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Start online importation with low capital.

Discover How To Start Making Up To 380k to 400k Every Month From Importation Deals With Only 14,000 Start-up Capital

This a whole new twist to online mini importation business. Are you aware that a new Hong Kong Company with physical partners here in Nigeria sells goods for 3 times cheaper than their costs in Nigeria.

You can start buying original branded goods like Samsung Galaxy S4 for 14,000, Apple Mac book  for 33,000, Nokia Lumia for 30,000 etc

Today right now on this page and with your permission, I want to reveal to you my recent discovery of how I have been able to import goods at cheap prices from abroad. The information I have recently discovered is unique and will change your business and finances for the better.

This new information has nothing to do with the popular AliExpress, DHgate etc that has flooded the internet for some time now. This is the same secret I have been following for months to make good money and surpass my peers. I want to show you the steps on how to begin a profitable importation business right here in Nigeria. I want to show you how I have been able to buy goods from abroad at very very cheap prices and resell them here for large profits

This is the same business that have earned me a consistent 250k monthly from the comfort of my home. Before I go ahead, let me quickly introduce myself to you so you can know me better.

My name is loverprince olakunle abiola, I am a leading business consultant and importation business expert.

You must have heard of the way I have been helping fellow Nigerians start and succeed in various businesses.

There is a particular business I have been earning from lately, it is called the small scale importation business. I have been able to make up to 350K monthly from this business and it is the same steps I have been following that I want to reveal to you today.

How Profitable Is Importation Business

Importation has moved to a whole new level. Nigerians don't have to travel abroad anymore before we can import goods. There are trusted and tested companies and corporations that have made importation very easy for the average Nigerian.

And the good thing is that online importation is far more easier to do and carry out. You can get any kind of goods and products you want at 3 times cheaper than their prices in Nigeria. I am ready to show you the same way Jumia, Konga, and the Computer village guys import their goods.

As I said earlier, this is not about the popular Aliexpress and DHGate that everybody knows about. The importation business model I am talking about here is about a new Hong Kong Trading Corporation that sells high quality goods for 3 times cheaper than their prices in Nigeria.

Now, you don't have to spend many years upon years learning the  importation trade, you don't need millions of naira in start-up, you don't have to beg anybody to teach you the business, I am ready to show you all the steps to start right here on this page. And the good thing is that, I have a legal method you can follow to start this business without money. That was how I started, let me explain better.

How I Started The Importation Business Without Money & Made 100% Profit. (O.P.M Strategy)

So I decided to import this beautiful male wristwatch one day. Check out the image above, its of high quality, beautiful and in demand (I imported for personal use one time and since then all my male friends at work, church, etc have been asking where I got it from so I knew it will sell fast). And the best thing was the price was dead cheap. The cost was only about $4.50 per piece. That is about 700 in naira.

So, before I imported this from the Hong Kong Trading Company, I met with some shop owners who deal in watches and showed him the sample and he fell in love with it immediately and agreed to buy it at 2,500 per piece. We finalized on 150 pieces of this watch.

So my cost was 700 x 150 which brings us to 105,000

Chill. don't be afraid yet. I know you may start wondering where you will get that kind of money from. Look at this!

I asked the shop owner to pay only N2,000 per piece instead of the N2,500 we agreed on before to make the deal irresistible for him but only on the condition that he will pay advance of the total cost of what he is supposed to pay. That means he will pay half of the total cost of what he is supposed to pay and balance the rest once the good arrives.

The shop owner ordered 150 pieces of this wrist watch from me

So his total cost was 2000 x 150 which is 300,000

The man paid me N150,000 cash immediately as advance.

Then I immediately logged on to the Hong Kong Trading Company's website where I import all my goods from and ordered for the 150 wristwatches at my own cost (700x150 = N105,000) and delivered it to him 13 days after (It took only 10 days for the goods to arrive). 3 days after I delivered the goods, he paid me my remaining balance of 150,000 cash.

What is my profit? 195,000

Well, lets check it out. He paid 300,000 in whole.(150k advance, and 150k balance)

My importation cost (capital) was 105,000.

