Welcome to 9jasalary News & Business Blog: we all have to avoid these. please read to the end.

we all have to avoid these. please read to the end.

[And How To Repent From Them To Achieve Internet Marketing Success]
Written By:
Dr. Ope Banwo
[The Wealth Apostle]
by Dr. Ope Banwo
Copyright 2013
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Dr. Ope Banwo, known online as ‘The Wealth Apostle’, is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Attorney, Author, Motivational Speaker, Internet Coach and Corporate Solutions Provider. He holds several degrees in law including LL.B, B.L, LL.M and a PH.D. He was admitted to the Nigerian Bar in 1986; the New York Bar, USA, 1997 and Fed District Court of Nebraska, USA in 1997.
Dr. Ope Banwo is an internationally acclaimed marketing guru who has helped thousands all over the world get started with making money with his trademark organizations, Internet Newbies Academy and The Wealth Apostle Inc.
He organizes free seminars for youths all over the world on how to harness the power of the internet to achieve financial freedom under the Internet Millionaires Academy platform. He also offers ongoing Mentorship,
Training and Motivation for thousands people on how to make money in business.
As a prolific author, Dr. Ope Banwo has written more than 20 books on different topics including Internet Marketing; Social Media Marketing; Christianity and Business Management. You can find out about his various ventures at his trademark blog: www.TheWealthApostle.com
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I believe everyone has now gone past the debate about the critical nature of social media marketing. It is a safe consensus now that anyone or company not deploying the power of social media to their business is going to go the way of analogue phones very soon
However, while virtually everyone doing business online (and offline too) has opened one social forum account or the other, in the last few years, many are still not getting any appreciable results from their social media marketing efforts.
They sweat; they post; and they interact online but can’t seem to make things happen for their business. The leads are not coming; the sale is non-existent and the business is simply not flowing. In desperation, some even decided to give their products away for free on different social media forums.
Yet, they still do not make anything positive happen to their online business.
While many of these people and businesses are scratching their heads looking for solutions, they simply do not understand that it is their own mistakes, and ignorant miscues on the social media networks that were killing their bank accounts. Due to lack of awareness of their own ‘deadly mistakes’, many online marketers unwittingly left thousands of dollars on the table because of simple mistakes that could be corrected with little knowledge.
Many have quit in frustration, and some are just slaving away in ignorance while their online business efforts continue to wither and die. In their blissful ignorance, they simply spent more time online, and worked harder than ever before doing the same wrong things that kept killing their efforts.
This report will help you solve those ‘little’ and ‘big’ mistakes that are holding you back from making money online.
After being online myself for years, I have studied the mistakes I have made, and those I observed others making and used that knowledge to turn around my
online fortunes. Now I will be sharing that with you in this report
Do not make the mistake of thinking because this book was probably given to you for free, that there is no value in it. That mistake will be really deadly to your online efforts. The book contains over 30 pages of straight no-fluff examination of the 10 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing and gives you practical solutions on how to fix them.
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Cardinal Sin#1:
Lack Of A Detailed And Complete Profile
Contrary to the advice my grandfather used to give me that I should not judge a book by its cover, the reality of social media marketing is that people judge you mostly by your profile which is actually like your book cover.
In this day and age of internet serial killers, scam artists and unscrupulous business people, the first thing most people look at to decide whether you are trust worthy, or good enough to do business with, is your profile.
Yet, many people do not even have pictures or banners on their personal pages or fan pages. Worse, people put pictures that are skewed, or incomplete, because the dimensions of the picture are out of sync with specific dimensions by the media.
For instance if you put a 120x110 picture on your profile on Facebook, it will take it but it will not look pretty at all, since a crucial part of the picture may be cut off
So, if your profile is not complete, or the details of your profile are not well documented, then you are committing a cardinal sin. People will not take you serious and people will not do business with you. It’s that simple
You must provide as much information about you that will give a complete picture of who you are and what you are about.
Tips On How To Repent From This Social Media Sin
Here are some of the things you can do to repent if you are already committing this deadly social media sin
1. Use Attractive Pictures That Comply With Specified Image Sizes
You must have a well done, professional prepared picture, that speaks well of you and your brand. Your page Banner and profile banner must be attractive and professionally done. More importantly, you must take
time to find out the sizes required by each media you join, and ensure that the pictures you post on your profile on the different media match the sizes they specified.
For instance, Facebook sizes are different for profile pictures and banner pictures. The sizes for Twitter are different than the optimal sizes recommended on LinkedIn. You must comply with the rules of profile pictures in each media
People love FUN pictures and pictures that HUMANIZE. You must be very careful about the kind of pictures you post if you really want to use social media for more than just chatting with your friends.
