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things you don't know about me.

Did you know that I am a smoker? I bet you don't know.
Do you know that am drunk now?ib uhm you don't.
lLastly Did yo see that mistake I am sure you don't, you just scroll back to check, aaaa Did you see the two mistakes, you want to check again, you are smiling because i caught you,

I don't Smoke neither do I drink, I am still small for that .
why am I writing this again, this is to remind you that your health is important,
I receive a message from mtn some days ago that I should subscribe for Med-health to get tips on how to maintain my Health, I have done that, what of you?    To get more news and stories about health comment your best number here.   let go with I PLEDGE to NIGERIA MY COUNTRY TO BE FAITHFUL <LOYAL AND HONEST.

less I forget, you get all this tips Free.....health is wealth

sleep tight.

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