300k -105k = 195,000. I didn't use a dime of my money for this. This is what we importers call OPM (Other People's Money)

Please, use this secret for yourself, don't reveal it to anybody, I will reveal more of this strategy inside the importation business masterpack.

What Kind Of Goods Can Be Imported From The Hong Kong Trading Company

You can actually get branded goods like Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple Macbook Air, Nokia Lumia, clothing, shoes, bags, jewelleries, car accessories, etc from this company. Their goods are all of high quality and original and the best thing about them is that their prices are dead cheap. The prices of their goods are much cheaper than goods you will get on Aliexpress, DHGate, Alibaba, Ebay, Amazon, etc

And this company have partners here in Nigeria that you can visit their office and transact the business..

Here are some goods you can start importing to Nigeria..

1. Mobile Phones
2. Phone Accessories
3. Laptops
4. Laptop Accessories
5. Clothing
6. Shoes & Sandals
7. Bags & Purses
8. Jewelleries
9. Car accessories
10. Hollandaise wrapper
11. Car spare parts
12. Car mp3s and GPS
13. Wristwatches & Sunglasses
14. Rugs, Carpets, Foot-mats
15. Office Equipments
16. Home Equipments
17. Brazilian & Peruvian Hairs
18. Electronic appliances
19. Androids & Smartphones
20. Health products

During the last 2 months, I have been secretly doing this great business importing goods from this company and making huge profit after sales. I was doing this while others were busy importing from the likes of Dhgate.com and Aliexpress not knowing that they can get better deals from this Hong Kong Trading Corporation

And you can get quality original branded products from this company for dirt cheap prices.

So At This Point! I would Like To Bring To Your Notice "The New Importation Report"

I have taken my time and created a full self explanatory guide that will show and teach you all the techniques to begin importing goods from Abroad. From the Hong Kong Trading Company and other trusted trading companies. Click on "order now" above to learn how to grab your copy of the importation guide.

Inside The Importation Guide There Are Some Certain Things You Will Learn?

You might be wondering what you are going to learn from this importation business guide, though I have given a little information above on what this tutorial manual is all about. Now let me list some of the wonderful information this special guide will teach you below. The guide will teach you.

  How to practically import the goods from the Hong Kong Trading Company and it will show you all the steps to start importing Samsung Galaxy S4 for 14k, Apple Mac book for 33k, Nokia Lumia 920 for 30,000 and other goods.

  You will also learn a splendid technique we use to ship our goods from abroad and get it to Nigeria within 14 days.

  We will show you the 5 main things to import that will fetch you millions. (These goods I am talking about here are hot selling products right now in Nigeria.)

  We will take you by the hand and show you where to purchase the best selling goods from.

  The importation guide will also coach you on how to carry out an effective market research. (Market research is any organized effort to gather information about target markets, goods or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy)

  We will show you a simple strategy we use to get the suppliers and merchants to ship the goods we purchase down to Nigeria for free.

 I will show you the 3 trading websites operated by the Hong Kong Trading Company where you can go and search for any kind of goods.

 I will give you all the contact details of the company sales and marketing manager including Phone number, emails, Yahoo chat, Skype ID, so you can reach out to them if you want to import goods or inquire more.

 You will get the name, phone number, email contact, and physical address, of their partner in Nigeria. Yes, the Hong Kong Trading Company has partners in Nigeria you can meet in their office for all dealings.

 I will show you the most reliable, tested and trusted courier company that works efficiently with the Hong Kong Trading company. This courier company will ship your goods down to Nigeria for only 720 naira per KG and you will receive your goods in 5 days. This is better than DHL, Fedex etc

 I will also show you how to pay for your goods in Nigeria easily without stressing yourself with UBA Africard and other tiresome ATM issues.

 How you can scale up the business and triple your profits, and how to sell your goods using online marketing, Facebook marketing etc to get many customers. I will also show you how to advertise your goods on Blogs like Information Nigeria, Linda Ikeji Blog, Naij etc

 How you can get the Hong Kong Trading and the Manufacturing Companies to put any brand name you want on your products to increase further increase your respect, boost your credibility and brand.

  The importation guide will also coach you on how to determine the quality of your goods and products before buying them.