Seriously, nothing is more deadly than not have a good profile picture on your social media page. Your profile picture and banner pictures must reflect the kind of person you are, the business you are in or hope to be in.
People who want to do business with you make up their mind one way or the other first, by looking at your profile. If it does not look good, it does not matter what you know or how good what you offer, they will be gone!
2. List Your Accomplishments And Awards
You want your profile to have a summary of what you have done, what you can do and what you are doing. Everyone likes to do business with somebody who knows what he doing. Whether they admit it or not, most people are looking for ‘experts’ who can help solve their problems.
3. List Your Educational, Training and Course Achievements
People may tell you they don’t care about educational achievements but we have all been conditioned to think that the more degrees someone has, or the more certificates or education he can display, the more intelligent or accomplished he is.
So if you have some education or diplomas, or have attended some seminars, trainings or events, be sure to list them on your profile! Put the pictures as proof that you have been around and learned from the Masters!
Cardinal Sin #2
Lack Of Deliberate Branding And Business Strategy Or Purpose
Why Are You On Social Media? And What Do You Hope To Achieve?
Virtually every serious internet marketer agree that social media is important to the success of their business, both in the short run and in the long run.
However, it is shocking how many internet marketers do not have an articulate or deliberate strategy on how use social media to brand themselves and their businesses.
Many internet marketers and companies are just creating social media profiles without having a clear objective of what they intend to achieve online. While most people and companies understand that they must have a business plan and strategy to succeed in the marketplace, many never sat down and articulate a social media business plan or strategy.
As an internet marker or corporate body, it is counterproductive to just create social media profiles on Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc without having a clear plan in mind about what you want to achieve on these forums.
It is a simple rule of business that if you do not have very clear objectives, your decisions, efforts and actions will be uncoordinated, scattered and bound to end in frustration. After all, as the saying goes ‘if you don’t know where you are going, any road will definitely take you there’. In order words, you will be spinning your wheels without any measurable result.
Also, many of the people that attempted some sort of branding strategy for their social media presence often implement it in an inconsistent manner.
Even some major brands violate this commandment!
It is not unusual to go visit a Facebook page of a super brand and see their layout, graphics and colors and then you visit their LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest pages and see a totally different look and feel. Sometimes the layout and colors of these different media are so different that you may have difficulty associating the different brands together for the same company.
Just as inconsistent branding will undercut the offline brand presence of a company or internet market, the same holds true on the internet. Internet business is not much different from offline business. The only difference is medium of expression and delivery. So, inconsistent branding will hurt you online just as surely as it does offline.
Tips On How To Repent From This Social Media Sin
Here are some of the things you can do to repent if you are already committing this deadly social media sin
1. Write A Social Media Business Plan
You will have to sit down with your team or mentors to document your business objectives and strategies for social media. What do you want to achieve with social media as part of your marketing mix? What are your goals on Facebook; Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and all the other social media accounts you have created? You must articulate this very clearly IN WRITING.
As an internet marketer, you must clarify, in writing, the specific objectives you intend to achieve with each media and how you intend to achieve it. As a corporation, you must ask team how each of your social media accounts fit
into your overall business objectives. It is not enough to just say we want our brand to be noticed online, you must ask yourself exactly how you intend to make that happen.
2. Harmonize Your Social Media Colors, Graphics, Layouts and Postings
For you to maximize social media to build your business brand, you must harmonize all your stuff on all the social media outlets.
Of course, you will not have the same content on all the pages, since each of them have a slightly different focus. For instance a presentation on Pinterest has to be picture based and visual focused, a posting on LinkedIn needs to be cerebral and professional while a Facebook page needs to engage with a variety of fun posting. Videos on YouTube must entertain and inform WHILTE A Twitter post must be brief and to the point. However, you must harmonize the messages you are putting out on these sites and ensure they are essentially saying the same thing as your brand.
Also, photos; colors; graphics and videos are the most memorable parts of any social media. So, you must ensure that your pictures, video presentations, colors, and graphics across the social media have a consistent feel and look. While your posts should be customized for
each social media outlet and its culture, they should still present a consistency through each media.
As a serious professional, you need to engage a professional designer or graphic artist to take a look at you online media materials such as logos, avatars, pictures, graphics, video branding etc and then redesign them in a way that will fit the philosophy of each media while at the same time being consistent with the overall branding image. This is what the big boys do!
