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5rr Fast Cash Formula 1

5rr Fast Cash Formula 1
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5rr Fast Cash Formula
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Hi Jeff Bode here with the underground Fiverr expert and we
just want to say thanks for your investment; we’re excited for
you to get some money rolling in quickly using the best
Fiverr.com gigs to turn a quick profit spending little to no time
at all and learn a ton of awesome Fiverr secrets.
It’s easy to create gigs that can bring in sales but it’s a challenge
creating gigs that actually bring in sales and take little to no
time to actually implement. Let’s be honest, over an hour of
our time isn’t worth $4 which is what you end up with after
Fiverr takes their $1 cut, but if the ‘job’ takes 20 minutes or less
then it just may be worth it!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with what Fiverr is, it’s
located at http://Fiverr.com and it’s a site where people trade a
good or service of some kind in exchange for $5… everything is
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Great for buyers, it’s crazy what people will do for $5… some of
the things would take me half a day or more!
Why Is Fiverr So Awesome?
Fiverr is an ideal environment to quickly get going making
money online …you don’t need a website, hosting, tech
Did I mention traffic comes to you? This is a big one because
most people struggle with getting traffic, let alone getting the
right kind of traffic to turn it into sales. Fiverr has tons of traffic
and they’re all looking to buy (some are looking to sell), so if
you’re a total newbie or just want to add some easy profits
onto your income this is a great place to start.
Today we’re talking about being a gig seller, you can always
turn around and use the profits to buy gigs as well… or just cash
out straight into your Paypal account.
I’m going to talk you through several gigs and explain how to do
each one so you can take my quick gigs that worked and cash
in. Just to be clear we don’t expose our exact gigs because we
honestly don’t want to see a bunch of people selling the exact
same thing on Fiverr - it’s NOT going to work!
So it’s in the best interest of everyone that we don’t expose
exactly what gigs to do, instead we give you everything you
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need to know to set up a unique or even semi-unique gig that
will bring in easy profits for you …hopefully for years to come!
Things You Need To Know 1st
First I’d like to explain some of the things you should be aware
of before we jump into selling gigs. You should definitely look
around Fiverr and see what listings are popular, which ones you
can easily duplicate and just get a feel for how people
successfully list gigs on Fiverr. You can even look at the
requested gigs and get some ideas from that, since you know
there is demand…
To be honest most of the gigs won’t be something that you’d
want to even consider because most of them are just too much
dang work!
We ONLY want gigs that take little to no time to complete and
that are hot sellers, don’t worry you’ll have plenty of great gigs
to test out by the time you finish this guide.
Let’s talk strategy here, since you’ll be successful a lot faster if
you have a strategy/plan and stick to it…
So here’s the strategy I want you to follow… you’re going to set
up several gigs as soon as possible, after reading this guide of
course. Fiverr lets you have 20 gigs per account - you may have
more than 1 account if you want to go all out and crazy!
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The reason behind setting up a bunch of gigs is because as with
anything you need to test to get the best results. I will tell you
gigs that worked great for us but they may not work out as well
for you and things change some gigs become more or less of a
hot seller over time so keep that in mind. Whatever you do
make sure you set up several gigs and find out which ones are
winners as soon as you can.
Sometimes you don’t know if a gig is going to sell well or not for
a few months… why put up only 1 or 2 gigs? If both of them are
not hot sellers then you’re probably going to quit trying or you
just wasted 2 months which you could have been bringing in
easy profits from Fiverr if you only put up more gigs “ah-ha!”
I’ll say this again, put up several gigs and work your way up to
20 gigs, then drop the gigs that aren’t working out for you and
keep the ones that are.
Going hand and hand with this is testing, it’s a good idea to test
different changes to your gig listing just to maximize sales… one
small change can make a huge difference and if you don’t test
you’ll never know what works.
