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100% Super Power Importation Business for Nigerians

100% Super Power Importation Birthday Free Gift......
My Newly Discovered Step
By Step Ultimate Super
Redefined Mini Importation
Secret That turn Just
#20,800 Into #450,000
Within 25 Days.
My Newly Discovery Importation Secret That Will
Show You some product that make more money for
you instead of the popular s4,s5 and co some infomarketer
are shouting about. This product will make
you a millioniare within a shot period of time.
Surely it will be a better 2015 for us all because am about
to reveal to you a GOLDMINE you have never come across
before. This secret is one of the best I have lay my hands
on and that’s why I have decided to create this wonderful
manual so that every serious minded Nigerian that are
willing to take action will always smile to the bank.
I am not going to tell you stories but will just go straight to
the point and tell you how I was able to make close to
#450,000 naira within 25days and how you too can achieve
same result.
Note- this manual contains so many vital information’s
that you need to take note of and not make any mistake
because you are about to become a millionaire.
So let’s stop talking and move down to business. Business
men don’t talk too much but deals with actions.
Firstly, Congratulate me as the New Marketing Agent In
Nigeria Of This Wonderful Company based in HongKong
Where we are going to be getting our product.
See Prove Below.....
Just check the About Us section of this website to see
proof.... www.wholesalechinacommodity.com.
After you have finish reading and catching all the amazing
discovery that am about to show you, just email or call me
for consulation and i will be willing to guide you through.
Take a look at this product below.......
This product above is for penis enlargement, and i can boldly
tell you that this product sells like crazy on all of the online
store you know, including here Nigeria and other country
around the world, you can as well make thousands of naira
Now buying this product on the website just reveal to you
above cost only $7 which is #1470 in Nigerian currency.
if you are to sell this stuff here, it will go for at least #7,000 to
#10,000. let say you are to sell for #7,000 - #1,470 which is your
purchase price, then you are making #5,530.
Now, take a look at this calculation, lets say you have $85 which
you use to buy the socalled galaxy s5 and sell for #30,00, so
minus $85 which #17,850 if you are calculating #210 per dollar,
then you will be making #12,150.
But if you are using the same $85 to buy this same penis
enlargement which is going to be 12 pieces out of the $85 that
you have, each of this sell for #7,000*12pieces= #84,000 -
#17,850 your $85 purchase price = #66,150 as pure profit.
So now tell me, which profit will you go for, the #66,150 or
#12,150? Decide for yourself.
Here is another awesome product that can also make you
thousands of naira within a shot period of time.....
Look at this Grooming Stencil Makeup Shaping DIY that cost for
just $1.59 for 24 pieces. Do you know that just a single piece of
this goes for #800 here? $1.59 is just #333.9.
lets say you are selling one for #800*24pieces = #19,200 -
#333.9 =#18,866.1.
Lets say you have $100 to order for this product, you can
actually get 63 set of these for $100.17 at the rate of $1.59 per
set. the totall pieces will be 1512 pieces.
Now lets say you want to even sell at the rate of #500 per
pieces just to beat competitors then here is the calculation...
#500*1512 pieces = #756,000 - #21,035.7 which is your $100.17
startup capital, then your pure profit will be #756,000 -
#21,035.7 = #734,965.3 pure profit.
This Is amazing right?........ See more below
This breast enlargement is also for ladies that has small breast
and want to enlarge it. these product is also a hot cake in the
market, it also goes for $15 on the online store which is #3,150.
This can be sold here for #10,000 to #15,000. ok, lets say you
are selling for #10,000 - #3,150 which is your capital = #6,850
What if you buy 6 pieces with your $90 capital= 6*10,000 =
#60,000 - #18,900 which is your capital = #41,100 pure profit.
Is this not cool profit for you? if you know all this secret and
implement them, then there is no way you would not make at
least #10million naire at the end of 2015.
So Let’s Hit It…
These are all the quality stuff you can get from the store
and they can even brand any product you get from them
with your own name free of charge.
check other amazing product below....
GPS Tracker that sells for $35/#7,350 here and can be
sold for #20,000 to #30,000 here.
Brand New Iphone 5 sold for $250/#52,500 and can be
sold for #80,000
Below are top quality product/goods that you can get
1. Phones of any brands
2. Laptops
3. Brazilian Hair
4. Male/Female Bags
5. Suits
6. Male/Ladies Sandals
7. Phone Charger
8. Phone/Laptops Power Bank
9. Projector
10. Belts
11. Computer Accessories
12. Flash Drives
13. External DVD drive
14. Ties
15 Wrist watches
16 Male/Female ear Rings/Necklace
17 Phones/Laptops Batteries.
18 Designer T-shirts Like Raph Laurel, Tommy etc
And So Much More
Now this is why I love this merchant, you don’t need a 3rd
party to help you transact any deal, you deal directly with
You have no reason not to start this lucrative biz, I can
guaranteed that you are 100% percent safe with them. I
am now a household name there now, that is to tell you
how far I have gone, all you have to do is just to
mention that you are from Mr Henry Effiong then come
for consultation and you will receive the best
treatment ever.
Here is one secret that you don’t know but will reveal that
to you now. Have you ever wondered why konga and jumia
sells cheap product? I was told by my very good friend
there that they too buy their entire product from them too.
No wonder they have lot of money to spend around on
