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How to make 1200+ dollars/month selling solo ads on fiverr

How to make 1200+ dollars/month selling solo
ads on fiverr
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First Things First:
First of all, thanks for taking your time and for your investment to read
my report. I truly appreciate that effort, and hope you will learn some
great stuff today.
So let's begin: If you purchased this report, I suppose that all of you
have heard about fiverr.com before, probably most of you have their
own accounts there and some even purchased few or a ton of gigs. If
by any case you don't have a fiverr account yet, I would advice you to
create one right now, it's free and you won't be able to sell anything
without an account.
Anyway, fiverr is great, isn't it? You can buy lots of amazing stuff that
can help your online biz for just five bucks. It considerably changed the
way I complete my daily tasks: I need a new article for my site? I need
a new logo? Few fresh backlinks for the SEO? No problem at all, it's all
achievable for five dollars. And it's not only me; fiverr helped a lot of
people from all around the world, and it's safe to say that internet
marketers are a big part of this crowd.
But no matter how much you already spent on fiverr, by purchasing this
report you now have the opportunity to earn your lost money back, and
much more than that.
You see, as far as I have noticed, most internet marketers believe that
selling on fiverr is just not worth the effort. I, partly agree with that. I
© Fiverr Takeover iv
think that it depends on the actual time each order would take to you to
deliver. If you could finish an order in a minute, won't it be worth it? You
could theoretically make up to 240 dollars/hour. That's over 30,000$ in
a month, considering 5 hours of work every day. Of course that this is
almost an impossible scenario, but quite a few fiverr sellers make
numbers in that neighborhood, and I am quite sure that most of you
would be satisfied in much less than that.
So as I mentioned, selling on fiverr can be profitable and worthy, but it
depends on the actual time of delivery per order. And that's where my
special system comes into place.
© Fiverr Takeover v
My Story:
I started selling services in fiverr almost 2 year ago, mainly as a new
source for additional income. I aimed at finding gigs with a big interest
(reflected by the number of orders and ratings) and that I could
complete quickly (no more than 10 minutes per order). I found quite a
few gig subjects that fit my needs during my time in fiverr, but in this
report I would reveal the first one I found and which helped me become
a level two seller in a very short period of time. The gig I am talking
about is selling solo ads.
I dealt a lot with solo ads in the past years, as most of the internet
marketers: I have a list, I buy solo ads on a regular basis and I know
that traffic source quite well. But as you probably know, solo ads cost a
lot of money, and selling them for five bucks it's just not profitable,
Well, that's why we won't use our lists, but rather send solo ads to
other's lists. More precisely, to safelists.
Safelists for those of you who don't know, are lists built of people who
get paid or gain things by reading emails. There are many safelists
around the web, and as you probably understand – thanks to their
nature, those lists quality are not very high, they are built mainly of
freebie seekers and advertising in them is very cheap compared to
regular opt-in lists. But they fit perfectly to our needs by selling solo ads
on fiverr.
© Fiverr Takeover vi
Now, with my method we won't pay nor do any kind of work in order to
send the solo ads. Rather than that, we will use free promo codes to
send tons of free solo ads. So you don't pay anything, you just click a
few buttons, copy the solo ad and send it. And you make 5 dollars, of
I dealt with many safelists, spent a lot of hours on them and now I can
safely say that they are legitimate way of advertising. Sure, the opt-in
rates are low and so are the number of buyers, but after selling
hundreds of safelist solo ads I can say that most of my clients on fiverr
loved those ads, were satisfied with the results and the majority of them
reported that they got plenty of opt-ins. As at the end of the day, if your
offer is good enough, almost any source of traffic would work, and
believe me – there are sources which are much worse than safelists.
