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how to get online transaction card.

How To Get A World-Wide
Accepted Visa Prepaid
Card For Your Online
Transactions In Nigeria.
Brought To You By
Godswill Ohazuruike
Gurus Marketing Services®
About The Author:
Most of you knows me, but for the sake of those who don’t know
me, Am Godswill Ohazuruike an information/internet marketer, I
run my internet business with the name Gurus Marketing Services an
internet marketing/coaching firm duly registered with Coperate
Affairs Commission (CAC).
We offer many online services which ranges from, Website
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Thanks for purchasing our brand new visa card report, I must
congratulate you on taking the step to making online payments.
Let’s get started.
The Visa Card am talking of is issued to you by a company known as
Global Technology Partners (GTP Limited), they are foreign based but
they are now in Nigeria, you can take a look at their website
www.GtpLimited.com This Card is known as Afri-Card
This GTP Limited has affiliated with United Bank for Africa (UBA) to
enable Nigerians get this card no matter where you are living in
Nigeria, as long as there is a UBA Bank in your area, you can get this
card because GTP Limited has Agents in every UBA Bank in Nigeria.
You also Fund this card at UBA Bank Nationwide, you don’t need to
be in the long queue that is always in every UBA Bank as you will be
directed to an officer who funds the card for you and you get
instant alert there in the bank.
To be truthful, am not a Fan of UBA Bank as I have hated their
services due to Bad customer Service but since I discovered this
card issued by them I have began to change my thoughts towards
them and am going to give them a 5-star rating because of this
When it comes to banking, I love GTBank, Fidelity Bank and Zenith
bank, am glued to them. GTBank is Number 1 in terms of technology
other banks bears witness to it.
Back to the Card.
These UBA Africard has 2 types which is Non-Personalized Card and
Personalized Card.
Let me explain them.
Non-Personalized: This card does not have your name or any other
name on the surface but is duly registered in your name and this
card is issued to you instantly on the same day of application for a
fee of N500 only.
This is the card that am using.
Personalized: This card has your name written on the surface of
the card and takes 3days from the day of issuing to get it; the fee
for this card is N750.
Documents Required: The documents required to get this card is
just an Identity Card which ranges from National ID Card, Driver’s
License or International Passport and a Nepa Bill with 2 Passport
Photographs. In some cases depending on the bank you went to they
might not request the Nepa Bill but is advised that you go with it
incase they request it so that you wont start running around.
After getting all the requirements, just walk into any UBA Bank
close to you, meet the customer care and tell them that you want
to get an Afri-Card; UBA doesn’t require you to have an account
with them for you to get the card. In some cases they might decide
to make money out of you and request that you get an account with
them, refuse and tell them you called their headquarters before
coming and that your were plainly told that you don’t need an
account with them to get the card. You can read more on this at
their website http://www.ubagroup.com/country/productpage/219
You will be asked if its personalized or non-personalized, tell them
the one you need, both personalized and Non Personalized works
You will be given a form to fill, fill the form there and submit it to
them, then wait for the card to be issued to you instantly if you
choosed non personalized, but in the case that you choosed
personalized, you will have to wait 3Days before going back to
collect the card.
Once you get the card, tell the ATM operator to help you activate
it, you just peel off the ATM PIN seal.
On the top area you will get the ATM Pin for withdrawal, just
change it to activate it.
Then on the below, you will get the Internet Access Pin, all you
need to do is after changing the ATM Pin the ATM Machine, you will
need to create a username and change the pin for the internet
Just go to
Then enter your card number and they internet access pin, once
entered click the login button, after some seconds, you will be
asked to choose a username and password for logging in to online
card access, just follow the instructions on the page and change the
login details.
NOTE: All Transaction on the card will show on your online card
account statement and will be also communicated to you via sms
alert, make sure you fill in your correct email address when filling
the application form at the bank.
If you have any issue you don’t understand call me on 07032912565
or ask their customer care service in some cases the customer care
service won’t give you the correct answer you need cause many of
them read Mass Comm. and some Library Science in school.
In case you are not given a reliable answer, demand to speak to the
Manager in charge of the Bank and be bold in talking to them
because without you there won’t be them.
If you want to make payment in some website like Clickbank that
does not have Nigeria in their billing system, just google for a Dubai
address and use it in the place of your billing address and you are
set to go.
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