  It will also explain to you, how to get quality customers to supply your goods to once they arrive. (This is the most important aspect, because your customers are your source of income.)

  We will show you how to track the shipment of your goods to ensure delivery in exactly 10 days. No story!

  I will also reveal to you how to easily make payments for your products within minutes 100% secure. No long processes, no difficult procedures.

and lots more.

Now I Want To Show You Something Big

In the importation guide, I am going to show you how to start importing high in demand products like phones, laptops, clothing, car parts and smartphones like Samsung galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Nokia Lumia, Tecno, Jewelleries, All Kinds of Mobiles, HP Laptops,Apple Mac Book Pro, Original Blackberry, Original T-Shirts, Shoes, Bags etc at very, very cheap prices that will make you wonder if this is actually real.

I know you might start wondering if this is actually real and true? Not to worry, because right here on this page, I will be showing you real live proofs of how cheap this Hong Kong Trading Corporation sells goods. You will see verifiable proofs that will clear all your doubts.

I am not only going to show you proofs, I will go out of the way and show you the steps to begin this business with as little as 15,000 capital. I will also show you how to sell of your goods once they arrive. Getting customers and clients to buy your goods won't be a problem because I will show you the steps to go about it. I will be using Samsung Galaxy & Apple Macbook Pro as a case study in this short presentation as that is what I have been importing recently.

Some Goods From The Hong Kong Trading Company

See below some quality laptops you can import from the Hong Kong Trading Company and receive in Nigeria within 10 days or less. All are branded products. Original, with high quality.

One Hot Selling Product I Would Advice Any Nigerian To Import Right Now

The company sells original Mac book air for 200 dollars. This is actually a crazy offer. Best deal you can get on a laptop. You can buy this for $200 (33k) and resell for over 70k because this same laptop sells for hundreds of thousands in the Nigerian market.

$200 (N33,000)

The Hong Kong Trading Company Sells This Laptop for 33,000 Whereas It Costs Over 100k In Nigeria

  You can get Original Apple Laptops From Them

  You can get HP Laptops from this Company

 You can also get Original Sony Laptops

 You can buy shoes, watches and bags at cheap prices

 You can import all Smart phones from them

 You can import clothing and Jewellery from this company

Now Lets Compare Prices Of Some Goods From The Hong Kong Trading Company & Their Prices In Nigeria


Cost In The Hong Kong Trading Company

 Cost In The Nigerian Market

Original Samsung Galaxy S4 $80 (₦14,000)

Apple Mac book Air $200 (₦33,000)

NOKIA Lumia 1020 $380 (₦60,800)

Original Blackberry Q10 $225 (₦36,000)

Original Blackberry Z10 $185 (₦29,500)

Original iPhone 5 $390 (₦62,500)

Infrared Thermometer $16  (₦2,500)

Brazilian Hair (20 inches) $43  (₦6,900)

Hollandaise Material (6 Yards) $18 (₦3,000)

To start this business now without wasting anytime, click on the button below to order for the importation business guide that will teach and orientate you on the business and how to go about importing from the company.

Now check out some smart Nigerians that have been utilising this opportunity. Buying Apple MAC Book for 33,000 from the Hong Kong Trading Company & Selling For 70k in Nigeria..

Original Quality Product. Check out the post this lady made on Facebook, she is selling for 70k and people are rushing because this same product costs over hundred thousand in the Nigerian market.

As You see from the screenshot above, the laptop was imported with 33,000 from the Hong Kong Trading Company, and now they are reselling for over 70k. People will rush to buy from them because this same laptop sells for more than 100k in the market. You can confirm for yourself.

That is not even all. There are loads of other quality items/goods/products you can start importing from the Hong Kong Trading company and receive your goods in Nigeria in 10 days or less.

Just To Show You That This Is Really True, Check Out The Screenshot Of The Samsung Galaxy S4 Below

Just to show you that this is real, check out the Samsung Galaxy s4 as displayed on the website of the Hong Kong Trading Company.$80 for this beautiful quality in-demand mobile phone.