3. Deploy Media-Relevant Strategies For Each Different Media
In offline marketing, it is appropriate to have just one single branding and marketing strategy but in social media, while it is critical to remain consistent, you must tailor your branding and strategic expressions to fit the culture and focus of social media.
Many make the mistake of thinking consistency of branding involves posting the same thing on all the social media at the same time. This is wrong and bound to actually make your branding unprofessional in the eyes of people online. Part of making sure you have a deliberate and consistent branding strategy is to ensure that your social media posting STYLE OR FORMAT are APPROPRIATE for each media
A post that is good for LinkedIn may certainly be out of place on Pinterest. Same way, a post that thousands love on Google+ may hardly attract interest on Twitter.
Of course, you can still present the same message on different social media but they must all be presented in different formats and style.
For instance, you can write a long post about your company’s party focusing on the strategy-setting speech of your CEO on LinkedIn and then present the same story on Pinterest by posting funny pictures with one-line descriptions. That same corporate party event may also be presented on Facebook by posting different pictures asking people to comment on the picture of your CEO eating turkey. You can also post a 5 minute clip of same event on Facebook showing people dancing and enjoying themselves in a hilarious way with music background.
Same message…presented in media specific formats. I am sure you get the idea.
Cardinal Sin #3
Lack Of A Deliberate Monetization Strategy
While many companies and internet marketers have implemented some kind of branding strategy, many of those still have not implemented any strategy to monetize their social media presence.
While branding is good, it really does not make sense from a business point of view unless it is adding to the bottom line of the company, or individual, in the long run. Lack of a deliberate media monetization strategy is a cardinal sin in the social media world that will condemn you and your company to the ‘lack-of-money ‘hellfire’. You will be living a lot of money on the table without even understanding what is happening.
Making money with social media is NOT something that happens by accident and neither is it proportionate to the number of fans you have on your pages, or the number of people joining your group or page. A big following on
social media will not automatically translate into a big bank balance, unless you have a strategy to make your followers open their wallets and charge their credit cards in your favor.
In case you still did not get it, please understand this: Having a million likes on your Facebook page; or having 5,000 friends on your Facebook page; or 200,000 following you on Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn is no guarantee that you would make good money on these social media.
Milking money on social media requires calculative strategy and hard work.
Unless you have a solid monetization strategy in place, gathering fans and followers on these social media will just be a waste of social media real estate.
I know this for a fact because I used to have fan pages and groups with hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of group members in more than a dozen Facebook groups but I never made any money from them, because I did not have any strategy to turn those hundreds of thousands of fans into money in my bank account.
I basically created these social media site with a vague idea about using them to create social presence for the
music artistes and movie actors/actresses I was managing at that time.
Due largely to limited knowledge, I did not have any monetization strategy in place to take advantage of the thousands of fans on these pages and groups. Yes, a couple of my pages have had over 400,000 fans in 2 years and I never made a dime on them until I decided to really study internet marketing and come up with a strategy for monetizing those sites.
Now I make a steady income from over 8 of my monetized media sites, and some of them do not even have more than 1,000 followers.
Many people probably already found out, just like I did, that having thousands of fans does not mean anything in the bank for you if you do not have a strategy for increasing your business profits with it.
Bottom line, it is a cardinal sin to assume, or measure your social media marketing success by the number of likes, friends or followers. I often laugh when I hear people boast about how many hundreds of thousands of followers they have on twitter or Facebook or Google+ when they could not even harvest $500 a month income from those followers.
It is never about the number of followers, but about the strength of your monetization strategy
Tips On How To Repent From This Social Media Sin
Here are some of the things you can do to repent if you are already committing this deadly social media sin
1. Learn Effective Social Media Monetization Strategies
There are thousands of people out there who are making 5-figure and 6-figure income, every single month, purely from social media. You need to learn what they are doing and how they are doing it.
First you need to learn how the major social media work. Without understanding how the Social Media really work, you have no hope of learning how to monetize them. You must put the horse before the cart. No amount of sweet sounding plug-ins can help you make money on social media unless you have a fundamental understanding of the social media themselves.
I recommend you get a copy of my 200+ E-Book titled Social Media Messiah. This is a compendium of the 6 major Social Media networks (i.e. Facebook; Google+; Twitter; LinkedIn; Pinterest and YouTube). This awesome compendium explains how each major media
works, and how to develop a strategy for making money on each of them. This book is on a special sale right now for only $17 with some amazing bonuses. I believe it may be the best $17 you ever spent on Social Media marketing. You can get it here now
There are also many other cheap eBooks out there that will teach you how to monetize your marketing efforts on social media such as Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest, Gogggle+, LinkedIn etc.
