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Fiverr Cash Flow

Welcome to Fiverr Cash Flow

You cannot print, share or sell any of the information this report contains.
The content within this report is for personal use only.
Fiverr Cash Flow
The author of this ebook cannot guarantee you or anyone else any specific amounts of money that will be made with this method, if any. The method worked for the author but it does not mean it will work for you or anyone else, especially if you are not willing to put in the time and effort to make it work.
Fiverr Cash Flow
Hello there and Welcome to Fiverr Cash Flow!
First of all I’d like to congratulate you on a wise decision to invest in this report.
I’m excited and you should be as well because what you’ve invested today will come back to you multiplied at least 50 times, in the next 30 days!
So who am I?
My name is Art (that’s my picture below), I live in Portugal and I’m lucky enough to say that today I’m making a full time income online.
I started working online in 2007 and back then I was doing translations jobs. I did quite well but after about two years I realized that there’s a ceiling to what I’ll be able to ever make with it. It wasn’t very high and that’s why I decided to move on and look for something that I can make more money with a lot quicker.
Fiverr Cash Flow
I tried to make money with different Internet Marketing business models but nothing seemed to work for me… I was jumping from one thing to another, never really mastering anything and I didn’t manage to make almost any money!
Fortunately, after some time, I managed to put my mind into it and finally did figure things out on my own… I’m treating the money I lost in the process as an investment in myself – I’ve learnt a lot, mainly about things that Don’t Work 
Fiverr was one of the sites that I stumbled upon, tried it and it worked! I’m still making money with it today. I have to say - it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to actually start making money online with Zero Investment!
Since it was launched back in February 2010, it is growing and expanding each year. Currently it is listing over 1.3 million services and it is ranked in the top 200 websites in the World!
But let’s jump straight into this Money Making Method!
Fiverr Cash Flow
What’s the story?
Fiverr was one of the sites I was experimenting with. I opened more than a dozen accounts, selling different gigs and trying to see what works and what doesn’t.
Of course Fiverr initially pays you (only) $4 per sale so the key is not to spend much time delivering the gigs, right?
The problem is that you still need to provide value to the buyer and nowadays many of the Fiverr sellers (that you’ll be competing with!) are willing to put in a lot of time and effort into their Fiverr Gigs!
So what did I discover?
There are certain types of gigs that are in constant need! One of my accounts literally exploded after getting a few initial sales and Positive Feedback from buyers. And the best thing about it is that if you’ll set it up right, it takes only 5-10 minutes to deliver each gig! This means you can easily make $24-$48 an hour doing this 
What we will be doing?
The answer is – WRITING ARTICLES, REVIEWS and TESTIMONIALS. And no, you don’t need to have a degree in English Literature to do it effectively! What we will be actually doing is re-writing articles, reviews and testimonials in less than 5-10 minutes! I’ll show you exactly what kind of gigs we’ll be setting up and how we should be delivering them to maximize the profits and minimize the time spent! We’ll go into more detail further into the method…
Fiverr Cash Flow
Let’s start from the beginning…
Account Creation
The best way to break into successful selling on Fiverr is to create an account that will be focused on one certain type of gigs. Many people just sign in with facebook, create random gigs in different categories and hope for the best… We will do it the right way!
So we will have to create a new Fiverr account and name it accordingly to what we’ll be doing. Try to look for names like ‘article_writing’, ‘reviews_testimonials’ or something similar. You can also go more personal with ‘articles_by_john’ or whatever your name is… This will actually help you to rank better in the Fiverr search results!
Gig Creation
The two main categories we will be creating gigs in are ‘Writing & Translation - Creative Writing & Scripting’ and ‘Writing & Translation – Reviews’. The other categories we will use for more exposure (by basically creating the same gigs but wording them a bit differently) are ‘Writing & Translation - SEO Keyword Optimization’ (for SEO optimized articles/blog posts), ‘Writing & Translation - Website Content’ and ‘Writing & Translation - Other’.