Another important point to mention is that you should always
include your contact information, like an email address in ALL
of your gig deliverables – why? Because Fiverr doesn’t allow
you to put this information in your messages using their site so
if you put your contact details inside the content of your gig
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then buyers have another way to contact you and that opens
up the possibilities for higher paying project$. Besides giving
them your contact details you should also tell them what else
you can do for them within that upload and tell them to contact
you via email (or whatever you choose) to set that up with you.
Then a $5 gig can turn into a $300+ customer.
Joining Fiverr
Before you sign up I thought I should let you know, you’ll get
notified when someone orders your gig through your email so
make sure you use an email that you check often, this also
means you don’t have to log into Fiverr all the time… just to
check on your gig statuses.
You can sign up at the top corner of the site; this shouldn’t
need explaining since everything is straight forward.
Once you sign up, optimizing your profile is an important step
in order to make you look legit and trust worthy. So be sure to
include your full name and an email you check the most. Also
Information about you as a person and related to what your
selling like how you enjoy it or your expertise in it. Then finally
add a picture preferably of you because when people see your
face they immediately believe you are more trust worthy than
they would a logo.
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You can also get a low cost Virtual Assistant to manage your
gigs for you; a good place to go is http://onlinejobs.ph. You’ll
have to train them how to do everything and then ask them to
check your account every 24 hours, I haven’t personally done
this but if you do choose to do this then you may want to use a
proxy for them to log in… because Fiverr tracks the country the
gig seller is from so if you live in the US and your VA lives in the
Philippians and they keep logging in from the Philippians it
won’t look right but with a proxy software you can change their
location to a US one because their accessing the site from a IP
address that is in that country or city. We’ll talk more about
outsourcing later.
I also want to mention that you should strive to do your
absolute best to make sure you get good reviews. These
reviews are Everything on Fiverr, people won’t buy from you if
you have several bad reviews or your review rating is less than
This means you must have these 3 things:
1. Great communication skills – reply as quickly as you can
whenever possible
2. Over delivering and delivering great quality are essential, this
is easy to do by simply offering a related bonus or more than
your listing says you’ll give them.
5rr Fast Cash Formula 8
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3. Complete everything before the deadline you choose - It
should be something you can easily follow, I recommend you
choose 24 hours until you get some reviews then 3 to 5 days (if
it gets to be too much for you), unless you’re not on the
internet checking email that often in that case extend it to 7
days max. You can always ‘pause’ your gig if you don’t expect to
be checking it very often.
Adding A Gig
Adding a new gig is extremely easy. Go to ‘Seller’ then ‘My Gigs’
now select ‘Add a new gig’
The first thing you need to add is what you’ll actually do for $5,
this is the most important part of the gig so make sure you have
both a descriptive and appealing sentence… it will actually
show up on the site as “I will (what you’ll do) for $5” so keep
that in mind when you write that out. You should capitalize 1st
letters of words and capitalized all letters of 1 word that is the
most important for example: “I Will Give You 3 Secrets To Rank
On The First Page Of YOUTUBE For $5”
Now select the best category possible for your gig.
Next you need a description; the description should be an
expansion of the headline. Tell them what you will do and try to
describe all the benefits and features they’ll get from
5rr Fast Cash Formula 9
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purchasing your gig and try to use your keywords for a little
SEO benefit. Make sure your description isn’t too short
otherwise people will suspect you don’t care that much about
the quality of work you do, in general. You can even tell them
they’ll be making a good purchase or incentivize them with an
additional bonus, whenever you’re in doubt check out other
top related gigs.
Next you need to add some instructions to your buyer, be brief
yet tell them everything you need and remind them you need
their response before you can start working on the gig. You
should also thank them for purchasing your gig, which will
improve their overall experience and makes them more willing
to purchase from you again. Please understand that even if you
are selling information products in your gig you will have to
wait for them to respond before you can deliver the product.