Get hold of some of them and learn how to monetize today.
2. Use Lead Generation Plugins and Squeeze pages
We all know that traffic is the life blood of any business, whether online and offline. You must therefore have a system of funneling leads from your social media pages to wherever you have your money store, whether online or offline.
Also, it is critical for you to have a way to storing up your leads of people visiting your site so that you can continue to market them. You must learn lead generation techniques using social media. There are plenty of
resources available online, many of them free, that will teach you how to do this on all your social media sites.
An excellent plugin tool I use to get all my posts into over 50 social media, blogs and sites is the sokule system. This system combines all the key plugins into one convenient system and helps me to actualize my strategy for making money on social media.
3. Learn How To Build Relationships On Social Media That Will Enhance Your Marketing Efforts
Social Media is all about relationships and connections. It is not just about posting messages, pictures or videos. People buy from people they know and trust. You cannot achieve trust from people you do not interact with, or connect with, beyond the postings on your wall.
Find out how this is done and implement. Again, there are many resources out there that will teach you how to do this.
Making money on social media is not for the lazy. Just like any offline business, you must really work at developing relationships with your customers if you ever hope to make serious money
Cardinal Sin #4
Separating Your Personal And Business Lives On Social Media
I know that the conventional thinking and training by some ‘experts’ is that you must separate your Personal profile and presence online from your business profile and interests. However, I am going to tell you that’s a cardinal sin. Maybe three years ago, you may do well by separating the two, but in today’s media world, you will be leaving a lot of money on the table if you do not consciously merge or synchronize the two different aspects.
The truth is if you don’t tell your story yourself, others will tell it for you, and most times in a manner that is not complimentary.
People can Google you now and find out your personal profiles and your business profiles. They will not trust you if both are not consistent. They may even think you are a scammer if the information and details about what you do in each are incompatible. Rather than letting people make the connection for themselves, and possibly get it wrong, you are better off making the connection for them on your own terms.
Now please understand that I am not saying you should not have separate business and personal profile pages where it is allowed. I am only saying the two must be connected directly. Smartly connecting your business profile and your personal profile will actually endear you to your followers rather than repel them.
Of course, your business profiles will have mostly business related content while your personal profile will have more personal stuff but the two should not be far from each other. Whether you appreciate it or not, Social Media is now your COMPLETE life.
Your business profile must have a link to your personal profile so that your fans can see your human side. In the same way, your personal profile should be connected with your business profile, so that your friends can know what you are selling and buy from you. After all, you are
more likely to get a credibility reference post from your friend than somebody who does not know you.
The really savvy social media superstars have learnt to MERGE both their personal profile and their business profiles online while also appearing to keep the two separate. Some, particularly those in the training and consulting niches, even pick the SAME NAME for both their personal pages, as well as for their Business Pages. A good case in point is Amy Porterfield, one of the most successful social media giants out there. Her personal profile is Amy Porterfield on Facebook and the same name is used for her business page. She repeated this on several other sites. Since she is very successful with that strategy, she obviously must know what a lot of us don’t know.
Tips On How To Repent From This Social Media Sin
Here are some of the things you can do to repent if you are already committing this deadly social media sin
1. Connect Your Business Profiles And Personal Profile Summaries
Be sure to mention your businesses, and business visions, as part of your personal profile summary, while also mentioning some personal information in your business profile
2. Connect Business And Personal Profile Through Links
This is easy to do. Make sure you have links somewhere in your business profile that refers your business visitors to your personal page so that they can also see your personal stuff going on. This is especially important for people to humanize you and feel like they have known you a long time. You will no longer just be a business name to them once they start reading about your kids and your dogs!
3. Connect Business Profile And Personal Profile Through Posts
While you may not do this all the time, you want to share some of you posts on your personal profiles on your business profile. These personal posts on your business profiles will serve to soften your ‘marketing’ posture and endear your customers to you. Nobody likes to read marketing related stuff all the time. Give your customers some comic reliefs from time to time by posting personal stuff on your business profiles
Same way, on your personal profiles and pages, you want to share some business posts with your friends so they will remember you and your business. Out of site is out of mind. Once your friends see your business posts from time to time, it is inevitable that eventually they will patronize you.
Cardinal Sin #5
Inconsistency With Updates, And Posting Too Much Or Too Little
One of the most powerful secrets to successful marketing on social media is in developing relationships and interacting with prospects and customers. After all, that’s what social media is all about. Even offline, you can hardly make sales to customers you don’t engage in one form or the other.