© Fiverr Takeover vii
The Size of the Solo Ads Niche:
You don't want to waste your time by entering a niche without any
buyers, right? So let's have a look at the size of the solo ads niche in
A simple search will give you the following results, like in the
screenshot below:
As you can see, those gigs are hot and sell easily. From my
experience, the actual number of sales is usually 4 x the number of
votes. So those sellers sold hundreds of gigs! That means there is a
big demand for solo ads, and you could fill this demand with your own
© Fiverr Takeover viii
Side note: You can also see that two out of the four gigs I showed you
have a video. That proves my point that gigs with videos sells more,
and you should absolutely have one.
And now, would like to see a bit of my own results? Here you go:
© Fiverr Takeover ix
Yes, it's not so new but the results have not changed. I added this
image here so you could see how profitable selling solo ads can be,
with orders for as much as 45 dollars! To get such big orders, you got
to use gig extras, but more about it soon.
© Fiverr Takeover x
How to Setup Your Gig:
So after this long story about how I came up with this idea and why it's
such a good one, let's start by setting up our new gig. I promised that I'll
give you everything you need, and that's include my own gig
description, gig images and instructions for the buyers.
You can access all those materials in the sub-niche called "Files". I will
highlight all the important things which you should notice and take care
of below:
1. Login to your fiverr account and click on "create gig" button, in the
"manage sales" page.
2. Gig title: the first section in the gig creation process is the gig title.
We are selling solo ads to a list. As using numbers will increase the
click rate, I advise you to also write the number of subscribers in the
list. The actual number is a bit over 40,000 in the safelist I recommend.
So you can use a gig title like: "I will send a solo ad to a list of 41,835
Active, Real Subscribers". I found out that using random-looking
numbers like "41,835" and etc helps to get more clicks.
3. Category: The main category is online marketing; the secondary
category should be get traffic.
4. Gig gallery: I provided you with a variety of gig images, which will fit
your gig perfectly. You can find all those images in the sub folder
"Files". They fit fiverr's restrictions, and would hopefully increase your
© Fiverr Takeover xi
5. Description: This is probably the most important section. I added my
own description copy in the sub folder "Files" in the Gig Description.doc
file. Its conversion rate after over 3 months of testing is 10%, which I
believe is solid and quite uncommon in Fiverr. You can obviously alter
it and change it as you like, or even create your own copy if you believe
it would convert better or fit your needs.
6. Tags: Tags are fiverr's keywords, and one of the more important
parameters which affect fiverr's search engine. Smart tags can
increase your rankings and give you much more sales. Their search
engine is not so complicated, and those are the tags I use: solo ad,
solo ads, email ad, email ads, mail blast (There is a limit of 5 tags, so
choose carefully).
Tip: I found out during my time selling on fiverr a weird loophole which
kept happening consistently. It seems that if your account name
includes a keyword, your gigs will rank higher in that keyword. You can
check it yourself. It's a very valuable secret and I used it too. Just
include the phase "solo ad" in your account name. The downside is that
you will have hard time selling different gigs with this name… But you
can always create another account.
7. Duration: The period of time it will take you to deliver the gig.
Sending the solo ad takes less than five minutes, but I usually wait one
day and give also the solo ad results to the customer while delivering
© Fiverr Takeover xii
the order. So you can ideally complete an order in 24 hours. But that's
a tight schedule; I prefer to have a bit of freedom to complete the order
in my own pace. So probably 5 – 7 days will be the best, but the lower
the better (Customers love to get their orders done as soon as
8. Instructions for buyers: Here you write everything you need your
buyer to give you so you could complete his order. It includes a solo ad
copy, subject line and a link. You can use my own instructions, which
you can find as usual in the sub folder "Files" in the Instructions for
buyers.doc file.
9. Video: As fiverr staff keeps informing us, a video in your gig will
increase your sales magnificently. They claim it would increase your
sales by over 220% percent and they are not wrong. Video sells more,
build your credibility and make your gigs look more professional. That's
exactly the reason I offered you my special offer of a custom, animated,
high quality video. Only 30 places are available. If you have not
purchased it yet, you can do so by clicking on the link below:
10. Extras: Gig extras will help you make more money from each buyer
and they are absolutely great! But only sellers with 10+ orders
completed can use them. I will talk about it in a more detailed way later
in the report.
