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make more than 250k from mini importation business.

Review Copy
Super Ultimate Mini
Importation Business That
Will Drop At Least
#250,000 Every Single
Month With Just #12,000
Capital Guaranteed.
My Newly Discovery Importation Secret That Will Show
You On How To Get Branded Product Online Like HP,
For A Very Cheap Price Capable of Placing You In The
Ranks Of The Established Local Stores Like Konga And
Henry Effiong aka The Fiverr Prince
I Love this secret when I got it that‟s why I decided to write a
report on it and like I love to do, go straight to the point
instead of saying some live achievement or how I turn into
internet millionaire.
This information contained powerful secret that you have not
come across before, so I will advice you pick every point
because you have just lay your hand on a goldmine.
So let‟s stop talking and move down to business. If you hate
wasting your time like I do, then you‟ll love the simplicity of
this report…
Checkout What I Have Gotten From Them Below…..
So Let’s Hit It…
These are all the quality stuff you can get from the store and
they can even brand any product you get from them with your
own name free of charge.
This Apple Mac Book Air goes for just $200 on the site and
this is what they sell #120,000 here so buying this and selling
you know how much you will make from it.
You can see this 100% original Samsung galaxy s4 is just $80
and it‟s also sold for #67,000 here in Nigeria.
This Samsung Galaxy tab3 also goes for $85 on the site and
goes for #55,000 here in Nigeria too.
100% Original Brazilian Hair also goes for $27 on the site too
and is sold here for as high as #40,000.
These are 100% original cotton Polo Raph Laurel sold for $8 to
$14 on the site and goes for #5,000 here In Nigeria.
All this quality bags are sold here for as low as $3 to $22 and
can be sold for as high as #5,000 upward here in Nigeria.
Now; this Super Ultimate Mini Importation discovery is about
an independent merchant/store I found that sells stuffs at
even cheaper rates.
They deal on a wide range of products from branded and non
branded mobile phones and accessories, wears for males and
females, solar chargers, power banks, computers, blood
pressure machines, football jersey production etc.
This merchant deal directly with buyers.
“Since they deal directly with buyers... How can I trust
Before that frets you out, and your head gets busy with lots of
I‟ll give you reasons why I certify them okay to do business
with. The same reason lots of these online stores you see in
Nigeria, those guys advertising everywhere on Facebook and
on bill boards do business with them.
Yes, I had that most of our merchants here in Nigeria buys
product from this merchants/stores and resell in Nigeria here,
making huge profits. They even let me into the list of some of
these Nigerian stores that are their customers. How they do
this? That‟s exactly what I intend showing you in this short
Why I Recommend This Independent Merchants.
To the best of my knowledge, these merchants can be trusted.
Even though you have to deal with them directly, however they
way they operate make them stand out.
I have created a perfect relationship with them that you should
not bother about being scam; all you have to do is mention Mr
Henry Effiong and you are good to go. They are 100%
They have subsidiaries/partners in Nigeria you can reach; that
help in making payment and shipping easier and cheaper.
Their customer service is great. They are Nigerian friendly,
unlike others.
Here‟s a snapshot of what you read on their site:
They even have Skype IDs to make communicating with them
a breeze. I‟ll get to that shortly.
Meet This Independent Merchants/Stores
Now, these guys are not that fanciful with their websites like
some of those websites out there that sell their stuffs
I think they prefer been busy on maintaining great friendly
customer services, than making their websites sexy. My
thoughts though!
As a matter of fact, what you find on their website is just a tip
of the iceberg compared to what they actually have in their
They prefer to update you directly… and discuss every
business therein. Even, you wouldn‟t find the prices of their
stuffs on their site, just the pictures of some of them.
Like I already mentioned, they‟re not too good with those shiny
website stuff, hence do not update all their products on their
See sample below…..
That‟s an apple laptop that sells for over a hundred thousand
Naira in major Nigerian shops. But guess the price I‟m getting
it for?
Guess again…
Certainly, you guessed wrong!
Just $200, but will give you access and the contact details of
this trusted merchant, so you too can jollificate the goodies
with me.
Feel free to call them any time of any day. They're customer
friendly. They respond very fast on Skype and email. Check
their websites for their office address.
Tell them you were referred by Mr Henry Effiong.
Take a look at some of the branded product I got from them
Yes I have gotten close to 350 pieces of this Samsung galaxy
s4 at the rate of $80 including shipping and things like power
bank Brazilian hair, shoes etc
That is her wearing one of the Brazilian hair she is now a
How You Ship Your Goods To Your Address Cheaply.
Even though their sales rep will better advice you on the most
cost effective shipping option to use in bringing in your goods
to Nigeria; let me pre notify you that their shipping option is
second to none.
If you‟ve ever tried to receive parcels/packages through any of
DHL, EMS, Fedex etc… you‟ll agree with me that the cost isn‟t
too friendly.
Getting to know this secret I then discovered some NAIJA
courier service that charges as low as $6.50 to $10 per 1kg
than that of the almighty DHL that also charge $45 for the
same 1kg percel.
That‟s incredible, and you can start using them right away.
Where you get the full copy
Another good thing about this shipping company is that,
you‟re free from custom wahala of any sort, but you‟ll have to
come to their office to pick it up. If you don‟t stay in Lagos,
then you can call their number to make an arrangement on
how they can send it to your location via any of the local