The problem is that too many internet marketers and companies do not engage or interact with their visitors enough. Many simply create their social media platform and forget about it. Some don’t even have updates for weeks and have very minimal interaction with their fans or visitors.
That cardinal sin will cost those companies millions of dollars in lost revenue.
A variation of this sin involves businesses who post too little or too much on their social media pages. When you
post too little, your media page will quickly become a ghost town as people flee to more dynamic sites. When you post too much, people will block you out or remove your page from their timeline. This is a delicate balance that must be struck.
Many of the social media like Facebook and Google+ actually reward pages based on the frequency of their updates and visitor/fan interactions and engagements. So, it is a cardinal sin to put your media page on ‘set and forget’ or to only post when you feel like it. If you do this, not only will the social media gradually remove some of your fans from even seeing posts from you, your fans will also forget they even signed up to your page.
Tips On How To Repent From This Social Media Sin
Here are some of the things you can do to repent if you are already committing this deadly social media sin
1. Have A Clear Strategy For Posting Consistently
It is critical to post regularly if you want to keep your visitors, and ultimately convert them to customers. You must sit down and decide how you want to be posting on
your social media page and who will be responsible for doing it. You also need to determine some sources from which you will get the content to post on your media page.
Luckily there are many software tools that will allow you to set the dates and times that you want your posts to go out. Even Facebook has a feature that allows you to do that. However, I will caution against over relying on automation software tools (more on this later)
2. Update Your Content, Posts, Pictures And Profiles Regularly
Social Media is all about people interacting with each other. People need to know that you are a real person and that the company is alive and well. Only regular updates to your content, pictures and profiles will show your customers that you are a real person and not software.
Updates are also critical for maintaining your scores on whatever algorithm the social media sites are using. Interaction and engagement is paramount for all social media sites and it is only through updates that you interact and engage. You must do this constantly and consistently.
3. Find A Sweet Spot Between Too Little And Too Much Posts
You must study your niche and your audience and then determine what will be the optimum number of posts to make every day. Smart marketers actually do a study of their competitors and leaders in their niche to see how often they post and how often they update. With the different search and spy tools out there, it is very easy to know what the more successful competitors are doing. Simply go and do likewise.
Of course, the best spying method is to subscribe to the feeds of your competitors and leaders in the industry, and do a study of how they post and what they post. That will give you an idea of what is optimal for your own niche depending on your niche and your kind of audience.
Cardinal Sin #6
Ignoring Comments, Posts, And Enquiries From Your Page Visitors
This is one cardinal sin that is costing businesses and internet marketers lots of business without them even realizing it. Reports and studies from several reliable researchers show that 80% of users who received a response to their posts, comments or enquiries on social media end up making a purchase as a result of that interaction. Yet, many people simply ignore their customers’ comments or posts on their social media
Much more than offline business marketing, social media marketing is all about engagement and interaction. Corporate engagement with visitors to their pages promotes brand loyalty and bonds visitors and customers to that business. Yet, reliable studies show that brands ignore online messages from more than 50% of their visitors and customers.
When visitors to your social media page leave a message or comment on your page, it is an expression of interest. Responding to negative posts promptly and decisively, will often turn that visitor into a life time customer. People are so used to companies and marketers ignoring their comments or posts that they are pleasantly surprised when a company actually responds to their posts! The same study on consumer behavior on social media concludes that customers like to feel important and appreciated and any action or response from a company that reinforces that , and gives them the feeling that their comments and opinions are valued will always be a winner with them. Since this study is widely circulated online, it is still a mystery that most companies still ignore the comments and posts of their visitors. It is a cardinal sin that is silently killing a lot of brands on the internet.
Tips On How To Repent From This Social Media Sin
Here are some of the things you can do to repent if you are already committing this deadly social media sin
1. Develop A Visitor/Customer Engagement Strategy
With statistics showing that 80% of visitors who received a response to their comments and enquiries end up becoming a buyer, it is obvious that you don’t have a choice but to have a strategy or policy for making sure every comment or posts making an enquiry receives a response.
Yes, it is a lot of work but nobody ever said making money was easy.
You may need to employ a social media manager, or assign the responsibility for responding to comments and posts on your media pages, to some people in your organization.
Ideally, responses must go out within minutes, and certainly not more than a few hours, from when the comment was posted on your page.
