to create your own information products as well. Do not worry.
My secrets will show you how easy it is to do.
Then secondly...
You must master different promotional techniques. Promotion is the key to
succeeding with this business. You ordered for this product just because I
promoted it. This report will show you the promotional techniques you can
use that will bring you money.
So let's deal with the two one after the other. I don't want to mix things up
so you can follow me easily.
An information product is anything that teaches you how to do something.
It could be in any format you desire.
Telephone Consulting
And many more.
What do you know that you can share with others? Everyone has got
something in them and they don't even know it. Let me tell you what I
Not too long ago, I visited the United Kingdom and met with a few friends
who were making money by using their football knowledge. They were
making decent money from it. They showed me how to do it and I played
around with it and made some money as well.
Then the idea of creating an information product with that knowledge
came up. I wrote a 16 page manual and put it up online. I earned over
N100,000 the first month I launched it.
I'm sure if I ask any of my friends that showed me how to do it what they
know that they can turn into an information product, they will tell me
nothing. Yet, I have created an information product from something they
taught me.
There is something in all of us. We just need to awaken it.
While you think deeply about what you know that people can pay you
money for, there is one thing I'll like to talk about and I want you to think
about it very carefully. It will determine the success or otherwise of your
You see, there is a mistake a lot of people make in this business.
They come up with a product before they determine their market. That is a
wrong approach. You won't make good money this way. The best way is to
determine a market and then create a product for them.
I hope I'm not contradicting myself here. I said you should come up with a
product idea, yet, I'm asking you to determine your market first.
Yes, you can think and brainstorm about product ideas, but before you
create them and bring them into the market, make sure there is a market
for them.
This is a problem for a lot of people. They don't know how to determine
what a lot of people want so they can create products for them. For you,
it's shouldn't be a problem.
Identify A Problem
This is the fastest way for you to succeed with your product. Can you
come up with a product that can solve solve a problem for people? Once
you can identify a problem, you're ready to make money.
Let me give you an example. Everywhere I turn to online today, I find out
that Nigerians are looking for a way to be able to open and operate a
paypal account.
Personally, I do not think it's compulsory to have it especially when you
consider that paypal will close down your account if they find out that you
are from Nigeria.
But people kept asking me for it. So I had to do a lot of research. I spent
time and money on how to go about it. Eventually, I found out a simple
system where people can open their own paypal account.
I priced the service (it's not actually a product) at N4,500 and about 50
people have taken me up on it. How much money is that? Two hundred
and twenty-five thousand naira. It's that easy.
I identified a problem and gave a solution.
Can It Make Money For People?
That is another easy way to come up with information products. Once you
can come up with something that can make money for people stress free,
you have come up with a winner.
The truth is that everybody wants more money. Don't you? Come up with
it and you will make money.
Let me use the football predicting example to explain this...
I did not know anyone who was looking for ways to make money by
predicting the outcome of football matches. Very few people knew about it
in Nigeria. See details about this at http://www.NigeriaBet.com
I however knew people would like it considering the fact that it could
make you good money and also because football was fun and very popular
in Nigeria. I packaged it and advertised (I will teach you how to advertise
later) and it sold well.
Can It Make People Live A Better Life or Become Happy?
This is another winner although many people are not doing it in Nigeria. It
was the basis that formed my first ever information product. That was in
2003. It was a product that teaches people how to relocate to Canada as a
skilled worker.
We know a lot of Nigerians want to relocate abroad and live a better life so
that kind of product will sell if you package well. Similar products will sell
as well. Products like passing JAMB easily, like getting a good job,
organising a great marriage, winning back your lover's heart etc.
People often ask me: In what format should their information product be
in? My usual reply is it depends on you. It depends on what you will
confident with. As long as you can express yourself well, the format is not
that important.
This is a big problem for a lot of people. Most people I teach tell me that
they won't be able to create an ebook or manual because they are not
prolific writers.
I often tell them that they don't have to write like Chinua Achebe or Wole
Soyinka to write good information products. Just write what's in your mind
and teach as honestly as you can and you will be okay.
Okay. I hear you. You can't write. There is still a way out. The way out is
that you don't have to write. You can create other kinds of products. Like
you already know, you can create audios and videos. You can even hire
someone to write it for you.
Still not a problem. There are many people who just don't know how to
start with the creation of their products. It could be a daunting task for
beginners. Not to worry, we can find ways around that as well.
Here are the ways to create information products without having to do the
work yourself.