Now you need to add tags, these will be used to place your gig
in the listings so make sure you use the best tags possible to
increase the amount of people who will see your gig. Use as
many relevant tags as you can. Go and look up the top Gigs on
Fiverr for that subject and copy their tags. Another good way to
approach tags is to come up with some 2 or 3 word phrases
that people will be commonly searching for on Fiverr.
You’ll have to then put in the maximum number of days to
complete the gig, like I said earlier I try to stick with 3 to 5 days
5rr Fast Cash Formula 10
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(once I have reviews). This gives you some time in case
something comes up or you’re out of town for the weekend.
You can also choose to offer ‘Express Delivery’ which means
your gig will be done in 24 hours, the advantage is Fiverr will
show an express or express delivery tag on your listing and link
to express gigs just below the search box. I’d actually
recommend you start off using this until you get some reviews
because otherwise it’s hard to compete with others who
already have positive reviews.
The bottom line is if you continue providing the 24 hour turn
around you’ll get more sales, but you also have to be on the
ball and willing to always check your email. If you do use this I
recommend you complete the gigs as soon as you get them in
or check your email just to be sure you get them done in 24
hours and don’t forget about them. It’s also wise to pause your
gigs when you know you’re not going to check it within 24
hours then reactivate them once you are.
Next you’ll add an image; the image should look like its high
quality and it should stand out if at all possible. You should
have the rights to use whatever image you use so be careful, if
you don’t someone could report your gig and get it shut down.
Browse around Fiverr in another tab if you want some ideas for
your image. If you don’t know what to do… create a simple
graphic in your image editor. Make it a black, red or dark
5rr Fast Cash Formula 11
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background and use bright colored text like yellow, red or even
white – this will make it stand out giving you more exposure.
You may add more images if you want to.
Now double check everything and click ‘Save’
Next you have the option to add a video; Fiverr gives
preference to gigs with videos so you should consider adding a
video. Fiverr will give you even more preference if you mention
Fiverr in your video as well. A video is not required but if you
want more sales it’s a good idea to create one.
Once you publish your gig it should be in the results on Fiverr
instantly and you can always edit your gig and try out new
things to increase sales.
Maximizing Exposure
Try and do some quick social media promotion if you can to get
some traffic coming in right away, if you do more promotion
you’ll get more sales… it’s not a requirement but it can help you
out… I’ll talk more about traffic later!
You can also publish up to 20 gigs in your account and each of
those gigs link to your other gigs so you’ll get more exposure
overall. Your goal should be to have 20 gigs to maximize the
amount of people who see your gigs. Then simply change or
remove the poor gigs and replace them with gigs that you want
5rr Fast Cash Formula 12
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to test out so that eventually you have 20 gigs that each sell
well and that are quick & easy to fulfill. Just think 20 gigs that
make only 3 sales per week on average is:
20 gigs x 3 sales x 4 weeks x $4 profit = $960 per month
(Plus back end profits!)
It’s worth it right?
Building A List
There are several ways to get Fiverr buyers on your list. Heck
you can even get people on your list even if they don’t buy your
I’m not completely sure if this breaks Fiverr’s terms of service
or not but several gig posters and I have posted website links in
our gig descriptions and I just checked there are still many
people doing this.
What you do is simply in your description you offer a ‘free
sample’ or ‘bonus’ of your gig and then simply tell them to go
to your website to get their free sample. You’re website URL
should be an email capture (squeeze) page. You simply ask
them to sign up to get the free sample sent to their email.
Here’s a big secret strategy to get gig buyers on your email list
every time, but it may cause you to get some negative ratings
5rr Fast Cash Formula 13
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(it’s hard to say) also it only works for PC so the buyer must Not
have a MAC if they do simply give them a version of the
product that doesn’t use this (I’ll explain another strategy in a
minute that you can use)…
Boomerang List Builder
What you do is save your guide in a zip file and any bonuses
you decided to include. Then run Boomerang List Builder it’s an
exe so if you use a MAC you’ll need to run Parrallels.
