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Lazy method to Make your Dream.

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$100/Day Lazy Method
This system is not fancy, but since I decided to start using it I've started
making $100/day approx. everyday, and it keeps increasing as I use the
I've been in online marketing full-time since 2005 and this is probably the
best technique I've used to get free visitors to my sites I've ever seen.
It's easy, effective and also is 100% LAZY.
Because honestl,y I can't be bothered to do tons of hard work to get traffic
like most people - I would rather work on stuff I enjoy, like coming up with
new ideas or simply goofing off and watching TV.
We're going to be using my "Can't Be Bothered" video marketing method
to get a constant flow of targeted traffic to any affiliate offer of your choice,
your own products or even a squeeze page for easy list building.
It takes an hour a day max, and I'm normally watching an episode of
Entourage on my laptop while doing it, so that should give you an idea of
how easy it is.
Ok, so instead of filling this report with a bunch of fluff just to make it look
longer, let's get right to the chase.
Here's how you do it:
1) Buy or find a bunch of PLR articles (paid or free, doesn’t matter)
2) Choose a CPA or Clickbank offer that ties in well with these articles
3) Speak the articles out loud into your computer using Jing (Takes 2-3
mins per article)
4) Mix in my special sauce for making effortless videos (explained later)
4) Release 10 videos a day on YouTube, include your affiliate link in your
video information
5) Blast videos around the Internet using Tube Mogul or Traffic Geyser.
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6) Watch the commissions come in. Rinse and repeat.
This daily system takes less than an hour to do.
You can start your day recording a few videos then submitting them, but it
all depends on how well you work.
What I like to do is take 2-3 hours (with a beer and some popcorn) and
record 20-30 videos and keep them ready and organised on my computer.
Then I have my videos ready so all I have to do over the week is submit
them to YouTube.
This is making me $100/day, no joke.
It's not rocket science. The videos get tons of views (and keep getting
more) and I keep submitting more videos.
Therefore I get a LOT of traffic to my various affiliate offers. I've even
started to build a list in the personal finance niche with this method (yep,
this is going to make me a ton of money over the next few months)
ANY affiliate offer works well with this, it doesn't matter whether its a CPA
offer or Clickbank offer.
(Tip: Don't forget Amazon products - you won't believe the amount of
people who type in "product name/model + review" into YouTube.
If you submit 10 content packed videos onto YouTube everyday, you're not
doing anything unethical, you're providing content with an affiliate link.
Soon your videos will be getting major views as you will be doing this from
one YouTube channel and when people like a video, they tend to click on
the user and watch all of the creator's videos.
All you have to do is watch your affiliate accounts rack in the commissions.
You will be growing your income and commissions every day since you will
be submitting 10 content videos to YouTube daily.
That's 70 quality videos a week.
300 quality videos a month.
© 2011 RateGet.com
At the end of 3 months, you'll have just under 1000 high-quality videos on
YouTube getting views and clicks.
This is the second biggest search engine behind Google, remember.
Its amazing how most people concentrate on Google when YouTube is
where people go to watch videos and look for information.
If you concentrate on your video marketing and get good at this strategy I
guarantee that you'll have more traffic coming in than if you did anything
So here's how to do this in detail:
Step 1:
Go to Niche Empires (http://www.nicheempires.com) or Google "PLR
articles" - get lots of good articles.
You can even get them free if you spend a few minutes searching.
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Note: the niche really doesn't matter as long as you can link an affiliate
product to it somehow.
Evergreen topics that sell are health, wealth and relationships. (FYI don't
create any obvious "make money online" videos as YouTube will take
them down.
Step 2:
Find an affiliate product that links well to your article(s)
Check out the Clickbank Marketplace:
To be honest, I’m most comfortable with Clickbank since I’ve been using it
for years. CPA offers work even better but I’ve been quite lazy and haven’t
implemented them as much. The market is WIDE open. I’ve actually
started running some finance CPA offers and they’re doing really well at
the moment. I suggest you start with some simple email submits to begin
with, and some dating offers. So both CPA & Clickbank are fine to use.
© 2011 RateGet.com
OfferVault for CPA offers: http://www.offervault.com
Don't forget Amazon (hint hint!) to target physical products. This is HUGE.
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Step 3:
Print out the articles you want to record videos of and add your standard
closing remark at the bottom of it (so you’re ready to read it out):
"If you're SERIOUS about (whatever the topic is), make sure to check out
this site right here. This site is helping thousands of people (get solution
/overcome problem) and you can check it out instantly by clicking the link
in my video description below"
Step 4:
Open Google and search your article's main keyword. If it was an article
about losing weight, Google "how to lose weight".
Done. Now leave this page OPEN on your desktop.
Open Jing on your computer (http://www.techsmith.com/jing/) and set it so
you're recording the Google screen you opened in Step 4.
This saves you having to create Powerpoint slides and crap like that, and
the user will know the video she's watching is relevant as you're recording
your video on a search screen.
Lol, trust me it works.
© 2011 RateGet.com
Step 5:
Press record and start reading your article while that Google search screen
is up on your monitor.
Read clearly, confidently and in a friendly tone.
Don't worry about how you sound, act like you're chatting to your friend or
Don't forget your call to action statement at the end. (the one in Step 3)
Step 6:
Boom, you're done. Have a beer.
Step 7:
Do more if you want (I record 10 in one sitting) – you’re don’t even have to
create Powerpoint slides, it’s so easy that there’s no point procrastinating!
All you're doing is reading a PLR article in front of a Google search screen.
Step 8:
Upload the videos to YouTube. Do 10 every day without fail. Its easy and
I've given you a lazy-ass way to do it. Don't forget your affiliate link. Put it
FIRST in your description so it’s the first thing people see.
© 2011 RateGet.com
Step 9:
Blast the videos over the Internet using Tube Mogul, Traffic Geyser (I use
this, highly recommended) or SENuke. This gives you more exposure.
Guys, if you use this system you will make money and you know it!
© 2011 RateGet.com
Latest shots from this Clickbank account (this is the one I drive this free
video traffic from – I am promoting a weight loss offer, a “grow taller” offer
and an Internet Marketing software product.
I repeat, this is the easiest free traffic method I have ever used.
Stop wasting time and start recording! 
To your success.
If you’ve got any questions, please leave a PM for me, my Warrior Forum
username is ReadyFireAim. Alternatively, please email:
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Disclaimer: - All given information should be treated as a guide.
This document was written based on my own experience, I cannot guarantee that you
will have the exact same experience by following each step as I have done.
By buying this product you have agreed that you have read and accepted these terms.


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