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Akin Alabi's secrets part 2.

nothing. Yet, I have created an information product from something they
taught me.
There is something in all of us. We just need to awaken it.
While you think deeply about what you know that people can pay you
money for, there is one thing I'll like to talk about and I want you to think
about it very carefully. It will determine the success or otherwise of your
You see, there is a mistake a lot of people make in this business.
They come up with a product before they determine their market. That is a
wrong approach. You won't make good money this way. The best way is to
determine a market and then create a product for them.
I hope I'm not contradicting myself here. I said you should come up with a
product idea, yet, I'm asking you to determine your market first.
Yes, you can think and brainstorm about product ideas, but before you
create them and bring them into the market, make sure there is a market
for them.
This is a problem for a lot of people. They don't know how to determine
what a lot of people want so they can create products for them. For you,
it's shouldn't be a problem.
Identify A Problem
This is the fastest way for you to succeed with your product. Can you
come up with a product that can solve solve a problem for people? Once
you can identify a problem, you're ready to make money.
Let me give you an example. Everywhere I turn to online today, I find out
that Nigerians are looking for a way to be able to open and operate a
paypal account.
Personally, I do not think it's compulsory to have it especially when you
consider that paypal will close down your account if they find out that you
are from Nigeria.
But people kept asking me for it. So I had to do a lot of research. I spent
time and money on how to go about it. Eventually, I found out a simple
system where people can open their own paypal account.
I priced the service (it's not actually a product) at N4,500 and about 50
people have taken me up on it. How much money is that? Two hundred
and twenty-five thousand naira. It's that easy.
I identified a problem and gave a solution.
Can It Make Money For People?
That is another easy way to come up with information products. Once you
can come up with something that can make money for people stress free,
you have come up with a winner.
The truth is that everybody wants more money. Don't you? Come up with
it and you will make money.
Let me use the football predicting example to explain this...
I did not know anyone who was looking for ways to make money by
predicting the outcome of football matches. Very few people knew about it
in Nigeria. See details about this at http://www.NigeriaBet.com
I however knew people would like it considering the fact that it could
make you good money and also because football was fun and very popular
in Nigeria. I packaged it and advertised (I will teach you how to advertise
later) and it sold well.
Can It Make People Live A Better Life or Become Happy?
This is another winner although many people are not doing it in Nigeria. It
was the basis that formed my first ever information product. That was in
2003. It was a product that teaches people how to relocate to Canada as a
skilled worker.
We know a lot of Nigerians want to relocate abroad and live a better life so
that kind of product will sell if you package well. Similar products will sell
as well. Products like passing JAMB easily, like getting a good job,
organising a great marriage, winning back your lover's heart etc.
People often ask me: In what format should their information product be
in? My usual reply is it depends on you. It depends on what you will
confident with. As long as you can express yourself well, the format is not
that important.
This is a big problem for a lot of people. Most people I teach tell me that
they won't be able to create an ebook or manual because they are not
prolific writers.
I often tell them that they don't have to write like Chinua Achebe or Wole
Soyinka to write good information products. Just write what's in your mind
and teach as honestly as you can and you will be okay.
Okay. I hear you. You can't write. There is still a way out. The way out is
that you don't have to write. You can create other kinds of products. Like
you already know, you can create audios and videos. You can even hire
someone to write it for you.
Still not a problem. There are many people who just don't know how to
start with the creation of their products. It could be a daunting task for
beginners. Not to worry, we can find ways around that as well.
Here are the ways to create information products without having to do the
work yourself.
Interview An Expert
Once you have decided on a topic, identify an expert in that field and
interview him. Record the interview and use an an audio information
product. You can turn it into a manual by transcribing it.
A lot of people think that the experts will not agree to be interviewed. They
are wrong. The only way you will not get people to interview is if you do
not ask. If you ask politely, people will agree.
Even the experts wants a bit of publicity.
Conduct A Seminar/Training
This is another simple way to go about it. It is similar to the one above.
Organise a free or cheap seminar and have it recorded. Your recording
becomes an information product. You don't have to be the speaker. Invite
an expert and just do the recording.
Use Private Label Rights Materials
Listen Up!
If you're ready to create information products the fast and easy way, this is
the route to go. With private label rights products, you can create your
information products in the next ten to fifteen minutes.
Sounds to good to be true? If you know

I will be back.

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