When the software loads 1st browse for the zip file on your
computer, then click next. Now name the file, so whatever
you’re giving away name it that… or use the same name as your
zip file, click next. Next select ‘Immediate Registration’ and
Next. Choose fixed and add 4 or 5 numbers you’ll remember
into the box and write them down for later.
Now you need a squeeze page which can be super simple and
general so you can use it for multiple products/gigs. Something
along the lines of “Please Register Your Copy Below” then add
an opt-in form.
You can skip the custom icon, click next and then choose no for
Affiliate link. For support add an email or help desk then click
next. For Master Unlock select no and you can skip the terms of
service by clicking next. Now save the file something similar to
5rr Fast Cash Formula 14
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the zip file you originally created and save it in a location you
will remember.
You still need to set up your autoresponder… we have the opt
in form where they register their copy of the software but they
need to be redirected to the 4 or 5 number code you input into
the software a little while ago… that number will allow them to
unlock the file so they can access it from that point on (they
only have to put in the code once). So you can simply redirect
them to a page with the code on it or you can send them an
email which contains the code in it.
That’s it!
If you don’t want to use the software another thing you can do
is send your buyers to a squeeze page which then directs them
to your product download page. The squeeze page in this case
should be something specific to the product they requested
and can say something along the lines of “Register for lifetime
updates” …this could also be a membership site script like
Wishlist which can add those who register onto your email list.
You can also link to the product at the bottom of the squeeze
page, so that Fiverr buyers don’t complain about having to opt
in (some still might).
Awesome Gigs
5rr Fast Cash Formula 15
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So now we can finally start talking about awesome gigs, I’m
going to give you several ideas but don’t be limited to these
ideas and it’s not wise to create a gig where there is a lot of
competition, at least not until you have credibility. I’m going to
give you a ton of great gig ideas you can totally easily set up,
but make sure your gig is unique so you stand out!
I also wanted to mention hiring someone to do the gigs for you.
You have a few options since most of these gigs are simple
quick things you might want to hire a Virtual Assistant to keep
up with all of them, I’d recommend hiring someone to work
part time a few hours each day (this is best for 24 hour gigs).
There are a hand full of sites you could go to hire a virtual
assistant http://onlinejobs.ph is one good place you could also
look on http://craigslist.org.
You can also hire people by the job to do simple jobs that you
don’t want to do. A few really low cost places you can go
include http://microworkers.com/ and
https://www.mturk.com/mturk/ both are about the cheapest
places I know to get simple work done, feel free to use those
sites to browse around for ideas for new gigs to try and also
keep in mind that you’ll have to require a few days for delivery
since it’s hard to get the jobs done right away.
Once you have a bunch of gigs coming in it might be nice to just
hire a few people to take care of the work so you can collect
5rr Fast Cash Formula 16
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some passive cash and work on other things – keep that in
mind when we talk about the gigs.
Instant Gigs
The easiest gigs to maintain are instant gigs. These gigs simply
are where you are done with the gig instantly. I like these the
best since there is opportunity to make back end profits and
this takes little to no work once you have the product or
Let’s talk about the ideal product to list on Fiverr and keep in
mind a product can be information in forms such as a report,
book, audio or video… it can also be software. Guess what’s
even cooler?
You can use private label rights (PLR) or resell rights products
(RR/MRR) for this and Fiverr has no problem with it. There are a
ton of sites to find these resell rights products and some of
them sell for very cheap or are given away for free.
Go do a quick search on Google for a niche and PLR, MRR or RR.
You can even use Fiverr article writers to write your
information product for you… just hire them to write several
articles that solve that particular problem. Make sure that the
topic you choose is one that content can easily be found in, if
5rr Fast Cash Formula 17
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you follow my recommendations below that shouldn’t be a
problem at all.
Before you go setting up a gig you should consider what makes
an ideal instant gig?