Interview An Expert
Once you have decided on a topic, identify an expert in that field and
interview him. Record the interview and use an an audio information
product. You can turn it into a manual by transcribing it.
A lot of people think that the experts will not agree to be interviewed. They
are wrong. The only way you will not get people to interview is if you do
not ask. If you ask politely, people will agree.
Even the experts wants a bit of publicity.
Conduct A Seminar/Training
This is another simple way to go about it. It is similar to the one above.
Organise a free or cheap seminar and have it recorded. Your recording
becomes an information product. You don't have to be the speaker. Invite
an expert and just do the recording.
Use Private Label Rights Materials
Listen Up!
If you're ready to create information products the fast and easy way, this is
the route to go. With private label rights products, you can create your
information products in the next ten to fifteen minutes.
Sounds to good to be true? If you know how to use this technique, you can
make a killing in this business.
What Are Private Label Materials?
Private label rights products are products you buy completely with its
copyrights. This means that once you buy the products, you have the right
to sell it as yours and you keep the money.
You can put your name as the author. You can edit is as you want. That is
add and remove from it.
There are loads of private label materials flying all over the Internet. If you
want 100 ebooks within the next 10 minutes, you can get them. So having
your own information products is easy.
When you want to buy information products, make sure they are products
that will be relevant to the Nigerian situation then edit it to give it your
own unique style.
Getting private label rights is easy. Just go to gooogle.com and type in
“private label rights” or private label rights ebooks” without the quotes.
You will come up with quite a few offers within a short time.
It's time for you to go out there and create your product. It's not difficult to
do. That you can see from the explanation above.
Go out there and do it. I expect you to come up with your own information
product in the next 7 days. Even if you have not finished
writing/packaging it, you should have a concept in place.
I have a friend that works at the Corporate Affairs Commission. He told
me that the product idea he had was a guide that shows Nigerians how to
register their business names (not limited liability company) with the
Corporate Affairs Commission in less than two weeks and with N5,000
I assured him the product was good enough that he should go ahead. He
then told me he was afraid he was not going to sell, that he doubts anyone
was going to pay him money. According to him, the information was
readily available at any office of the Corporate Affairs Commission s why
should people pay him?
If you're thinking along this line, then I advise you to perish the thought.
I won't dwell too much on this but here is what I want you to do. Take a
look at your product, Do you think at least ONE person will gain just ONE
thing from your report? If you can confidently answer yes to that then go
to town with your product with all confidence.
You're going to face a few problems when you start this business. As you
read the problems, you will wonder if they are truly problems but I'm
speaking from experience so you should listen up.
The major problem you will encounter is that no one will believe you're on
to something great. Imagine your wife (that's if you're married) telling you
to find a way to raise money because the rent will be due in a few months
and you tell her you are writing an info product.
She will not understand. Not because she doesn't love you, but because it's
not a common thing the whole world know.
So here's what I advise you to do.
When creating your first product, go about it like you're having fun. Create
it like you're just doing it for free, as a hobby. Do not tell any one you're
doing it as a business. Do not put any pressure on yourself. Do not try to
convince anyone, rather, convince yourself first. When the money comes
in, you can begin to tell them that your hobby has brought in money.
The next problem applies to only bachelors who do not have jobs.
Listen to me. If you do this business full time, you will find it difficult
getting a good wife.
I'm really serious. Do not laugh at this. Okay. Let me ask you. What will
you tell your future father in law that you do?
Info marketing?
Now don't make me laugh. No man will give you his daughter to a man
who stays indoors all the time even if you drive the “baddest” jeep in
So what's the solution?
I don't know because I'm looking for the solution myself. I'm still a
bachelor as I type this.
Okay. Let me end this part with the last warning.
You Can Not Get Rich With Only One Product.
I want you to take a look at the statement I made earlier on one more time.
“I made almost Ten Million Naira selling different kinds of
information products to as many Nigerians as I can using differing
promotional techniques.”
Notice I said “different kinds of products”. I did not say selling one
To succeed in this business, you need to continually churn out new
products one after the other. It's similar to the life of an author or novelist.
They do not retire after one novel.
So we're done with the first part of this report which is creating an
information product. I sincerely believe you now have an idea of how it is
done. I'm sure that once you're done with reading the whole report, you
will be able to do it quite easily.
If you are having any form of problems, just send me an email at
We have discussed how to create information products. The questions is
how do you make money from it. That is what this part of your report will
be dealing with. There are many ways to do this. Infact, I know of about
70 ways to do it but here is what we will be doing.