Now Check Out How Much Jumia Is Selling The Same Samsung Galaxy S4 Product

Jumia is selling the same product for a whooping 55,000 naira. Think of how much you will make in profit when you import from the Hong Kong Trading Company. And the good thing is that, I am just using Samsung Galaxy S4 as a case study here, because the Hong Kong Trading Company sells any kind of goods you can think of.

Pictures Of Some Recent Goods I Imported From The Hong Kong Trading Company

You see, I like backing up all my claims with exclusive photos. So check out some of my recently imported goods from the Hong Kong Trading Company. At the moment I have been importing Samsung Galaxy S4 more than other products because it is selling like hot cake. The last 20 pieces I imported sold off in 2 weeks. There is really big money to be made from import business. See some of the pictures below.

From This Hong Kong Trading Company You Can Get Samsung Galaxy S4 For Just ₦14,000

This particular phone costs 56,000 in Nigeria. Lets say you import just one of the phone at 14k and then you sell it off at 50,000 you make gain of 36,000.  Now lets say you have enough capital and you import ten pieces of this product with 140,0000 then you sell them off at 50,000 each that is 500k. If you remove your capital of 140k you get gain of 360,000.

With the way this phone is in demand now, selling it off would not be a problem. The phone is hot in town now, and people will definitely rush to buy from you since yours is cheaper at 50k. In the Nigerian market, same product costs 56k.

More Proofs! Check Out Emails I Receive From The Companies Marketing Manager With Costs of The Goods

When you start doing business with this company, once in a while the marketing manager sends you their latest offers and hot selling products. Just like the one from my mail below. Prices of some of their Blackberry mobiles.

More prices of some of their Nokia, Apple and HTC products. Dirt cheap prices that you can't get anywhere else!

Smart Nigerians have already started making it big from this company, importing goods and reselling for large profits in Nigeria. This is much better than DHGate, Aliexpress, Ebay, Alibaba, Amazon and the rest.

I can go on and on showing you more verifiable proofs about the genuineness and reality of this business. But as they say, a good thing will draw attention of many. You too will see for yourself that this business is the best bet for you.

Lest I forget, I will Tell You About My Recent Discovery On How To Make Money From Ebola

I will also give you the address and contact details of the Hong Kong Trading Company for you to visit inquire more, purchase goods in naira, and also place your orders through them...

I will also teach you how my "sharp guy" friend and colleague, Demilade who I taught this business made a lot of money doing the Ebola out break.  Have you ever been to the bank and the security guards point a device at you to check your temperature, just like in the image below.

That was the exact product my friend imported then from the Hong Kong Trading Company that sells good very cheap. He imported it for $16 (2,500) per piece and sold it off at 7,500 each. Making 5k gain on every piece.  This particular product sells for up to 10k on Jumia, Konga etc.

My friend imported and distributed to banks, companies, churches, universities, etc using the secret in my importation business guide that I will reveal to you too. As soon as the goods landed in Nigeria he distributed and sold almost all in one week. I have also explained how to achieve this in the guide on page 12. "How To Get Ever Ready Customers That Are Willing To Buy Your Product & Goods As Soon As It Lands"

As proof, please take a look at the promotion email I received from the Hong Kong company when they were still promoting the "ogbonge ebola device"..Lol

Now, Please check out how much it is sold everywhere in Nigeria, Lets see Jumia

Same product costs 9,000 naira on Jumia. You see the difference? This Hong Kong Trading Company sells quality things cheap and they have partners in Nigeria who can walk to their office to enquire, order for goods, pay for goods etc

To be frank with you, I have practically explained my whole experience when it comes to importation in this book and every importer and anyone willing to be an importer needs a copy of this guide and I have made it very affordable at a very small price compared to the value of knowledge you get herein..

Testimonies Of Some Nigerians Who Have Been Importing From The Hong Kong Trading Company

Here are few of the testimonies I have received from some Nigerians who have been able to start and succeed with the importation business after following the guidelines in my importation business guide, all these are unsolicited testimonials, that means, I didn't ask them for it, they did so based on appreciation and gratitude. They have started their own importation business and they are doing very well.