An ideal instant gig provides an instant solution or a solution
highly desired. It’s best to stick to 1 problem and 1 solution
products and you should create separate gigs for each related
solution within that niche, be sure to pick a niche that has
several problems they need solved. Why would you create
related gigs?
Because it gives you a big advantage… if you have related gigs
you get more exposure to each of your gigs in that niche
because if someone is searching for that niche chances are they
are looking to find a solution or solutions you provide. This sets
you up for the chance to provide what they are looking for or
provide multiple solutions to them so instead of a single $5 sale
you may make $15, $20 or more off your gig buyers – would
you rather have only $5?
Didn’t think so, the way Fiverr is set up it shows your related
gigs when someone clicks on one of your gigs, so that means
they can see you have several gigs in that category and may buy
more from you. That’s not good enough though because most
people won’t pay much attention to the related gigs you have.
5rr Fast Cash Formula 18
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To overcome this problem you should link to all your related
gigs in the download you deliver to your buyer. If you’re giving
them a PDF then post links in the PDF, if you’re not, create a
readme with links to your other gigs or a shortcut to your Fiverr
profile page which shows your other gigs. You should also get
them on your list either with links like we just mentioned or use
the list building tactics we mentioned earlier. Now a $5 sale
which would bring in $4 profit turns into $20 in gig sales and a
buyer on your list which you can sell affiliate products or do
CPA offers to – how freakin’ cool is that?
An ideal main niche is one that is fairly large so you can get a lot
of traffic and buyers coming to your gig. You’re going to solve
specific common problems within that niche. Your niche should
also be one that people buy several products in so that you can
make several sales instead of just 1.
Also don’t be the expert in 7 niches all in one Fiverr account… it
just won’t look right and people will assume you’re not as much
of an expert. To overcome this issue you should create more
than one Fiverr account and cover 5 niches or less in each one.
I’d like to give you some examples of niches you could go into
just to make this clear and easy for you…
5rr Fast Cash Formula 19
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Internet Tech How To’s
Internet Traffic & Sell More _____
Make/Save/Manage Money (don’t use dollar amounts or hypey
make money online language because Fiverr will close your gig)
You get the idea, that should give you a big start and help you
figure out many great products you could sell as gigs. If you
want more ideas go and browse Amazon.com (books/kindle) or
the Clickbank marketplace and look at popular products… there
are a ton of possibilities! Make sure you provide your contact
details, additional products/services they can buy and ask for a
Quick Research Pro
Quick research pro is the method of quickly finding something
that many take less internet savvy people several hours. This
does require some work, but overall you shouldn’t need to
spend more than 20 minutes especially when you get good at it
5rr Fast Cash Formula 20
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and be sure to include your contact details along with
additional services you offer. When you deliver ask for a
To do this method you simply need to find a site or some sites
that help you find what you’re looking for. The main focus of
this method should be in the travel category on Fiverr. You
could also do keyword/niche research or domain name
research for internet marketers.
So there are 4 main options with regards to travel and this
Cheap/Best Hotels – there are several websites which feature
prices of hotels and ratings, simply Google for these sites and
spend a few minutes finding a few of them. Then bookmark
those sites and use them for your gig. An over delivery bonus
could be a few options instead of just the 1 result and that’s
likely to get you more positive reviews. I would rank them by
your main purpose and give any details why they might choose
a 2nd or 3rd option instead like location, quality, price…
Cheap/Best Flights – once again there are several websites you
can use to search through flights. You should approach this
method exactly the same as the hotels method above and
make sure you over deliver results the same way.
5rr Fast Cash Formula 21
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Best Food – this method is very similar to the above methods
but this time you’re searching for best restaurants. You can
choose a specific type of restaurant to focus on or you can go
more general. Once again be sure to over deliver.
