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Disclaimer: This WSO is meant for informational purposes only.
Any earnings made from myself are solely my results. I do not
know how you plan on using this WSO. This WSO WILL make you
money if you use it right and work on it correctly.
Thanks for purchasing this WSO.
Now, I don't like wasting time.
And this is why I am not going to go through
how to setup a Fiverr account.
I don't want to waste your time.
I want you to read this WSO, implement it
so you can get a gig setup within 30 minutes
from now, and get your first gig sale by
tomorrow morning or even tonight.
Once you know what this WSO holds and
what you'll be doing, remember this tip:
Tip: UTILIZE ALL 20 Fiverr Gigs That
You Can Put Up
I've seen so I any different Fiverr accounts
that work so hard, and yet they only have
like 5 or 6 gigs up.
Tip: Create Multiple Accounts
Now, once you know what I am about to
teach you, you're going to learn why you
would want to create COUNTLESS gigs.
I have multiple accounts setup. I know.
Fiverr doesn't like it exactly, but I haven't
gotten into trouble (well, I have, but I'll tell
you why) As long as I maintain being active
on all of them and I am not breaking any
other rules, I am fine and you will be too.
"Can we see your gigs?"
I am not revealing any of my accounts. I
have done this before and have had people
report me for all sorts of reasons. Yes, I
once had a person I was mentoring (might I
mention it was all free) how to do this, and
he simply did nothing but report me to
Fiverr about my gigs never delivering. He
even bought one gig and gave me a horrible
review. He got two of my accounts
suspended because he told Fiverr that I had
multiple accounts,
I am in no way go gig to reveal my account
names because I don't want all of my gigs to
disappear anymore.
Okay, let's keep going forward.
What is this WSO about?
I am going to tell you about a service you
MUST sell to people on Fiverr.
You are going to be selling PDF files, but
this isn't exactly what you're used to
There are people paying $5 over and over
again just because their goals are to find
out "how to use Wordpress" "how to lose
fat without the gym" and all kinds of stuff.
This is beyond easy to sell. Why? Because
people WANT information.
In this world, people want an easy fix.
In fact, why do you think so many products
in all KINDS of niches are selling on
Clickbank? It's because people want
I will show you the exact way I do this.
Every gig I make earns about 1-5 sales each
day depending on the gig and what I am
And there is no need to EVER do anything
because all you have to do is send the eBook
to the buyers.
"But I don't want to write"
Let me show you the perfect thing to make
sure you don't ever have to write a single
Coming up right now is a complete step by
step system to follow. Follow this, and I can
almost guarantee you'll make money from
Step One: Choose A Niche
Choose a niche you feel would be good for
you and is quite marketable. If you head
down to the Fiverr marketplace, a huge
amount of people have gigs that say, "I will
teach you how to get six pack abs". This is
simple an eBook, and it has over 200+ good
reviews and has probably sold 400+. The
goal isn't to sell that much from a single gig,
but to sell consistently 2-5 gigs a day from
multiple gigs. Imagine if you got a sale from
every gig (20 overall) everyday, you would
earn $100 per day.
Choose a niche where people you know are
going to be interested. I would say that the
IM niche, health and fitness, and the self
improvement niche are extremely PERFECT.
They all have their own big set of subniches
as well. And this is what makes it so
Imagine all the titles and gigs you could
create in the self improvement and fitness
niche alone.
"I will teach you how to become more
"I will teach you how to get your splits in 3
"I will teach you how to stop your anxiety
Step Two: Getting The eBook
This is probably the easy part. Once you
know what niche you're going to be in, you
need to start getting the eBook.
Head down over to http://www.masterresell-
They have both paid and FREE eBooks that
you can resell on Fiverr for $5. You can sell
whatever you want from this site. What's
nice is how they give you a ton of useful and
quality eBooks that are really good to use.
You can be sure your readers will love these
Use this link to find a list of all their FREE
eBooks: http://www.master-resellrights.
Go through this paid list to see what they
have available that are free to download.
(Side note: If you don't know what niche to
get into, just browse this free section to
look for a good eBook to giveaway on Fiverr,
and then simply create the gig after you
have found the right eBook in the right
Tip: After you have made a couple bucks,
invest in the paid eBooks. They only cost
like $2-$4 and they're even better and
more descriptive
Step three: Save the eBook to your
computer (step 3 is a short one)
Step 4: Creating your first Gig
Make the title super short. You don't want
it to be long. You want it to really catch the
person's eyes. Take a look at these
successful titles and their gigs.
These are all simple gigs selling eBooks.
Tip: Use words like "I Will Teach You How
Make that your beginning for every single
Utilize keywords in your titles and
descriptions. If your eBook is about losing
weight, make sure the words "lose weight"
or "lose fat" are in there so that people find
your gig when they are typing into the
search bar for Fiverr gigs.
"How to craft your description"
The description is oftentimes the most
problematic problem for most people on how
they don't get any sales.
You see, the key to a good description is to
make sure that you are creating a
description similar to those in your same
Head down to Fiverr and type in "your
niche" in the search box. Find a gig with at
least 20 good reviews. Read out the
description, and then mirror yours after
that one.
Do. Not. Copy. Anything.