Again, it is very important to word both the title of the gig and the description differently from the gigs you already have created. If you won’t, Fiverr will remove them and there is a chance they will only do so after some time (just when they’ll notice it) and you’ll lose all your Positive Feedback from buyers which is Essential to achieve success on Fiverr!
Fiverr Cash Flow
When creating a new gig make sure to add the keywords to the title, throughout the description and also in the tags. Also add the word ‘Fiverr’ a couple of times in the gig’s description (by writing something like ‘If you are looking for someone to write an article for you here on Fiverr, seek no more!’ etc). Again, by doing this, your gig will be ranked higher in the searches.
When it comes to delivery time, I suggest this: When your account is brand new, offer a fast delivery (one day, two days max). That’s how you’ll get the first sales and Positive Feedback from your first 10 buyers. Once you’ll have 10 Positive Feedback’s from your buyers and your account will be 30 days old, it will automatically be promoted to ‘Level 1 Seller’! As a ‘Level 1 Seller’ you’ll be able to add ‘Gig Extras’ to your gigs and that’s where you start making much more profit (up to $30 per gig!).
So once you are a ‘Level 1 Seller’ do this: set up your article/blog post gigs to a 4 day delivery with an option to deliver Extra Fast (+$5) in 1-2 days. For reviews/testimonials gigs do 2 days delivery and 1 day Extra Fast. These alone will double your earnings per gig!
Fiverr Cash Flow
Your next goal is to become a Level 2 Seller, which will allow you to charge even more for gigs!
I’ll discuss the other gig extras below, under each category.
So these are the types of gigs we’ll be doing. They are divided into 6 categories. Fiverr allows you to create up to 20 gigs per account so in order to take advantage of that we will reword each gig 2-3 times and post it in a different category for maximum exposure.
Fiverr Cash Flow
To take this to the next level you can create multiple Fiverr accounts but remember that each one will have to be connected to a different PayPal account – if not Fiverr will freeze your account!
Fiverr Cash Flow

Types of Gigs
So these are the 6 categories with a description on what you should do to deliver gigs fast: Articles – people are in constant need of articles. They don’t have the time to write themselves but they need content for their websites, blogs or other places where they would like to publish on. The best part is that they need fresh content non-stop! That’s why they will be coming back to you over and over again  But how to write an original article in 510min? The answer is simple – we will not be writing anything - we will be re-writing different articles! Let’s say someone orders an article about ‘cat health’. What we’ll do is go to www.ezinearticles.com , www.articlesbase.com or www.buzzle.com , find an article of the right size about the topic, copy it to our word file and rewrite it just enough for it to pass the
Copy Scape test (www.copyscape.com or www.plagium.com). You might ask how to re-write an article in 5-10 minutes in a way that it’s good quality for the client? Well, you can do it in a couple of ways… The first way is to do it manually and that is the way I like to do it. Use tricks like changing the second part of the sentence with the beginning, changing different words with their synonyms (in MS Word - right click on the word –> synonyms -> pick one) and simply putting the main idea of the sentences in your own words. The second way is to use article spinners. You can use free ones
(www.freearticlespinner.com and www.bestfreespinner.com ) or paid ones
Fiverr Cash Flow
(www.thebestspinner.com , www.instantarticlewizard.com or others). After using the spinners you will have to proof read the text and see if it makes sense! Remember that you want to deliver a quality article to the buyer! It is very important if you really want to grow your Fiverr business and I can’t stress that enough!
As for the size of articles – you shouldn’t offer more than 300-400 words for $5 (some people offer more but you want to deliver your gigs quickly, right?). What I’d suggest is 300 words for $5 and then with Gig Extras – 600 words $10, 900 words $15 etc.
• SEO Articles – same thing with the only difference of incorporating the buyer’s keywords into the article. The key words should not exceed 1-3% of the entirety of the text.
