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How I Made Over Nine

Million Naira In 2008

Selling Information

Products Right Here In

Nigeria And How You Too


By Akin Alabi

Brought to you by:

3G Consultancy Services


Thank you very much for ordering this report. I thank you for your time as

well. I know your time is valuable and I'm glad you've decided to spend

some of it reading this. I guarantee you're going to love what I'm going to

show you in the next few pages.

Why am I so confident?

You see, I have distilled all I did last year (2008) that made me almost Ten

Million Naira into the pages of this report. You won't find any fluff or filler

put in there just to make the report long. No. All you will find is a short,

straight to the point info you can use starting today.

I guarantee you'll make a lot of money of you practice the stuffs I'm going

to showing you in the next few pages. I sincerely believe you can make

more than the Nine Million I made. Personally, I'm looking to earning Two

Hundred And Fifty Million Naira this year using the same techniques I'm

going to show you so you can know I mean serious business here.

Here are the things I want you to do...

- Print this report out. Do NOT read it on your computer. Print out and
staple it or find a way to bind it
- Forget everything you've learnt about information marketing.
Unlearn it because you're about to learn something new and
- Read this report only when you're alone. Do not allow anyone to
disturb you. Turn off the television and radio. You can even switch
off your mobile phone.
- Get a glass of your favourite drink
- Have a pen with you so you can underline the statements that strikes
- Get up after reading it and start working on starting something.
So are you ready?
Fasten your seat belt because this is gonna be a wild ride.
That was the question a friend asked me on new year day. We were talking
about our achievements the past year and I told him about my Information
marketing exploits. I told him how much I made and he was
understandably shocked. He couldn't imagine that someone who stays at
home most of the time could earn such amount of money.
So I understand if you ask me as well.
The answer is straight forward. I made almost Ten Million Naira selling
different kinds of information products to as many Nigerians as I can using
differing promotional techniques. That means all I need to do this year
(and more importantly what you need to do) is to sell more products to
more people.
Sounds like a NO BRAINER, doesn't it?
Yes. It's a simple concept. It's actually the simpicity of the whole thing that
makes people not do it. They cannot imagine such a simple thing can bring
in massive money.
So let's take a look at the statement I made above...
“I made almost Ten Million Naira selling different kinds of
information products to as many Nigerians as I can using different
promotional techniques.”
Here is what that means...
You need to create your own information products as well. Do not worry.
My secrets will show you how easy it is to do.
Then secondly...
You must master different promotional techniques. Promotion is the key to
succeeding with this business. You ordered for this product just because I
promoted it. This report will show you the promotional techniques you can
use that will bring you money.
So let's deal with the two one after the other. I don't want to mix things up
so you can follow me easily.
An information product is anything that teaches you how to do something.
It could be in any format you desire.
Telephone Consulting
And many more.
What do you know that you can share with others? Everyone has got
something in them and they don't even know it. Let me tell you what I
Not too long ago, I visited the United Kingdom and met with a few friends
who were making money by using their football knowledge. They were
making decent money from it. They showed me how to do it and I played
around with it and made some money as well.
Then the idea of creating an information product with that knowledge
came up. I wrote a 16 page manual and put it up online. I earned over
N100,000 the first month I launched it.
I'm sure if I ask any of my friends that showed me how to do it what they
know that they can turn into an information product, they will tell me
nothing. Yet, I have created an information

Check back for the rest.

Present ___
Abiola olakunle
CEO 9jasalary.blogspot.com

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