© Fiverr Takeover xiii
11. That's it, click on the "save & continue" button. Congratulations,
your gig is in the air!
© Fiverr Takeover xiv
How to Complete Your Orders:
After a few days, maybe even less you would get an order. It may take
time, be patient. Remember: The first orders are the hardest ones,
afterwards you will have a reputation and reviews (hopefully positive
ones), so it would be much easier and the orders will flow in. A good tip
which I can give and would hopefully help you get more orders faster is
to create more gigs, which would offer the same thing (solo ads of
course), but would look a bit different from each other. It can be a
different picture, a different headline and so on. You can have up to 20
gigs in your account, but 5 will be more than enough. It may sound silly,
but the more gigs you got = the bigger the chance people will find you
and you will get more sales.
Anyway, after you got an order it's time to complete it. Keep in mind
that this process may sound quite long, but you only need to do most of
it once. My best tip for you would be to register to 3+ safelists, so you
could complete multiple orders at the same time. After a few days of
experience, it will take you less than 5 minutes to complete each order.
Here's the process you need to take, step by step:
1. The buyer should give you a subject line, a solo ad copy and a link.
It's important they would be separated, as each of them has a special
place when sending the solo ad.
2. Now it's time to choose the safelist which you will use to send the
© Fiverr Takeover xv
solo ad. There are tons of safelists online, but I found a webpage that
lists only the best of them, and more importantly – give you free promo
codes so you'll get free solo ads. You can reach it by clicking on the
link below:
I personally use about 5 safelists at the same time so I could handle a
lot of orders in a minimum time. My favorites are Explosive Solo Ads,
Email Hog and Solos Planet. In the above instructions I use Explosive
Solo Ads, as they give 5 free solos and they deliver quite quality traffic.
Therefore, I would suggest you to start with Explosive Solo Ads.
Click on the link below to go to their website:
3. Sign up by clicking on the big red sign up now button at the bottom of
the home page. Make sure you enter a valid email address, as you will
need to verify it. (You can always create a new one. My favorite service
for this is mailinator.com).
4. Verify your email address, and log in to your account. Skip all the
special offers, and find the promo code area (Usually it's either in a
special page or in the "Advertising" page), like in the screenshot below:
© Fiverr Takeover xvi
5. Inside the promo code area, in the section where you redeem promo
codes, enter the promo code which you found in the free solo ads
promo codes page which I gave you earlier. In our case, it's "New
Member". This promo code will give 5 solo ads as I already mentioned,
and a few other goodies.
6. Click on the "setup advertising" button. In this page you would be
able to send your solo ad to the list. In this page you could redeem also
other free advertising options which the promo code gave you. Find a
link that says "Click here to send your solo" and click on it.
© Fiverr Takeover xvii
7. You will be moved to the page where you will setup your solo ad.
Just copy the subject line, solo ad body and the link URL your buyer
gave you, and add each of them to its right place. Then click "Send".
That's it, the solo has been sent! You can deliver the order immediately
by telling your buyer that you sent his solo, or you can do what I do:
Wait one day, login again to the safelist and go to the setup advertising
page. You will see the solo ad statistics there, including the number of
clicks it generated. Just take a screenshot of this page, and add it to
the document titled "Solo-Stats.doc" in the sub folder "Files", which is
exactly the same one I use too.
Go to the page of the gig order you wish to deliver, click on the big
deliver button and attach the document. Inside the text area you should
write to your buyer that you completed his order and so on. You can
always use the script I use, which you can find as usual in the
"completed order.doc" file inside the sub folder.
Important: as you might have figured out, the promo code give you 5
free solos and you can use it (the promo code) only once. That means
that in order to get more free solos you have to create a new account.