Gig Extras - the same as articles.
• Blog posts – it is the exact same story as with articles but for more exposure we can create various gigs for different people. Some of them will be looking for articles, some for blog posts but for us it is the exact same thing!
Gig Extras work exactly the same as with articles.
Fiverr Cash Flow
• Article Rewrites – Some people already have an article they would like to publish but they know they can’t just copy-paste it from another site and they don’t have the time to rewrite it themselves. This makes your job even easier since it saves you time with looking for the right article. You’ll only need to rewrite it like you would for any other gig.
Again, Gig Extras will be the same as with an article.
• Reviews – with reviews there are two ways to go. 20% of the buyers will ask you to write a review of their product which later they will upload to their website – in this case you go to Google, type in ‘the_product_name review’ and once you find it, simply rewrite it in your own words.
80% of buyers however will ask you to post a review of their product or service online. They can ask to leave a review on sites like Amazon, Good Reads, Trip Advisor, Google Places, Kudzu etc. This is even simpler because you’ll only need to write around 75-100 words saying how amazing their product/service is. If you are ‘reviewing’ a book you can simply rewrite someone else’s review.
When setting up Gig Extras you can simply do: 1 review $5, 2 reviews $10 etc. Many people will order 2-3 reviews f.e. to review their book on Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble – these are great because you’ll only have to write one review and post it to three sites, cashing in $15 for 100 words 
Fiverr Cash Flow
• Testimonials – very similar to reviews. You’ll get two types of buyers again – people that will ask you to write a testimonial for them to put up on their website (again max 100 words!). The other ones are the ones that want you to publish the testimonial yourself – takes only a minute longer 
Gig Extras will be the same as with Reviews.
Fiverr Cash Flow
Delivery & Promotion
Now when you’ll be delivering the gig there are a few essential things to do that will skyrocket your sales:
- Always give a Free Gift to the buyer! Make them feel like you are really over delivering! Some people offer a second gig for free, a gig extra for free but I like to do something different – give them a Free Ebook! You can go to www.theplrstore.com and buy a few of these for $1-$2 apiece. Why a few? Because if a buyer orders more than one gig you want to give him a different ebook each time! The ebook can be about anything but it would be nice if they could actually use it – your buyer is a busy person outsourcing projects – give him an ebook about productivity or time management 
- What I didn’t mention before is that you also should create a gig saying ‘I will gratefully accept a tip for $5’. No one will buy it but the magic happens when you are delivering your gigs. After explaining to your buyer whatever you need when delivering, say something like ‘If you feel I did a great job feel free to give me a tip – I’d really appreciate it’ and give them the link to the tip gig. Many people will do nothing but the ones that will decide to leave you a tip will increase your income with no extra effort on your part!
- The most crucial part of the gig selling process is asking for Positive Feedback! You want to avoid negative
Fiverr Cash Flow
feedback like fire so drop a line like ‘If you are not satisfied with my delivery, let me know and I’ll fix it for you instantly!’. You also want the buyer to leave Positive Feedback but if you’ll simply ask, only around 50% of people will actually listen to you. That is why we will bribe them! Add a line saying ‘Please leave Positive Feedback, if you will I’ll send you another Free Gift!’. Of course if they do you simply send them another one of the ebooks you’ve bought to give away with your gigs 
- If you did everything right you should be getting new orders from the organic Fiverr searches but you can also promote your gigs outside of Fiverr. There is no point in investing any money in it but you can definitely take advantage of the free tools – Facebook (focus on fb groups – there are even special Fiverr groups created especially for Fiverr users, where people are both looking for gigs and promoting themselves), Twitter (tweet the urls to the Fiverr gigs you want to promote with a short description), LinkedIn (both status updates and groups) and Forum Signatures (this is a big one, especially if you are active on different forums!)
And that’s it! This is the method that has the potential to make you at least $300 a month 
Good luck and hope to hear from you soon!
“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.”

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