advert, this konga and jumia makes millions of naira
monthly importing from this powerful merchant, so why
can’t you start your own mini importation biz with as little
as #20,000 and rake in thousands of naira monthly?
Like I said, I have created a perfect relationship with them
that you should not bother about being scam; all you have
to do is mention Mr Henry Effiong and you are good to go.
They are 100% guaranteed.
How Can You Pay Your Goods?
Now you have 2 options to make payment when ordering
for your goods, you either pay to their main account
through wire transfer or you pay through their partners
here in Nigeria. This is a big secret you would not want to
disclose to anybody.
Their partners in Nigeria that will help in making payment
are also the ones that will also help you in shipping your
goods down here at more affordable and cheaper rate.
This merchant knows the Nigerian terrain very well so you
have nothing to worry about, they also makes it easier for
you reaching them on Skype, Whatapp, Bbm and email
just to make it easy for you and you will also get response
almost immediately.
They don’t you to go through the stress of picking product
without anybody assisting you, they update you with new
product every blessed day.
How You Ship Your Goods To Your Address Cheaply.
Now here is the part I love most, unlike the so-called
courier giant called DHL,EMS and FEDEX where you have
to cough out $40 for just 1kg goods. this merchant prefer
you to go with a cheaper courier service where you can
ship you goods for as low as $13 per kg.
Like I said earlier, this courier service will be the ones to
help you send your cash to them within 2 hours and notify
them and the merchant themselves will start processing
your goods to arrive NIGERIA within 10 days of purchase.
You don’t have to worry about custom wahala because
your $13 will help you with all the stress. Note- if you are
outside Lagos, you will have to pay extra fee for your goods
to be brought down to you, except you are in Lagos then
you are free to go pick it up at their office without any
charges apart from the $13 per kg you paid for.
You can as well come through me for transfer and
collection of goods, we will help you monitor and bring your
goods quickly to Nigeria. we are doing this cos of the delays
we have had with other courier services.
You have just discovered a GOLDMINE, so just go ahead
and start taking advantage of now. I am doing this and
making millions of naira with it without stress.
How You Can Make Payments To This Merchant Store
In Naira.
Now like I told you before that they have partner like me
and others, so just send the cash to them, within 2 hours
merchant will get the payment and start processing your
Here are the contact of the merchant, just contact them
through whatapp, skype and bbm or you can send mail to
them telling them what you want and you are good to go.
Contact Details.
These are contact of their customer representative: SALES
+86-18926510678 ( CAN CALL HIM ON VIBER FREE OR
hkshoppingmall1@yahoo.com ( chat with him )
leewinstar19@yahoo.com ( chat with him )
leewinstar@gmail.com ( business email )
skype: leewinstar1
+86-18666213234 (for WhatsApp & Viber)
rony007ch@yahoo.com (chat with me)
rony0077ch@gmail.com (business email)
Skype : rony007ch1
You can chat with them anytime you want and to have a
better customer friendly approach, just tell them you are
from Mr Henry Effiong.
THEIR MOBILE NO: ------------
My Millionaire Secret
Jumia, Konga, 1500naira, Traclist, egoleshopping,
depearl.com etc. most especially Jumia and Konga are one
of the richest online store in Nigeria, here is what I plan
doing to enable me become one of the top owner of online
store. I am building my own online store now which is
going to be one of the biggest stores ever.
I am going to be doing a massive promotion on it and it will
surely be a household name in months to come. You can as
well do the same because the space is wide enough for
everyone. Nigeria is about 170million people so just 5
online store making wave in Nigeria cannot serve
Like my big bros Mr Patrick said that Jumia made 6 billion
naira in less than 2 years of operation, can you beat that?
And that Jumia has just been sold to a foreign company for
undisclosed amount of dollars… wooow! This is awesome;
this is why I have decided to build my own online store and
rake in billions too (abi who no like moni?).
You can use our services if you need an ecommerce store.
Just call me, Henry Effiong and I will give you the best
deal ever. 07062670510
This manual is very simple right?
Less I forget, do you know that you can also brand your
product with your name using this merchant? Surprise
right? But here is how to achieve that, if you are buying
more than 20pcs of any product of your choice then you
are 100% qualified of branding your product with your own
Imagine yourself growing big and competing with the likes
of techno and co, big money I must say.
How To Market Your Product Easily Before They Even Arrive


This are free classified website that you can advertise your
product here in Nigeria, there are thousands of people
coming here daily just to buy. All you have to do is register
and place the picture and description of what you want to
sell and that’s all.
Another way of selling your product easily is creating a fan
page for you goods also, and then anytime your goods
arrives you just to update it there.
Good luck
Do you want to become a professional information
marketer? I can help you out.
You can book for my one on one intensive
training on Fiverr, Binary And Virtual Football
Bet and make at least $1,500 monthly
Training Fee Is #15,000
Call 07062670510
Welcome to the millionaires club.
Compiled by:-
Henry Effiong
CEO: - Global Business Impact Ltd
Website: - http://www.henryeffiong.com
Phone: - 07062670510


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