Take a look at the title of this report. It says how I did it in 2008 meaning I
should be sharing with you ONLY the things I did.
Let me tell you something I do differently from other marketers. Most
marketers teach you the things they know while I teach the things I do. Did
get that?
Let's assume I want to write an information product on how to get visitors
to your website. I personally know of many techniques that work but I DO
only a few of them. If I write such a report, I will not mention the things I
know. I will only show you the ones I have done.
So that is what I'm doing in this report. I will be showing you the
techniques I used that brought me money so you too can do it confidently
because King Akin Alabi has done it.
So let's go. Here are the techniques.
- Take a FULL PAGE ad in a targeted newspaper or magazine
- Take small ads and market with an autoresponder.
- Put up a website and drive traffic to it
Finish. That's all you need to make a whole lot of money. Infact, you don't
have to do all of them to make millions in 2009.
Let's attack them one after the other.
Special Note: This technique is not for those who are broke to their last
kobo because it costs lots of money to place full page ads. If you have the
money though, then this technique will make you a lot of money.
Now that I have that note out of the way, let me tell you this straight away.
If you really want to make a lot of Naira in 2009, then you should take full
page adverts to promote your information products. Last year, more than
half of my earnings in this business came from targeted, full page adverts.
Please note the word targeted. It means placing ads where your target
audience are reading. For instance, if you have a product on how a woman
can find her desirable husband, do not advertise in Complete Sports
because they are not related.
Like I said earlier on, full page ads are expensive. The fact of the matter is
that they are worth it. They are worth it because almost everyone that reads
that paper will see your ad especially if you write it well. Your
“viewership” will be very high so you have a big chance to make a
“killing” with your offer.
Think about this...
You're selling an information product and you price it at N5,000. Let's now
assume you take out an advert at N200,000. That simple means you need
to sell just 40 copies of your product to break even.
Now tell me my friend. How will you not make 40 sales with a full page
ad? Let's assume the paper sells about 20,000 copies. That means you will
be having over 100,000 people reading your advert because people pass
papers and magazines around a lot.
Do you think you can make 40 sales out of 100,000 people?
Of course you can. You can make 100 sales. You can make 200 sales. 200
sales times N5,000 will give you a million. Now think again. You create an
information product, you advertise and you rake in a million, all within 30
days or less!
That's brilliant. The great thing is that you can keep repeating the ad over
and over again. Can you see how easy it is to rake in the millions? I'm sure
you're excited. That is why I said full page ads will make you a lot of
money of you do it right.
Okay. You're excited, but I want to say something that will deflate you a
Imagine spending N200,000 on a full page advert and the advert fails.
Now, that is not a great thing to hear, but yes it can happen. There is no
guarantee your advert will pull if you do not know what I'm about to share
with you. I've seen people run bankrupt because they do not know how
this works. The problem is that...
Most People Do Not Know What To Write In Their Adverts!
This is the problem with most people. They rush out with their full page
ads without knowing the right things they should put in it. If you want to
make money, you have to pay rapt attention here. To succeed with your
full page adverts promoting your information products, you have to...
Write A Powerful Sales Letter!
That's right. You need a sales letter to move your information product.
Sales letters are those long pieces you see that convinces you to buy. They
usually have a powerful headline and they are very persuasive. You
probably saw the sales letter I used to promote this product.
Writing sales letters is different from the “general” kinds of ads you
already know. Do not allow any advertising agent tell you anything
different from what you are learning here. You are learning from someone
who already does it so you should listen to this only.
Here are the things that make up a powerful sales letter.
- Headline
- Opening Hook
- Credibility
- Product Intro
- Benefits
- Price and Bargain Appeal
- Bonuses
- Money Back Guarantee
- Post Scripts.
Lets take a brief look at each of them...
The headline is used to capture the readers attention. It serves as an ad to
your ad so you need to spend a lot of time writing it. If your headline fails,
the rest of your sales letter will fail.
The opening hook is the first sentence/paragraph that will make the reader
want to read more. You can say something like “If you have ever desired to
…....., then this could be the most important letter you've ever read.”
The credibility is to make sure that your readers see you as an authority.
You can establish this in many ways. One of them is to get testimonials
from users of your product. For new products, you can give your product
away to a few people so they can give you testimonials.
Then you need to introduce your product to let them you are offering them
Then you have to list the benefits of your products one after the other.
Make it look like a series of mini headlines. Write a minimum of ten.
Do not just tell people the price of your products. You need to explain why
the product should be expensive before you now give them the real price.