2. Connect Your Social Media Page To A Smart Phone Or Help Desk That Is Monitored Regularly
While it may not be easy to go through a dozen social media sites every minute to find out what people are posting or commenting about your brand, you can redirect all comments and posts to a special helpdesk or a smart phone where updates from your media platforms can be seen instantaneously. Somebody can then be charged with monitoring the smart phone or the help desk every hour. Responses should be sent instantaneously from the smart phone or within the hour from the helpdesk software.
3. Have Weekly Visitor Recognition Or Best Comment/Post Awards
You can take the customer recognition and engagement game to another level by recognizing the top customer or visitor comments of the week on a particular day of the week. Not only do you reply to comments and enquiries promptly as part of your game plan, you can also spotlight the top 10 visitors or comments on your page every week.
This will almost certainly turn all the top 10 winners each week into customers, but it will also increase customer engagement and interaction with your page. People who have been recognized by a brand are most likely to become loyal to that brand and promote it to their friends as part of social proof of their achievement. This will in turn give your posts and offers more exposure to them and increase your sales.
Cardinal Sin #7
Failure To Provide Constant, Current And Useful Value
It is a cardinal sin of social media marketing for you to focus on promoting your products or marketing all the time. It is a grievous social media sin for you to neglect to provide useful value and information to your visitors.
It is a fact of life that nobody likes to receive marketing messages all the time even if they are your most loyal customers. Just like no radio or television station that only provides commercials or infomercials can survive, same way an internet strategy that focuses too much on selling will not be able to keep visitors interested for too long.
Make no mistake, in a world of free information everywhere, current and useful content is still king.
Social media marketing is all about quality interaction and people searching for information and services that
are valuable to them. The more value you give to your visitors, the stronger your brand presence you will become.
The more you give to your audience, the more loyal they will be to you. People who have received good value and free gifts from you will most likely feel they must reciprocate by buying something from you down the road.
That’s just the way the world works.
Human beings are basically programmed to think that one good turn deserves another. So if you provide great value to them initially at no cost, you are practically guaranteed to get business patronage from most of them later.
It will be a terrible mistake to view your social media real estate as just a store front (like your brick and mortar store) where your products are being pushed all the time. That does not work in social media. People must first receive value from you before they will trust you enough to buy from you. People must also be receiving constant updates and useful information from your social media pages before they will become ‘sticky’ fans who show up every day. If you are ever perceived as too ‘salesy’ or too focused on selling to them, they are gone. Not only will they be gone, they will talk about it with their friends on
Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and wherever else they all gather online.
Ultimately, if you are not smart enough to repent of this cardinal sin quickly, your social media pages will become a ghost town
Tips On How To Repent From This Social Media Sin
Here are some of the things you can do to repent if you are already committing this deadly social media sin
1. Create Free gifts and other valuable stuff you can give to your visitors
In this internet age, everyone loves free stuff. With the deluge of squeeze pages out there offering free stuff to people, many social media crawlers have now been conditioned to expect something free in exchange for permission to engage.
While it may sound bad that you have to give something of value for free, research also shows that those who have
received valuable stuff from you, are more likely to buy from you in future than people who never got free stuff.
That is why the concept for free stuff is so popular among internet superstars.
Creating and giving away free stuff not only gives you more fans and loyal visitors to your site, it is a carrot that you hang out for permission to keep promoting your products to the visitors through your auto-responders, once you have it set up properly, and connected it to your social media page.
Furthermore, the more value and gifts you give to your social media visitors, the more you are establishing yourself and your brand in their minds. The more you are on their minds, the more they perceive and accept you as an authority in your niche. This will translate into lots of money for you down the road.
2. Provide useful and current information regularly
At this point in time, Information travels round the world at the click of a button and virtually any information can be found on the internet if one searches enough. However, people often stick with social pages that are proven to deliver quality content and timely information.
Conversely, they tend to ignore sites with no valuable information or which only supplies dated information.
You need to have a means of supplying current and useful information in your niche. This may be in the form of quality rss feeds; finding and posting valuable articles from other places; providing alerts and updates on ongoing events in a fresh and compelling manner. Your social media minders must also be on hand all times to provide value to visitors through posts, comments regularly.
Cardinal Sin #8
Placing Too Much Reliance On Media Automation And Plugins
Regardless of the popularity of automaton software to help you generate and post content, relying too much on automation for your business is a cardinal sin for which you will pay the price sooner or later.
While I certainly agree that a certain level of automation is inevitable to help people manage and maximize the many social media popping up daily, it will be a mistake to stake the social media fortune and future of your brand on this.