Your goal is to use it as a guideline for
yourself. This makes it much easier for you.
Copying it is much easier, but it won't do
you any good but get you into trouble. Let
me read through your copy, and I would
gladly go through it with you.
Quite simple right? It really is.
You don't even have to worry about it. The
key is just to continue testing. I would say
that the key is to also utilize bullet points in
your Fiverr gig descriptions. They work
really well.
Delivering Your Gig Is Super Easy And Fun
All you have to do is make sure to save the
eBook to your computer, and then upload it
whenever somebody asks for it.
*No need for videos*
This is what I recommend for you as of
right now. I don't want you to worry about
videos, because as much as they are useful,
they aren't exactly a end all be all to how
many sales you get. What's most important
is that you have a good title and a nice
For pictures, I used to always recommend
finding a random one on Google about your
niche. I know, it's almost like copyright, but
as long as you aren't literally selling that
photo or making money off of that picture
in itself, don't worry about it. You could
find some nice images in the master resell
rights website as well. I sometimes like to
post the PDF file's eBook as well, but I
don't suggest this. Stealing from Google is
also not the best decision and can always
put you at risk with Google, and this is why
for the past several months I have been
focusing primarily on using these free stock
photo sites.
This article is great! :)
Tags are very important. Put up as many
tags as possible. You need a minimum of 3
different tags, and keep putting them up as
much as you can.
For example, I would never actually create a
Fiverr gig about losing weight and make my
keywords, "Weight loss" or "fat loss".
Instead, I would use tags like "Lose fat
fast", "Lose weight quickly", "Six pack abs",
and other similar tags. Use more than a
single word for your tags.
Get More eBooks And Use Them As Upsells
When creating the upsells in your Fiverr
account, add in more eBooks. Make them pay
another $5 or even $10 for the additional
You could try buying the paid eBooks in the
website and making them upsells to your
gigs, provided that they are in the right
Offer 1 Day Delivery
Because there is never any need to deliver
any service, you'll come to find that doing
the 1 day delivery is a good option. You
don't ever have to worry about having to
spend more than 5 minutes to deliver
something to your clients on Fiverr.
Video Testimonials
On Fiverr, you have to upload a video. At
first, you don't need a video to get your
first two or three sales, but once you do,
you want to do this:
One thing I did in the past when I was
testing out the waters was that I got some
of the Fiverr people to create a video
testimonial for myself.
Do this only after you have gotten like two
or three sales so the review makes it look
Instead of a video being used talking about
your service, I would approach some of the
Fiverr guys or girls who offer "video
testimonials". I would buy their gig, but if
you want, you could exchange gigs with
them. Ask them, "I have a gig about (niche)
that I feel like you would be interested in.
Would you maybe like to trade with you
getting my gig in exchange for me getting
your video testimonial gig?"
Of course, I would recommend just paying
them and buying the Fiverr gig. Hire these
people, and they'll be super helpful on
getting more buyers. Their video reviews
for your gig could be posted on your gig.
My Secret $24 An Hour Gig
This is completely different and opposite to
what I have been talking about so far, but
this is a nice gig I love doing because I feel
like I'm making a difference.
So this is something I used to do. I don't do
this anymore, but it is amazing at how great
it worked for earning exactly $24 for an
hour of work.
The service involves offering a Skype
chatting session for $5 as an upsell to your
current gigs. Do not do this unless you
personally know about the niche. Let's say I
add in the Skype session for the health and
wellness niche in the depressed subniche. I
would simply offer this and help them break
out of their mind. I chat with them for 10
minutes, and sometimes I will charge them
$5 for 10. I would sometimes even offer a
30 minute session for $15.
You would chat with them, and help them
make a decision. Skype sessions are very in
demand in the self improvement niche, and
it would say offering this, if you're the kind
of person who loves to help others, will find
this a worthwhile niche to be in.
I don't do any marketing on my Fiverr gigs.
I don't. I would rather spend my time
posting up another gig or creating a new
account and setting up another set of gigs
to make more money.
The truth of the matter is.....not all gigs will
sell. That's alright. Just keep pushing
A lot of my gigs sell well, and it is all about
the description and putting up a lot of them
up. Even if one gig makes a sale just once or
twice a week, you've got 20 gigs overall to
do that, and other accounts. The money
automatically builds up.
Niche Focused: I have created about 4
different accounts, and they are all setup
with 20 different gigs in one niche. They
are all very profitable, and I have somebody
who takes care of it for me. No, I don't
outsource this because I don't want
somebody accessing my account.
When delivering your gig, always let them
know how grateful you are they bought the
gig, and don't be afraid to send them a
short little, "I would appreciate a kind
review to help with me getting more sales in
the future."
This is all there is to it. You'll come to find
that there isn't anything much that you
could do except to put those gigs up and
keeping putting them up.
If you're not feeling very motivated to
work at this, I would recommend just
putting up one gig per day. It's slow, but at
least you only have to spend a couple of
minutes of getting this all setup. By next
week to this day, you'll have 7 gigs setup.
Just take action. But smart action. Don't
just do anything on Fiverr. If you ever have
any questions, let me know and I'll answer
them for you joelswsohelpdesk@gmail.com


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