See another testimony below


Lest I Forget, I Am Throwing In Some Bonuses For Those That Take Up This Offer

Whenever I give out a product, I give bonuses to make my clients and students happy. Due to that, I have attached to special bonuses for you. These bonuses are top notch information products that can help you grow your income if you use them wisely. See below.

#1 Oil & Gas Millionaire

How To Turn N5,000 Into 37,000 In Just One Week. You will also learn how to make money online selling your knowledge.


#2 Online Business E-book

A detailed guide on how any Nigerian with a computer or mobile phone can start earning an extra N120k Monthly From The Internet.



loverprince,I Am Interested. How Do I Get A Copy Of The Importation Guide?

So, How Much For This Importation Guide?

So if I ask you now, what WOULD you expect to pay to have access to  this complete import business that shows you how to start importing from the Hong Kong Trading Company that sells good cheap? Remember, this is more like a ticket to a becoming financially independent and free in 2015 and beyond.

Before I reveal the cost of this special import guide to you, let me make some facts known to you. But I am sure you already know that

  You are learning the business from Abiola olakunle a highly respected importer with over 5 years experience in the business

  I am not a marketer who just wants to sell his product and leave you hanging, I will personally see to it that you make it and succeed in the business.

  Other importers charge up to 100,000 naira for this same information I am giving to you, but the information they will give you cannot match what I am giving you.

  I will be revealing the same place big companies like Jumia, Konga and Slot import their goods from and how they get it for dirt cheap prices.

What would you expect to pay for a complete profitable success system like this?



No, I will never tell you to pay such amount even though the value of the Importation guide is worth more than that. In fact, it is invaluable. But I have decided to bring the price of this life changing book to the lowest so everyone both young and old will be able to afford it.

I want my fellow Nigerians to utilise the wonderful opportunities the internet has to offer and start up this business that yields big profit. I know that students, youth coppers and the unemployed also visit this website, so I wouldn't dare charge a high price for the Importation business guide.

This package has been made so affordable, so that anyone willing to begin a profitable importation business that yields unending profit can also partake. The guide costs 10,000 on a normal day, but this week we are offering it only at the discount price of N7,500. This is the best we can do. After you must have gotten your own copy of the guide, and you start the business I'll appreciate if you leave us a token as a sign of appreciation.

So to order for this full practical importation business guide. Pay the sum of N7,500 to the any of the accounts below.

BANK: Diamond Bank
Account name: Abiola olakunle
Account number: 9994732147

BANK: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account name: abiola olakunle

Account number: 0128132497

Internet Banking/ATM Transfer/Mobile Banking Transfer is accepted

After making your payment, simply send a short text message to 08101898762 or you can also send an email abiola_olakunle@yahoo.com notifying us of your payment. Your message should be in the format below:

Paid for Import guide, Name, Email Address, Phone, Number, Teller no, Bank Paid To

Once we get your payment details and confirmation from our bank, we will send the import guide to the email you provided immediately. The ball is now in your court and all you have to do is to study the guide and follow the steps in it so you can begin this thriving business.

Your success is in your hands my dear friend, think of how much you've paid to travel abroad to import goods, think of how much you've spent this week alone looking for a job where you cant find it, Think of how much you've invested In that business with no return, Think of how long you've been praying to God for opportunities like this.

Are you going to neglect this golden opportunity for something else? If no, you better hurry now to order a copy of this life changing book. I wish you success as you start your business right away.


... because I retain the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to INCREASE the price once THE FIRST 50 people order their own.

In fact, it's probably happening as you are reading this.

FAIR WARNING: Its only those who order for their copy of the importation guide early will get all the bonuses I am offering.

Start This Now Or Miss Out.

So you can choose to either...

Seize this amazing (and timely) opportunity today before I change my mind and stop giving out the information. Now is your chance to join the list of Nigerians mastering the art of importation. Now is your chance to start making good money from Samsung galaxy phone series, Mac book air laptop, Nokia Lumia, Blackberry smart phones etc from abroad with as little as 14,000. You can begin this business today


... continue down the road of agonizing trial and error, wondering if you'll EVER fully understand how to import the above mentioned  goods and sell to consumers in Nigeria. The choice is yours!

Your success coach,
Loverprince Olakunle Abiola.

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