Just create a new email address in mailinator.com, and keep creating
new accounts every time your current account becomes empty of
© Fiverr Takeover xviii
Upsells and Gig Extras Ideas:
In this section I will give you some ideas for gig extras. Gig extras are
Fiverr's "Upsells", additional services which you can offer to earn extra
money. This is where all this fiverr business can become ultra
profitable. Imagine getting orders of over 40 dollars and completing
them in less than 20 minutes. That's possible with the gig extras,
especially the solo ads niche, where you could always offer a bigger
and better solo ad package.
The downside is that only established sellers can use gig extras. By
saying established sellers I mean you would have to become a level 1+
seller. In order to do so, your account must be at least 30 days old, and
you must complete at least 10 orders. It's not so hard, but you should
register as soon as possible.
Okay, let's get into the ideas. The first and most easy gig extra idea is
to offer a super fast delivery. That means the buyer would have the
option to pay a bit more and in return you would complete his order
faster. What I am offering in my gig is to complete the order in 3 days
for additional five dollars. That gives me enough time to wait for the
solo ad to get a certain amount of clicks. I would suggest you to do it
like I do, as faster delivery means tighter schedule.
The second idea of mine will be to offer a solo ad to a larger audience
or to offer a big guarantee of clicks. I don't want to just throw ideas in
the air, you bought the full method and so I would give you the exact
© Fiverr Takeover xix
sources I am using for my gig extras. Keep in mind that those sources
are paid ones, but obviously you will make a decent amount of profit
from each order.
The first site I am using, for solo ads to lists of 18,000 to 60,000
members with a guarantee of 100 clicks each is:
They offer some great, discounted bundle offers in which you get 10 –
30 solo ads spots for less than a dollar per solo ad. They got a big
variety of different lists, and have nice unique functionalities. I offer gig
extras stating that I will send your solo ad to a list of about 50,000 list
members and give a 100 clicks guarantee (The average number of
clicks is about 150), for 10 dollars.
The second site I am using for larger orders is:
They two types of huge solo ads: Super Solo which is sent to 110,000
subscribers and gets an average number of 1000+ clicks. The basic
price is 10 dollars per Super Solo, but the more you order at the same
time – the lower the price would be. I usually buy the 9 Super Solos
option for about 7 dollars per Super Solo. I sell those solos for 40
dollars but it's a good profit for 20 dollars too. I guarantee 1000 clicks
which make this offer really stand out.
© Fiverr Takeover xx
The second type of solo ad they offer is Planet Solos which are sent to
over 190,000 subscribers. That's really a huge package and it costs 59
dollars. The average number of clicks it generates is over 3000 clicks. I
save this solo for special custom orders and 100 dollar offers.
My last tip for you would be to use the cheap paid solo ads in clix-r-us
or other sites you might find to complete also regular orders, if you
don't have enough time or if you want to make the process simpler. It
will cost you around dollar, but you will still make money. Again, use it
only when you don't have the time or the energy to send a free solo.
© Fiverr Takeover xxi
That's it, you have finished my report. By now you should have the
knowledge and skills to setup cash-sucking gigs quickly and handle the
orders easily, including some powerful gig extras.
Just to demonstrate the popularity of solo ad gigs and to motivate you a
little bit more, I can tell you that by the time I have written the last
section (about 40 minutes); I got 2 new orders for my gig, one of them
for 25 dollars. And that's not something too unusual.
I have tried to make this report different from the usual fiverr WSO's.
Instead of giving you an idea and leaving you in the darkness, I have
outlined a complete, almost everything-done-for-you system that could
easily help you generate around 500 dollars this month with almost no
work, and possibly much more if you put a bigger effort in self
For all of you who have not started yet or don't believe in my system, I
have only one thing to say: What do you have to lose? Take a chance,
invest 1 hour to setup your gig and you might be surprised from the
Lastly, if you haven't done it yet – you are very welcome join my fiverr
mastermind group in facebook to get daily fiverr tips, to ask me and
other sellers questions and to get more gig ideas. Just click on the link
© Fiverr Takeover xxii
May the success be with you!
Chris Moore
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