Things To Do/Deals – whenever someone goes on a vacation
they always want to find fun things to do so if you can quickly
browse around Google or even daily deal sites to find fun things
to do then you can provide a service that people will want. Be
sure to offer a hand full of options at the very least.
The cool thing about this method is you can be specific or
general in your gigs. So your gig could be for a specific location
or a specific type of result or even both. Then you could have
more related gigs by choosing another area of interest or type
of result.
One thing you could do is be the travel expert for a certain area
where you have a gig for each of the above options for that
area. Chances are you’ll have some people buying all 4 of your
gigs – that’s $16 profit
Also for results that don’t change often like hotels and
restaurants if you did the specific gig once you already have the
results and you don’t even need to search for them again –
that’s instant no work money!
5rr Fast Cash Formula 22
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Push Button
Push button gigs are those that use software to do the work for
you. These are often the hottest sellers, if your software
produces results people want. Most of the time this method
requires a startup cost since you’ll have to purchase the right
software to accomplish the task.
If you’re really low on money you can use a virtual version of
popular software at a site like this http://extremeseotools.com
However, I recommend you respect the original product
creator and buy the actual software from them once you have
the funds to do so.
Of course there is some free software that you can use to
provide results for your buyers but these usually require a
larger time investment. One such method is delivering YouTube
views. There are several credit exchange sites which offer
YouTube views and lots of people want this service but don’t
know how to get views to their video. I’ve tried several of these
sites and the best one I’ve found is http://vagex.com/
You can also offer traffic to other social media sites like twitter,
Google+ and Facebook using software and that will be a hot
seller as well.
Another gig I’ve done great with in the past is article spinning.
Here’s the link to a report I wrote about how to quickly spin 1
5rr Fast Cash Formula 23
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article into 50 without having to manually add spin syntax.
Download it here if you’re interested
When you deliver these gigs make sure that you provide a
report that shows what you did and try to deliver more than
you said you would or a bonus of some kind just to keep the
positive reviews coming in, include your contact details and
additional services as well as ask for a review.
There are a lot of other options as far as getting software to do
the work for you and you can make a lot of money with these
ultra-popular gigs, just keep in mind the amount of time it takes
you to complete a gig and ask yourself if it’s really worth $4?
Another great method that works really well for this type of gig
is what I call a Fiverr joint venture. What you do is simply find
someone who has a hot selling gig related to getting traffic and
then ask them to put your contact info and information about
your higher priced ‘SEO’ service along with their affiliate link in
the file/report they send to the gig buyer.
You’ll have to set up a website to fully explain/sell your service
and you’ll have to have a set price in order to effectively do
this. You also need to give your joint venture partner credit for
the sale. To do this you simple need to give them an affiliate
link to use, a simple to use online affiliate software like
5rr Fast Cash Formula 24
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http://payspree.com will work well for this. If the gig buyer
contacts you by phone or email then simply ask how they heard
about your service and manually send a payment via Paypal to
your Fiverr joint venture partner.
This is an amazing method since you can outsource all the work
and pay your Fiverr joint venture partner a nice additional
income compared to their $4 profits for no additional work on
their part – if you can get a few top gig sellers you’re going to
make $1,000s! Of course SEO is just one thing you could do,
there are many more possibilities to take advantage of this
amazing method.
Featured Sniper
This method can bring in a ton of sales, but may require more
work on your part – so if you have more time and really need
the money consider doing this.
The first thing you need to do is go to Fiverr.com and look at all
the gigs labeled ‘Featured’ for whatever category you choose.
Look through more than 1 category to increase your options.
Next go and check out featured gigs that look interesting to
you, specifically gigs that you think you can duplicate easily and
preferable relatively quickly. Now I’m sure you already know
5rr Fast Cash Formula 25
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the next step since you’re smart. You’ll simply create a gig
offering the same service or put a slight twist on it.
Once your gig is approved set it to 24 hours, if you can and get
some traffic to it outside Fiverr (we’ll talk about that in a
minute). Once you reach 30+ sales for your gig and have 100%
positive feedback you’re ready to explode your sales!