courier or transport services. However, you‟ll have to pay
additional fee for that. Not bad though, compared to what you
would pay for DHL services.
Hear This…
Planning on taking advantage of this from now on…
You can too! Okay, since we have now found a cheaper way to
ship our items to Nigeria, who says they‟re limited to the
stores, I gave in this report?
Who says you cannot buy from anywhere in Asia, U.K, U.S.A
and CANADA and also use the services of the shipping
company you are going to find out soon.
We just discovered GOLD, anyone can start taking advantage
of right away.
To do this, all you need is just to place a call to the shipping
company, discuss what you wish to ship through them, and
where it‟s coming from. They calculate the fee, and tell you the
cost. You guys should also agree on how the goods are going to
be picked up by them for onward delivery to you.
That‟s all…
For example, let‟s say you wish to buy an item from Aliexpress,
just tell the seller you‟d love to have it shipped via your own
chosen courier company. Give them the address of shipping
company so they send it there… and you receive them in 7
days… cheaply too!
How You Can Make Payments To This Merchant Store In
They have an affiliate partner Cash Delivery & Money Transfer
Company in Nigeria, whom you can reach, and have the
equivalent in Naira of the price of the product you want to
order, paid to their Zenith bank account.
This company in turn remits the money to the merchants
within 24 hours.
The company bank account details:
Sorry! You will get it in the full report
How To Own Your Own Local Online Store And Make
Plenty Of Cash.
This is one tip I would have love to keep to myself until I‟ve
fully tapped enough millions of naira from it and get tired.
Don‟t know what came over me, and I decided to share it.
To your advantage abi?
Recently, there has been an increase in the number of online
stores springing up daily. Jumia, Konga, 1500naira, Traclist,
egoleshopping, depearl.com etc.
You‟ve definitely seen their adverts on Facebook, TV, and bill
It‟s been so because there‟s plenty of money in the business. If
not, they wouldn‟t be in it.
Imagine Nigeria with a population of over 170 million… and
with the demand for easy „shop from home‟ craze, this business
is the bomb!
Do you know Jumia made 6 billion naira in less than 2 years
of operation, Jumia has made a profit of over 6 billion naira…
(yes, 6 then 9 zeros)
And guess what?
And that Jumia has just been sold to a foreign company for
undisclosed amount of dollars… An amount I can
authoritatively tell you that should be quadruple their profit in
their 2 years of existence.
You think you need to be as rich as Dangote to start your own
online store?
All you need are:
 A trusted place to get the products at cheap rates (you
should have this already!)
 A pick up point anywhere your customers, who do not want
the item shipped to them could come to pick it up by
themselves. Note, this necessarily does not mean an office or a
large house. Just any good place. Also note that 98% of sales
made at these online stores are shipped to the buyers.
 A means of advertising your store: - of course, you can use a
lot of ways to start with and gradually make it better.
Facebook ad is one great option. Banners and posters are
 An online store/marketplace:- This cost a whole lot of money
to put up. If you like, you can ask any good web designer you
know. Good web designers who know their onions charge as
high as N300,000 – N500,000 to design a nicely looking portal
for you. You‟re my customer. Hence, would be an act of
wickedness if I watch you dole out such big monies to people
in the name of designing a store for you, Just contact me for
the design
You can use services. Just call me, Henry Effiong and I will
gives you the best deal ever. 07062670510
 Upon designing your store, i will take you through the
procedures of managing it yourself. I bet you; its way too
easier than you think.
How To Brand Your Products With Your/Company’s Name
This is simple!
Here’s how you can do that too…
So long you‟re buying anything in bulk (bulk should mean
from 20 up), just tell the seller to brand it in your name, and
they‟ll gladly do it for free. However, if you‟re buying just one or
few numbers, you pay for branding.
That‟s it guys!
That‟s about the amazing discovery and little secret I just
found. Guess you won‟t wait a second to start cashing in on
I just wish you take this serious, as much as I want you to
succeed with it. And to give you a head start… let me assume
you‟re tight on budget at the moment and looking to bringing
in just some small numbers of products, so you could resell
them, make some quick bucks and maybe go into something
Here are some hands-free FREE places you can promote/sell your
imported items:


This free classified website is Nigeria, with lots of people taking
advantage of its huge traffic to list and sell their products. You
can register on it, and list your products as well, even before
they arrive. Do make sure you add pictures of the stuff you‟re
selling. People love pictures, and would want to check out
listings with picture before the ones without.

Good luck
Now like I promise on my post, when you Order for the full
report of this super mini importation you will also be getting
Virtual Football Bet
Binary Loophole
Logo Money Machine
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Secret That Shows You Where To
Sell A Single Logo For As High As
$200 To $400 Per Logo.
To order for the Full Super Mini Importation
package, deposit the sum of #3,000
Into any of this bank below…..
HENRY EFFIONG – UBA – 2061898099
After payment, send the word “Importation
Offer” name ,email
and phone no to 07062670510.
And your package will be sent to you after
All my 4 powerful materials will be yours for
just a token of #3,000 only and I know this is
a fair deal as am trying to help everybody to
achieve good result online.
Welcome to the millionaires club.
Compiled by:-
Henry Effiong
CEO: - Global Business Impact Ltd
Website: - http://www.henryeffiong.com
Phone: - 07062670510

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