The reason is because, at the end of the day, Social Media thrives on person to person interaction. There is also no way you can configure an automation plugin to work exactly as a live person because people will always be able to spot the difference eventually and then they will withdraw.
Moreover, as I have pointed out elsewhere, the language and culture of social media sites are very different. A tweet feels and looks very different from a post on LinkedIn. Same way, a post from Google+ is a different thing altogether from a post on Pinterest. Therefore using automation to post the same information on all these sites will eventually damage your brand. Sometimes your posts on Facebook will look very strange if posted directly to Pinterest.
So, while you should certainly use some automation, particularly awesome scheduling software like Socialoomph and HootSuite, relying on them totally to post your updates and comments on your social media sites will be suicidal for your business.
Tips On How To Repent From This Social Media Sin
Here are some of the things you can do to repent if you are already committing this deadly social media sin
1. Mix Automatic Posts With Live Personal Posts
You should have a good mixture of using the plugins that will post for you automatically with periodic live contextual current postings. This will serve to make the interaction more ‘human’ for your visitors. Make no mistake, most people can tell an automated post from a live human post. Even the search engines are learning to penalize over automation in your posts.
Even when using automation, try to schedule the posts to go out at different times each day so that it does not become routine
2. Separate Automation Plugins For Each Site To Make Automated Posts Media-Specific
If you must use automation plugins heavily, it would work best for your overall social media goal, if you separate the posts that go to different media. In order words, instead of using automaton plugins to post the same content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, you can have different media-specific, pre-made content sent to each of the social media
In order words, you can use one plugin to do automated posts to Twitter alone, and have another one do automated posts to Facebook alone, etc. That way the
automated posts will be media-relevant and match the culture and tone of each media.
Cardinal Sin# 9:
Neglecting To Manage Your Social Media Reputation
The success or failure of your business online depends a lot on your perceived reputation. It does not matter how good or bad you or your company is, what really counts is what the people crawling the internet perceive you to be. Therefore, neglecting to monitor and manage your online reputation is a cardinal sin in internet marketing.
Since anybody with a mouse can basically find an outlet to vent his frustration, hatred or jealousy against any brand, it is a mortal sin for you not to have a conscious strategy or process for listening to what people are saying about you online and hen responding to do damage control when the story is negative.
There is a reason why a small niche of online reputation managers is making a killing these days. Regardless of
how well you deliver on your products or service a big percentage of your customers will still have something negative to say about you or your service and they will tell the whole world about it.
Now, if you are not on top of things and this stuff gets indexed by the search engines, you are going to be stuck with those negative stories for a long time. Strangely, most of the time when you Google someone or company, the first things that always show up on goggle, are often the bad stuff people have posted about that person or company!
With bad reports moving at the speed of a mouse, superstar internet marketers understand why they must be on top of their reputation management.
Just like positive social proof in form of great testimonials have been shown to lead to more sales to prospects. The reverse is also true. Many people will not buy from you, regardless of how good or useful your product is, if their online search about you shows negative stuff.
Unfortunately, when that happens, most times people will not tell you the real reason they didn’t buy from you. Be assured people first Google you, and your company, before bringing out their credit cards to buy anything. I
AM SURE YOU DO THAT TOO. So, why do you imagine everyone else is not doing the same about you?
I have personally committed this sin in the past due with one of my offline businesses (An Artiste Record Label) many years ago, and I am still dealing with those negative stories from some of my artistes even 4 years after the fact. I once had a disagreement with one of the Musicians on my label that was not performing well, despite a huge investment on my part.
Eventually, I decided to stop investing in his career since I was getting no returns, and he got mad. He then granted interviews to some blogs and newspapers where he fed them a lot of crap about me, and my company. Some of these newspapers published the interviews online on their blogs since it was a juicy negative story.
They did not publish it on mainstream print papers for fear of being sued by me. So, I did not know anything about the blog stories until months later when someone came across them while searching my name. I looked at them but it was too late for me to do anything about the bad reports. It was already indexed by several search engines.
Now, when you Google my name, despite the fact that I and this musician have settled our disagreement after he apologized to me, those negative stories are often the
number one thing that come up in search engines against my name .
I cannot even imagine how much business I must have lost due to those negative stories from people doing research about me for possible business opportunities.
Again, poor reputation management is a cardinal sin that can ruin your whole online empire if not handled properly.
Tips On How To Repent From This Social Media Sin
Here are some of the things you can do to repent if you are already committing this deadly social media sin
1. Set Up Vanity Alerts For Your Brand
To properly manage your online reputation, it is vital that you set up ‘vanity search’ alerts for your brand. You should set up alerts for your name and that of your company, your products and any common keywords relating to your business. If you cannot
afford a complete social media monitoring tool, you can use Google functions for this.