Go to the support link on Fiverr and request to be a ‘Featured’
gig. Once you’re featured you’ll get a ton of sales and it’s as
simple as that!
Gig Traffic
You can sit around and wait for the traffic to come to you on
Fiverr but if you want quicker results you may want to
implement some quick traffic techniques. The best time to get
this going is when your gig is new so after it gets approved go
and start actively sending people to your new gig.
One quick thing you can do is go on Facebook and search for
Fiverr or gig and there will be some groups that show up. Join
the groups and then post your gig in them – it’s that simple.
Speaking of social media, that is a good way to send traffic to
your gig. You can use a social bookmarking service you like or
pay someone on Fiverr to submit your gig to social
bookmarking sites.
5rr Fast Cash Formula 26
© CashQuickStart.com All Rights Reserved
Another thing you can do is pay someone on Fiverr who has a
social media following in your niche to give your gig exposure. I
know there are people on Fiverr who have a following related
to internet marketing but it’s harder to find them outside that
group and I wouldn’t recommend paying for someone to send
out to their following if it’s unrelated.
One more options is to send people to a blog or website
instead of Fiverr. The blog can be a free blog using Blogger or a
Weebly website. You could also use a self-hosted site.
On your site you simply list out your gigs which you can copy
and paste the information directly from Fiverr. You can also list
out other services you’re willing to do for more than $5… to
increase your profits.
The final traffic method I recommend is a YouTube video. You
could also use the same video for your Fiverr gig listing,
mention who you are and talk about some benefits of your gig.
Make sure you link to your gig or Fiverr profile in the
description first and then have a call to action.
Fiverr Arbitrage
It’s time to think larger than Fiverr! I love arbitrage since you
can make some great money without doing anything more than
sending a few messages. What you do is find audiences who are
5rr Fast Cash Formula 27
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willing to pay more for a service than Fiverr gig sellers are
willing to do it for. In this case you’re going to offer services for
more than $5 on places outside Fiverr, and then you’re going to
hire those on Fiverr to complete the job.
To ensure your success you should have a few service providers
that you tried out yourself and know they produce quality.
When you create your sales page or sales website always focus
on making it look good and professional, this makes people
believe you offer a quality service. Next focus on the benefits of
the service offered… you can usually get that from the Fiverr
gigs you’re going to pay to do the service. If you need more
information about the service simply contact the Fiverr seller
and ask them… testimonials are good to have too!
So where do you go to offer these services?
Internet marketing forums and webmaster forums are a good
choice, many of them have a services offered section. You’ll
post your information there and be sure to get samples if
needed from the original gig seller. Another option is other gig
selling websites or ‘Fiverr clones’ which allow you to charge
more. You can also create your own website and then flip that
website on flippa.com later on. I’ve made over $1,500 flipping
these sites so I know they’re hot sellers.
What kind of services should you offer?
5rr Fast Cash Formula 28
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Good question, anything related to traffic is a great service to
offer. This means social media traffic/likes/views/+1s…
backlinks and SEO related. Another service you can offer is
article writing there is always a demand for article writers, since
many internet marketers need content and don’t like to write
articles… take advantage!
Of course there are more services you can offer just look
around Fiverr and you’ll come up with some good ones.
Final Thoughts
Now you have all the information you need to be a Fiverr
expert and bring in a ton of easy sales. The absolute best thing
you can do is get a bunch of gigs going Today! Don’t wait, it
doesn’t take that much time to set these up. You can even go
the Arbitrage or JV route if you would prefer that. If you don’t
take action you’re not going to make a dime so put in a little
effort, deliver quality and go back and look through this guide
to make sure you have everything covered and I’m confident
you’ll be making money with this information in no time.
5rr Fast Cash Formula 29
© CashQuickStart.com All Rights Reserved
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