Give bonuses. Give as many bonuses as possible. It will boost the vale of
your product in the eyes of the buyer.
Offer a money back guarantee. Put the entire risk on your shoulders.
Then write a PS at the end stating clearly why they must order right away.
When you're done reading this, you should go to the following websites to
see the example of such sales letters.
You can begin to study these sales letter before you write yours.
Lastly, before you place your ad, send it to me so I can criticize it for you.
We've discussed placing full page ads.
Here is the next technique I want to share with you.
This one is about placing small ads in targeted newspapers and magazines.
This time however, we will not be selling in the ad, rather, we will be
asking them to ask for more information by sending an email to our
What did I just say? An autoresponder? What is that?
Have you been to a site where you are asked to put down your name and
email address and then you get an instant response as soon as you do so?
The first time it happened to me, I said "Chei, see oyinbo and efficiency". I
did not know it was a machine talking to me.
Did you then notice that since then, the website owner has been sending
you emails? This is possible because the machine has stored your name
and email address in a database that he can access anytime.
That machine is called an autoresponder.
You will be needing it in this business. In fact, you cannot do without it.
It's like your secretary.
You program the messages you want and go to the sleep and the
autoresponder takes over. It sends the emails out like clockwork.
Where can you get an autoresponder service? There are many services out
there but the best two are Aweber and Getresponse. I use getresponse and
you can take a look by using the link below.
I want you to go there right away. Take a look around. You can even sign
up for a free version.
You can do that by scrolling to the middle of the page. Look towards the
left and you will see the link.
Under "Try Getresponse Today", you will see "More Features" and then
"Sign Up For Free". Click on that and you will be taken to a page where
you will fill in your details.
In the first place, put your name in there. Make sure you put the first letter
of your first and surname in capitals. The next is your email address. Then,
choose your country from the drop down menu.
Then the getresponse account name, choose a username you're cool with.
You can use your real name. Then leave the "Usage of Getresponse" as
personal. Leave the rest and then submit.
You will be take to a page that says your autoresponder is almost created.
Ignore it and go into your email address. Take a look into your inbox (and
also your junk folder) to see if you have an email from getresponse. In the
email, they must have generated a password for you. Copy the password
and open a new page and go into getresponse again.
Log in with your username and password. You will be asked to confirm
some things. Like your name, email address, address and the rest.
Congratulations, your account is ready to do wonders.
I want you to log into your account. When you get there, point your mouse
to "CAMPAIGNS" and then to the campaign it has created for you. Notice
that your campaign is called your username@getresponse.com
You will notice that there is somewhere it's asking you to create another
campaign. Do not worry about that yet and you cannot use a free version
to create more than one campaign.
Okay, let's move on.
The next thing is to click on create a new message. It takes you to a place
where you can type your message. Enter anything you want in the subject
line then type anything you want in the mail body and then click on "Add
You can create another message if you wish but you cannot create more
than 5 using a free version.
Okay, you have saved your message. The next thing you should do is go
into your email box and then send an email to your getresponse email. In
other words, if your campaign is called abcd@getresponse.com then go
and send an email to it.
Why is this important?
You see, when you start placing adverts for your info products, you will be
saying something like, "For More Info, Send An Email To
Then the message you programmed will go to the person.
So have you sent the email? Wait for like 1 minute to 5 minutes and a
reply would have come asking you to confirm. Open the email and click
the link in it.
Then go back to your inbox and the message you programmed would have
arrived. If you programmed more than one message, those ones too will
arrive on the days you specified.
Let me show you something really cool.
Point your mouse on SUBSCRIBERS, then on to My subscribers and then
to All subscribers. When you get there, use the search function and you
will see your name and email address as the only subscriber.
That means everyone that asks for more info through your autoresponder
will go into that database which makes it easy for you to contact then later
A little note for you. Just a minute ago, I said a confirmation mail would
be sent to you. That means if people do not open and click that email, they
will not receive the messages you programmed and they will not be added
to your list.
That is the concept of "Double Opt In"
The autoresponder really wants to make sure that the person really asked
for more info because there is so much Spam problems out there. Trouble
is that many people do not remember to confirm thereby slowing down
your business but it is good in the sense that it means those
that receive your messages are really really interested.
You can turn it off if you want to.
Just click on your campaign settings, then "Subscribers". Go to number 3
and you can uncheck the first two boxes and your campaign becomes
single opt in.
It's that simple.
Let's move ahead.