You can take a look as some t free listening tools such as http://www.socialmention.com. There are also many sites that list several listening options and tools for online chatter about you or your products. This company lists over 4 of these tools: http://www.dreamgrow.com/48-free-social-media-monitoring-tools/
2. Do Not Ignore Negative Reports. Respond Quickly, Proactively And Decisively
Respond proactively to negative posts about you or your brand promptly. This may involve contacting the person directly to resolve the issues, and politely ask them to remove the post or comment as soon as possible before they get indexed by too many search engines.
It may involve getting your own loyalists to get on the thread where the negative reports have been posted and post corrective and defensive comments that will neutralize the attack before it gets any traction.
The rule of thumb is that if the first 7 comments on a post are negative, the thread will automatically develop a trend towards bashing and piling on, based on the herd instinct that is all too prevalent everywhere, particularly the social media. Your responsibility and that of your online reputation management staff is to make sure you get ‘independent’ people (not connected to you or your brand), to intervene and post positive comments about you, and possibly challenge the sincerity of the person posting negative stuff.
Once issues are joined before the comments get too many, the tide will turn quickly. Your attacker may then be forced to delete the thread and if not, at least, your side will be there for all to read anytime in the future.
In extreme cases, you may need your lawyers to get involved and send out ‘cease and desist’ letters to the offending party. I recommend you use this option sparingly but sometimes that may be the only option.
Whatever you decide to do, I can assure you that doing NOTHING as some gurus have advised is the worst thing you can do. Negative posts and comments on the internet do not ‘blow away’, unlike offline gossip. Once the search engines have indexed those
comments, they stay there PERMANENTLY and becomes part of your online reputation FOREVER.
Cardinal Sin #10
Ignorance About Key Differences Between Social Media Networks
All social media do not work the same though many of the same people browse these sites. Facebook does not work like LinkedIn and Twitter has a different culture than Google+. Making the most of each social media site requires compliance not only with the rules for each site but respect for the culture and mentality of the people of the different social media site.
Failure to understand the dynamics of the different cultures and philosophies of each media is a cardinal sin that will forever undercut your social media marketing effort
I have made references to this in some of the ‘sins’ above but I need to talk about it separately here because it is a fundamental thing you must understand.
For instance, LinkedIn is very good for professional and serious technical articles, and display of resumes for professionals looking to connect with other professionals or employers. Conversely, a site like Pinterest is all about pictures and having fun with them. Anything serious or overly technical on Pinterest will not get much traction.
Also, while Facebook and Google+ may look similar in operations, their cultures and demographic breakdown are worlds apart. Many people are finding out quickly that what was working on Facebook may not necessarily work on Google+ as well. The cultures are totally different. As a matter of fact, the difference between Facebook and Google+ is shaping out to be like that of MAC computer users and PC users. The computers systems perform essentially the same function but the thinking, culture and attitude of the users are worlds apart.
Again, a site like Twitter has its own culture and craigslist is a different kettle of fish altogether. YouTube also works very differently from all of them.
You therefore cannot have a one-size fits all approach to postings, comments and interaction on these different media. What works on Twitter may be laughed off the internet if you attempt to do the same thing on Pinterest. What got you 1,000 fans on
Facebook page may actually get you banned on LinkedIn.
Tip On How To Repent From This Social Media Sin
Here are some of the things you can do to repent if you are already committing this deadly social media sin
Learn The Key Differences In Culture, Attitude And Mentality Of The Users Of Each Media
In order to avoid paying the heavy price for not properly appreciating what fits in with each social media outlet, it is critical for you to take time out and study how each of them work.
You must study each social media separately and then together with the others in order to carve out the strategy that will work on each of them while still maintaining synchronicity with your posts and campaigns.
An excellent resource that can help you understand the different nuances and cultures of the different social media is the book Social Media Messiah. The book
breaks down the key differences between the 6 major social media and teaches you how to maximize them to explode your profits.
Conclusion Of The Matter
It is my hope that you have learnt some useful tips on how to improve your results on the different social media. It is those little tweaks, here and there that essentially determines your long term profitability on the social media networks.
Above all, you need to take MASSIVE ACTION to correct any of the mistakes highlighted that you may have been committing. The ability to take action on knowledge received is the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE between winners and whiners on the internet.
Your Wealth is definitely waiting!
Dr. Ope Banwo
Ceo, Internet Millionaires Academy
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