Since we know how the autoresponder works, we have to start discussing
the messages you will be putting in them. The first message that will go
out is a sales letter and that means a message asking people to buy your
I've already discussed how you can write a sales letter but there is a little
difference when you're writing an email sales letter. This time around,
there is no headline. You will be needing only a subject line. It's the subject
line that will make them open the sales letter.
There is one important thing I want to tell you. It's about your free
getresponse account.
There are too many disadvantages to using a free account.
- You cannot program more than 5 messages
- You can create only one campaign
- Other people's messages will appear at the
top of the messages you send out.
And so on.
So I want you to upgrade to the pro version so we can remove all these
limitations. You will be able to create new campaigns that will suit the
name of your product. For example, if your new product is called "How To
Relocate To Canada", you can name your campaign
Getresponse costs just $17.95 monthly and I tell you, that is the best online
investment you can make. I will help you make the payment with my card.
Send me N4,500 into my GTB account and I will help you pay for it.
So, we have settled that.
The next we need to do is increase the number of follow up messages
you've got. You see, research has proven that prospects need 7 contacts
before they buy a product.
That simply means you need to program at least 7 messages that will go
out to your prospect. That is an initial sales letter and 6 reminders. You
don't have to stop at 6. You can go as far as 10 or even more if you chose
to. So your first reminder can be a gentle reminder and the second can be
an email telling them you have added to the bonuses you are offering.
Here are the other messages you can send.
- That the price is increasing
- That the stock is about to finish
- That the bonuses will finish
- Telling them what others are saying about the product
- Teaching them a part of the product
And lots more.
Be imaginative and you will come up with a few.
In all your emails, make sure you space them well and do not cluster your
So now that your messages are ready, the next thing we should talk about
is how to write attention grabbing adverts that will make people respond.
There are 3 parts to an advert, especially the kinds of small small ads you
will be placing.
They are:
The Headline
The Body
The Call To Action
Let's start with the headline. This is the most important aspect of your ad
so you have to get it right. You need to use a phrase that will make people
Use phrases like..
Revealed At Last
Do Not Read This
Secrets Exposed
And so on.
Then the body.
In one sentence, explain the major benefit of your product. If your product
is about how to woo a girl, you can say something like this.
Discover How To Woo A Girl In 7 Days Or Less!
Then the last part is the call to action. You have to state what you want
people to do. Do you want them to call? Do you want them to visit a
website? Do you want them to email? In this case, we want them to email
our autoresponder so we can say something like this.
For FREE Instant Info, Send An Email to
It's that simple.
So let's write an ad about a product titled How To Make Money With
Discover How To Make Easy Money Trading Forex
Without Stress.
For FREE Instant Info, Send An Email to forexinfo@getresponse.com
Let me end this piece by giving you these tips.
- Your headlines should be in caps
- As for the rest, start each word with caps.
- Always use the word f.ree but do not put dots.
- Do not write too much words on your ads
- Keep it simple
- Don't tell then to buy, just tell them to send
an email.
The secret to this model is to repeat ads. Make sure you repeat the ads that
brings back your money. That is, if you spend N20,000 on a ad and you
make sales that cover it, makes sure you repeat it again.
Then when you have a new offer in future, you can email them at the click
of a button.
So let's talk about the last technique.
Put Up A Website And Drive Traffic To It.
Earlier on, I showed you some of my sales letters on some websites. On
those websites, I'm sure you've noticed that I sell information products. All
I did was put up a mini website, put up my sales letter and then advertise
the website.
Creating a website is very very easy and if you are interested in learning
how to put one up in just 60 mins, shoot me a mail: consult3g@yahoo.com
So once your site is up, put up your sales letter and begin to advertise
using these methods.
- Place small but powerful adverts
- Write articles related to your product and submit to targeted media
- Participate and contribute at online forums (Do not spam forums)
Once you have a stream of visitors to your website and you build a list in
the process, the money will roll in as long as the sales letter is powerful.
The BIGGEST secret of this whole report is that you should keep
promoting your products in as many places as possible.
Let's assume you have a product called “How To Make Money In The
Stock Market” and you place a full page ad in a medium like Success
Digest Extra! If it succeeds, repeat it until it starts slowing down.
Then since you already know that the sales letter is converting well, you
can take the advert to a place like StockWatch and also Financial Standard.
The secret is getting your products in the faces of as many people as
So that is it. I have placed in your hands the secrets that cam make you lots
and lots of millions this year. Make sure you take action because without
taking action, the knowledge you gained is useless.
If you have any question of any kind, do not hesitate to contact me through
© 2009. 3G Consultancy Services

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